“Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana: A Three-Way War for the Future of DeFi”

will succeed Ethereum To maintain Leadership in the sector DeFi Or the arrival of a lot supposed Ethereum Killer You will succeed in turning a file Market during 2022 or maybe the 2023?

Very complex situation of untieWith Ethereum This is also due to another delay of Merge He is back at the heart of the controversy that has always accompanied the cryptocurrency sector. The first answer we can give to this question is that over the next few months there will certainly be room for all three related codes.

Will DeFi be the future battlefield?

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Solana, Cardano, and Ethereum: Is it a Triple Match with DeFi?

Probably yes, given that the protocols look not only in terms of value, but also in terms of users who are already using the more realistic platforms. Let’s start from the analysis with Ethereumwhich despite significant technical fluctuations seems to have all the credentials to stay in the saddle.

  • The merge is delayed, but it may not be a problem

This is because the market has already priced in the significant delays and doesn’t seem to be concerned in any way about the latest release. However, if we want to look at it from the functional side, it is true that if Ethereum If it is emphasized that it is a significantly more expensive platform than the other two, you may lose users and projects.

But at least in this sense the so-called Layer 2 they give big hand In terms of scalability and project control. In this regard, therefore, we don’t think it will change much if the autumn deadline is respected, as we have already seen in the course of Ours is dedicated to inclusion.

Solana should become more reliable

If you challenge it Solana launch an ad Ethereum You will want to be taken seriously, it will be necessary for this protocol to move at a fast pace towards a major protocol Flexibility of its technical infrastructure.

As far as leading the project VC important and it was him the noise To the stars, to assault the rule Ethereum We will have to do something more. Impossible to think about it 2022 You still have to go back to a network reboot in problematic situations. The basic requirements are there, even for a price increase, but to attack the dominance ETH More will be needed.

Cardano ready to the rescue?

In the past few months we have been among the few optimists regarding the financial future of Cardano. The feelings Changed very quickly, as well as accomplices Developments in slow motion in terms of environmental system. The Sundaeswap . launch Perhaps a few weeks ago did not pass as many expected, and in the same way they were experiencing different protocols DeFi who chose this network.

However, the number of new portfolios and projects that have arrived will give hope for the best. And those who sold at a price level that could be a real bottom even in the long run, might end up biting their hands. Our general impressions of the future market for ADA dollars fixed in our area Cardano Predictionswhere we also fix what we think will happen non-price terms.

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Is there room for another competitor?

It’s hard to say now, as the market has stopped drifting like in 2021 It does not seem to leave room for smaller projects to emerge. There are really very interesting protocols out there in terms of value, you see Earth’s moon or too closebut not their primary goal to become protocols qualitative.

Which closes the race, at least in our opinion and in the short term, between three that we mentioned. We will continue to monitor this situation on Cryptocurrency.itfor what looks like a real interesting war for 2022combined with the domain of space stablecoin.

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