Fantasy football is where the transfer market takes place with NFTs!

Unbelievable to say, after the Panini stickers, too fantasy football Move to Blockchain and become footballers NFT (Non-Fungible Token). I was actually born very rare And it is not a metaverse, but a gaming platform that allows you to play Fantasy Football by collecting and exchanging NFT resources.

Every participant in this fantasy football game on Blockchain He will have a team consisting of 5 NFT players, Belonging to the European Championship you prefer, league The Italian game includes, just like the classic game, the goal is to accumulate points according to the performance that your team members will have in real football matches.

Participation in surari fantasy football It’s free, but at least 5 NFTs are required for each player to form the starting team. The tournaments you can participate in are many and there is the possibility of receiving many prizes at stake.

But the profit potential is also importantl Trading NFT Resources of players which could lead to significant gains.

The value of this NFT In fact, starting from the base price of shared resources from 5 euros up to one time is worth much more 30000 euros each.

Let’s find out how the new one works fantasy football The virtual platform offered by the Sorare platform, where market transfer It is made using NFTs, and above all the infinite possibilities that Blockchain offers nowadays to fans football.

How does Sorare, the first fantasy football in which the transfer market takes place using NFT, work?

From the users’ point of view, the platform very rare Very easy to use, NFT resources for players are digital cards, very similar to panini stickersonly scores are assigned to each of them based on the player’s performance.

Sorare has a profile the shop Internal resource exchange NFT With a built-in wallet, it is also possible to buy parts directly in EUR.

In this way, the platform is easy and accessible even for users who do not have much experience with non-fungible token exchanges. In fact, popular exchange platforms, such as OpenSea and the like, require a crypto wallet To be connected and for purchases you need cryptocurrencies not Paper currency.

However, Sorare aims to embrace a rather large audience, not only the audience of crypto-assets experts, but also football fans, thus simplifying its audience. user interface mostly.

Platform very rare However, it offers more experienced NFT users the possibility to connect their crypto wallet, to exchange non-catchable tokens, running on the Ethereum Blockchain, also on popular NFT exchange platforms, such as the aforementioned open sea.

Not just fantasy football! Sorare allows you to make money with NFT trading

to own NFT of players to participate in surari fantasy footballThese resources are divided into four groups that determine the rarity and value of the non-fungible token, but also provide the possibility to participate in different types of tournaments on the platform. Those who own rare cards have the opportunity to participate in exclusive tournaments, but also have the opportunity to resell their NFT resources and profit through trading.

In short, play Sorare, for the classic earning possibilities that exist by winning football fantasy, Accompanied by investments in coding resourcesincluding NFT trading for football players.

As for the Championships on Sorari It is organized on a continuous basis and lasts up to a few days, in order to allow significant gains for those who grow their team.

Below we suggest a YouTube video edited by O CW Sport Which provides a valuable guide for new users, on how to buy your first NFT player on Sorare:

Sorare is about to sign a contract with Lega Serie A. What is the value of Italian football?

An article appeared in Football and finance March 27 remember how very rare In addition to Fantasy Football, he is about to form an exclusive partnership with Italian Football League Specifically for the non-fungible token segment.

However, the offer made by the French startup to Lega Serie A will be alone 20 million euros, When Premier League From agreements of this kind he earned more than 200 million pounds.

Looking beyond resources NFT The the difference Between what is presented to the Italian and English leagues it also says a lot about the crisis of the First Division, whose championships are now much smaller than the major foreign leagues, apparently also The world of cryptography.

Comparison of Soccer NFTs Sorare Fantasy and Panini Blockchain Stickers

From a graphic point of view, the file NFT Resources from Sorare Fantasy Football They look a lot panini stickers, That is, they are images of 2D players, only they have a series of characteristics and abilities that change according to the player’s performance.

However, even Panini stickers have their own version NFT, Just because they are static resources, i.e. they are not affected by the player’s performance on the field.

The value of the Panini NFT card is actually determined by a series of factors, but first of all by its rarity Non-fungible code.

Trading Panini stickers can be as profitable as Sorare Fantasy Football, because in the Panini App Market you can buy and sell players and win prizes if you complete “Album”. In fact, the platform also organizes events where prizes can be obtained, for example by completing a set of stickers for a specific person. sports.

Unfortunately at the moment, the football panorama is a bit limited, as there is no Italian Leaugealso because the poster’s NFTs are an initiative of Panini America and therefore focus on the most popular sport in the USA.

After Fantasy Football with NFT comes MetaSoccer, MetaSoccer on the football theme

very rare It is a very similar game to the game fantasy football However, buying and selling players presupposes the exchange of NFT resources that are very similar to Panini stickers.

follow it 2D non-fungible icon Sorare is a gaming platform but it is not a metaverse i.e. it is not a 3D virtual reality.

But the crypto world is keeping another big surprise for football fans this year because it has also spawned for them the metaverse, a true 3D virtual reality: metasoccer.

MetaSoccer, which has not yet been launched, will be a game Blockchain Where users will manage a soccer team as owners, thus taking care of every aspect, from the sporting aspect to the financial aspect.

Also in this case there will be the usual earning possibilities such as those offered by Sorare Fantasy Football Club by trading resources. NFT for players. Only in MetaSoccer are these 3D assets that are an embodiment of the metaverse and are not inspired by real players.

Again, however, in addition to a player The level goes up the higher the value of the non-fungible token in the market.

Compared to Sorare Fantasy Football metasoccer It provides, in addition to a more comprehensive reality, the possibility of investing in the metaverse by purchasing Cryptocurrency home platform Michigan State University, Which should see a price hike when the whole game becomes available.

Anyway, Blockchain is now giving up football fans Endless horizons to explore and unimaginable until just a few years ago.

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