NFT Art, how to create an NFT and how much does it cost

What are NFTs and how much is earned with NFT Art

They are now part of the common lexicon, or nearly. The NFT The revelation was 2021, the year many first discovered the meaning of the word Non-Fungible Code And its application on a practical level also in the labor market.

However, not everyone understands yet What are NFTs. The concept is simpler than you think: these are digital products (photos, videos, gifs) of which there is no exact copy, but their uniqueness is proven with a certificate. In short, there is something, in this case blockchaina type of large digital record, which guarantees a single original, different from all possible copies that can be created online.

But How much do you earn with NFT Art? It depends on the value the buyer places on the artwork, and it shows. The The most expensive NFT in history It hit astronomical numbers: In December 2021, Buck, a digital artist, sold one for about $91 million. Purchase raised the level of the previous record, Every day – the first 5,000 days by Beeple.

Before the big dream: do NFTor whatever NFT Art, does not necessarily involve a huge bonus. Only the best digital artists have managed to earn a lot from selling their products, just as drawing does not mean an income that matches the income of professional artists.

How to make NFT and how to make NFT Art

However, it is not difficult to learn How to do NFT And How to create NFT Art. Of course, some of the languages ​​used may be relatively technical for those unfamiliar with computer language. However, we will try to be as close as possible to a dictionary that is understandable even for beginners on the Internet.

First of all, you need to know that you do not need to have special computer skills Create NFT. First, you must have a cryptocurrency. Create a product from NFT Art In fact, it requires the use of blockchaina service that has to be paid for, in general a very low amount (after the first use).

To do this, you need an account on the platform to create, buy and sell Cryptocurrency. The most used is undoubtedly Ethereumwhich is the focus of a large part of the digital movement associated with the purchase and sale of products online.

To make your digital business unique and therefore really a NFT ArtThen you need to install a plugin on your computer. There are many: Metamsk It is most commonly used by users, also because it is easy to use as an interface. Anyway, once you are logged in with your wallet (Cryptocurrency Wallet), just click on Create New Group.

In each group, the user can decide to include their personal logo (or company, or brand), name, surname and possibly a short description. In this way the general group is formed. Within this, it is then necessary to list the individual objects that will be rendered NFT Art: photo, video, gif, whatever you want to make unique.

It is clear that under “total width” it is better to choose one, if you want to ensure exclusivity. product value NFT Art It is actually formed by the impossibility of a person repeating it. at that pointNFT Ready: Click Create, then Sell, and after choosing the base price for the sale, the auction begins.

Which Artists Created NFT

It is no coincidence, of course, that artists have also created their own work NFT. Canadian producer and singer Grimes was the first to produce his own line, or at least at least one. However, in recent years, there have been many pop stars to propose their own group NFT. To name a few of the most famous names, Justin Beiber (which has an Italian origin) E Katy Perry It was launched on the market.

In Italy, Achille Lauro And Highsnob They were among the first to devote themselves to this type of market, those inNFT. Recently too Mahmoud You decided to join a seemingly profitable business, especially for famous people who can offer something unique and exclusive to their fans.

However, the first to understand the news came from the world of hip-hop, at least in the Italian environment: Abasta ambassadorAnd ChabloAnd Joe Pekino And Charlie Charles They launched their streak before last summer. All the names that were able to quickly grasp the trend.

Why create NFT Art

In the end , Why create NFT Art? Although there is no clear evidence of profit, having an original product on the Internet can always be beneficial under certain conditions. Your drawing, a work done on the Internet, or a video that you attached privately to, can be a particular memory.

For some time now necklaces, watches and pendants have been put on the market where they can be introduced NFT and products NFT Art. Create the original NFTWhether it is a photo or a video associated with it, it can be something romantic or at least different from the more classic concept of art.

However, the possibilities of earning should not be completely ruled out. Of course, you need to find an idea that can convince some Internet users to buy a digital product, perhaps in a rather large amount. After all, the future of the art market lies on the Internet.

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