IIT and Carabinieri Convention for the Protection of Artistic Heritage

Thursday, April 21, 2022 – 10:31

IIT and Carabinieri Convention for the Protection of Artistic Heritage

High-tech solutions for identifying goods offered in the illicit market

Milan, April 21 (askanews) – Italian technology as a strategic resource for the Carabinieri involved in the protection of the country’s artistic heritage: From this perspective, a declaration of intent was signed between the Italian Institute of Technology – IIT and the leadership of the Carabinieri for the Protection of Cultural Heritage – TPC to develop research activities and technological solutions to identify cultural assets Inside the illicit market, documentation and protection, as well as identification of secret excavations and sites of cultural value located underground using satellite technologies. The agreement also aims to develop the capabilities of the “Data Bank for Illegally Stolen Cultural Assets” operated by the TPC leadership. The International Institute of Technology and Commando TPC also undertake activities in the field of publishing and communication in order to increase the sensitivity of citizens to the need to protect cultural heritage.

At the time of the signing, which took place at the IIT headquarters in Genoa Murego, Giorgio Meta, IIT Scientific Director, Carabinieri TPC Commander, General B. Roberto Riccardi, Ariana Traviglia, Director of the Cultural Heritage Technology Center at the International Institute of Technology in Venice and Commander of the TPC Unit in Genoa, Lt. Antonio Quarta.

IIT’s corporate mission is to excel in research and take it to tangible applications for the benefit of all. This agreement allows us to put into practice our knowledge in the field of new digital technologies for the protection of cultural heritage, starting with the real needs of those who deal with this problem on a daily basis – says Giorgio Meta, Scientific Director of the Institute of Information and Technology – thanks to this agreement, we will work synergistically with Arma dei Carabinieri, so that our studies contribute to the better protection and preservation of artistic heritage. We are proud to be able to help defend something that makes Italy a special place, as we know it is known all over the world.

The heroes of the agreement, which lasted for three years, are the Cultural Heritage Protection Command, a specialized department of the Carabinieri that carries out protection, prevention and contrast activities in order to protect the historical, archaeological, artistic and cultural heritage. , also dedicates himself to asset recovery; Center for Cultural Heritage – CCHT, the IIT Center in Venice where research activity is planned according to the real needs of those who are committed every day to the preservation and restoration of national and international artistic heritage and unfold at different levels through the exploitation of IIT technological expertise in the fields of materials science, computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning and robots.

Since 1969, the Carabinieri dell’Arte has recovered more than three million cultural assets. It’s an important result, but we still have a lot to do. We are looking with great interest at the synergies with the Italian Institute of Technology and its Center dedicated to Cultural Heritage, with which we have already had other forms of cooperation – says the Commander of the Carabinieri TPC, General B. Roberto Riccardi – Technological innovation is the direction in which we are moving, to develop actions aimed at restoring and protecting our wonders. It is the best introduction to the future that brings us back to the past.” In particular, the research activities in the field of art crime already underway at the IIT Center in Venice relate to the use of machine learning to identify cultural heritage stolen and put up for sale on the Internet and the use of artificial intelligence to analyze data from satellite viewing in Space and identify unauthorized excavation sites, to stop the arbitrary acquisition and looting of antiquities.In addition, new research will be launched soon aimed at identifying criminal networks through advanced artificial intelligence-based computer systems.

“The possibility of collaborating directly with the Carabinieri in developing technologies to combat traffic and the theft of cultural property will allow us to create products truly tailored to their needs to protect Italian and international historical, artistic and archaeological heritage – declares Ariana Traviglia, Director of the IIT Center for Cultural Heritage. Artificial culture in the field of cultural heritage, with many projects already active for its protection and preservation, and in some cases also financed by the European Commission and in cooperation with entities such as the European Space Agency: the support of the Carabinieri in this research path will give us the opportunity to improve the quality of the technological applications that we develop and those foreseen in projects in initiation stage. (Pictured: Commander of the Carabinieri TPC, General B. Roberto Riccardi, and at right Giorgio Meta, IIT’s scientific director.)

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