From valve to smart infusion: Fluid-o-Tech invades the medical sector

give her industrial machinery to me medical. It’s the transformation you make Floyd or Teca company based in the suburbs of Milan, specializing in the design and production Volumetric pumps, valves, sensors Dosing and Control Systems liquids With great accuracy and precision, and that we specifically need todayindustrybut also food serviceL’the cars And in a small part ofHealthcare. «This sector now equals 6-7% of the total turnover – says A Italian industry General Director Diego Andres – But we intend to place it among our first three reference sectors in the coming years. It is a very interesting sector that presents important challenges, in which there is potential to find new solutions.”

The first act of this Transformation It was creating a smart drip on a notification Lombardy region: It is a device that sets the tone for a whole series of other possible devices Smart applications in the field of infusionFrom pain treatments to nutrition drug delivery. But first to gain accreditation in a fundamentally closed world like healthcare, “We certify ourselves and take a series of steps to be known to stakeholders in the sector, even with a dedicated division that responds to the Fluid-o-HealthTech name.”

Fluid-o-Tech ID

Diego Andrés, Managing Director Fluid-o-Tech

In short, just break the barriers to entering the sector Healthcare It’s a complex process. But it is possible for a company like Floyd or Tec, in constant transformation. The original company – Andreis Srl – from which everything descended was engaged in precision mechanical machining, and was created in 1948 by Franco Andres, Diego’s grandfather. Founded in 1976 by his father Vittorio, Fluid-o-Tech is today a global company that exports more than 80% of its production, employs more than 300 employees worldwide, and trade offices in EnglandAnd JapanAnd China And Uses and a network of more than 120 distributors in 60 countries, with a turnover of 110 million euros in 2021). The company owns more than 80 Patents Annually it invests 5% of its revenue in research and development, an area in which 16% of employees work.

Ha volumetric pumps and systems the pressureThe Dosing and the fluid transfer They find different applications in various sectors: in industrial inkjet printing, just to give an example, pumps deliver without pressure fluctuations of up to 100,000 points per second. give her pumps With very high accuracy, the company expanded in 2014 to valves “Objects based on the integration of shape memory materials, namely, microfluidics and microcontroller electronics”, thanks to the startup Dolphin FluidsShe was born in her womb. Since 2013, Fluid-o-Tech has been unleashing innovation in its own right fatan advanced research center for smart fluids, where a team of engineers and designers are working on new technologies and new materials with the goal of open innovation In cooperation with experts, universities, companies and research centers.

From valve to drip

Smart Drip by Fluid-o-Tech

from valve to apply in injection This step is really short on the technology front. Not in the market, though. “The ssn It works with large tenders for which it is necessary to be able to supply a wide range of products – explains Andreis – today we are looking at other channels, clinics or Rsa Special In general, the world residence. There are important specialized players. We are trying to develop these channels and relationships with those who work with hospitals to convey a broader view in the future.” So the smart infusion is only the first field trial of this route. This was possible thanks to Grossi Investments Not only in capital expenditures – says Andres – and thanks to the support advertisement from Lombardy region “Call Hub Research and Innovation”, which was one of the main actors of this project. We are now in phase two: our resources are no longer sufficient to grow but we are also looking at those dedicated to telemedicine and digital health in banner And we expect it to be intercepted even if there is little clarity at the moment.” In short, to increase the size, you now first need a file environmental systemwhich must be built step by step.

HealthTech Project: The potential NHS revolution that comes from mechatronics

Fluid-o-Tech headquarters

but the Technique Even if this alone is not enough – it is the basis of everything. “By developing technologies, we realized that their incorporation could allow to revolutionize some of the devices used in the medical field and for this reason in agreement withPavia University and the San Mateo clinicWe set out on a path.” The Dolphin valve is somewhat of a cornerstone: it is a device capable of controlling both liquid who – which Gas From a few milliliters to a flow rate of hundreds of liters per hour, from a dropper to a well-opened spout flow. “The drip is a mechanical system that we We are digitizingThe starting technology is a pressurized valve, with low energy consumption, battery operated, silent, portable, light and can be controlled remotely – thus suitable for a hospital environment but also very versatile.” The electronic infusion system allows you to command and monitor from a central control What each station does Inside the department, for example. and inhome helpwith the potential to “reduce hospitalization for some long-term treatments, in favor of healthcare costs and patient welfare.”

The three goals of health technology

Volumetric Rotary Pumps PO 500-1000 Fluid-o-Tech

But the Fluid-o-Tech project is much more complex. And it has three goals. «The first is to carry on business research and development By TechnologiesDevelopment sensors increasingly to observe Fluid quality and contamination. Sensors detect changes in fluid quality, including pharmacokinetics – always second goal, Andres explains Artificialto develop the first device platform To manage the infusion, so we started from the infusion. Today we are working on a second project, a device for artificial feedingTo expand the skills and technologies available to us, over the past three years we have invested in companies already active in the field in Italy, Germany and England – continues Andres – These developments focus on enabling technologies to support the world’s best companies in digital transformation With products, platforms and technologies capable of responding to the new needs expressed by the market and end users such as, for example, Personal therapiesThe Diagnosis and the telemedicine“.

This leads directly to the third goal, which is to develop a competency center Fluidic is smart to Life science It can generate new technologies to be applied. It will be called “Digital Smart Fluidics” and will be chaired by Fluid-o-Tech and a partnership made up of IrcCS San Matteo PolycliniclamPavia University and companies MC2, Sedam, Prima Laboratory. The total value of the project is about 7.7 million euros, of which 3.3 million euros came from the Lombardy region thanks to the funds of POR FESR 2014-2020. “This is amazing Experience Center Built on the Fluid-o-Tech lab we are building – explains Andreis – a laboratory at the University of Pavia and an experimental space at San Mateo Hospital, to bring nurses and doctors closer to the new generation of Technologies. The interesting thing is that the devices are born out of comparison: the doctors and nurses who use these tools have demonstrated needs for innovation that we can meet.”

The revolution in medicine comes from liquids

In the The medical fieldthe application will be possible for everyone portable devices where there is a need for fluid check: “We can work all over the worldinfusionthe sensors are able to intercept the type, properties and variations of the fluid, and the fluid can be a medicinesolution, blood, biological fluid. ” At the moment, the company «in the co-design is also working on remote management, etc. drug deliverya rapidly developing sector, to provide care out of context hospital. A sector that defines greater access to care, higher quality of personalized treatment and greater patient comfort.” Thanks to high-performance injection systems, in terms of precision, but miniature and portable. In short, a new horizon for home remedies Chronically ill, a thorn in the side of our national health system.

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