NFT, football enters the Metaverse! What is MetaSoccer?

Members football All over the world soon 3D virtual reality (metaverse) Fully dedicated to the topic, let’s talk about the project metasoccer.

The purpose of MetaSoccer is to integrate into Blockchain technology and NFT Three markets with incredible potential: video games, sports betting and football.

It is actually a new generation video game developed on Blockchain where it will be possible to manage every aspect of your football team made up of NFT resources and also to collect digital currencies.

The peculiarity of this universe is the endless possibilities not only for fun, but also for monetization through crypto resources such as NFT and cryptocurrency.

With a special focus on NFTs, MetaSoccer Resources are designed so that the more you participate in the game, the more it will develop, and also increase by an amount Market value.

Some special MetaSoccer NFTs are then created to create a file passive income Namely, and resources related to physical spaces such as stadiums.

In short, in addition to the guaranteed fun for football fans, metasoccer It also offers many earning opportunities with NFTs and cryptocurrencies, which is also tempting for fans of Crypto assets.

What is MetaSoccer and what are the capabilities of its NFTs

MetaSoccer will be on the metaverse Blockchain, That is, it is not a simple video game but a virtual world designed for football fans who will be able to manage every aspect of the team and even own any NFT stadiums.

One characteristic of this universe is the very large diversity of NFT resources. users metasoccer You will be able to own NFTs of three different classes: Players, talent scouts and stadiums.

This should always be considered in the development of NFT 1 year in metaverse Corresponds to a month in real life. So that a player’s NFT has, for example, a life span of 20-30 months of playing.

The reason for this mechanism can be found in the need to keep potential overpopulation in the metaverse under control to offer a very realistic gaming experience.

MetaSoccer will obviously be an explorable desktop metaverse, but it’s also designed for a more immersive experience with VR viewer.

Video posted on the official YouTube channel metasoccer Some progress in the gameplay is shown in the game:

What is Youth Scout NFT?

Let’s explore the potential of the resource MetaSoccer NFT Starting with a group Scouts youth.

These game characters are central to the metaverse as the new player to be included in the team must be “Discovery” A talent scout.

Like the players’ NFTs, the Youth Scout group also consists of resources with different characteristics from each other that evolve with Game progressso as to increase the value of the non-fungible token in the market.

NFT group of soccer players (player). What are the characteristics?

team players metasoccer They are resources NFT Complexes that have fixed attributes and variable attributes.

In fact, as the game progresses, the attributes of NFTs change and in fact also Economic value of changes in resources.

First of all, each player is assigned “Job”, Where some resources are more diverse than others, but in any case if the player is used in a position that does not suit him, his score will decrease, and therefore the relative NFT exchange will become less profitable.

Once players reach 38 years They begin to withdraw from the game, but some resources can be transferred back to Young Scouts NFT. In other words, players who have finished their career can become talent scouts.

NFTs player has other attributes like level “fatigue”, These are physical conditions, a parameter that varies according to how much and how they are used in the game. The percentage that a player must get injured also depends on this attribute of the non-fungal token.

Then there is the value “moral” Which is affected by a number of factors, such as the overall performance of the team, that affect the performance of the game.

Regardless of the video game, keep in mind that the higher the NFT values, the higher the monetization potential with trade of the same thing.

Then there are individual traits that tie the characteristics of the game together NFT . players Who have special and unique abilities and who are also the most valuable players.

Besides new players, that is, those discovered by young scouts, there are also some NFTs that are categorized as ‘caption’ This is extremely rare because they represent already famous players, for example the Non Fungible Token for Ronaldinho.

MetaSoccer NFTs that generate passive income

In addition to the game characters users metasoccer They also have the option to buy NFTs that instead correspond to the stadiums in that stadium metaverse.

These NFTs have such special characteristics as those of creating one passive income to their owners.

Because those who own these resources will earn by hosting various team meetings, for example from a sale tickets. Moreover, there are some stadiums that consist of more than one NFT, meaning that a single stadium can have multiple owners sharing the profits according to Involved, That is, how many resources they have for the structure.

Monetization potential with NFT groups of Young Scouts and MetaSoccer players

We come to monetization possibilities with NFTs MetaSoccer, which can be sold both the shop internal to the platform and on the main exchange platforms.

Player and Youth Scout NFT They can be bought and sold, as they do in the Transfer Market, with the resources being able to be put up for sale at a fixed price or at auction.

It is clear that the progress of the game affects the market value of these NFT assets in a significant way.

MetaSoccer’s NFT assets will be traded on the internal market in Cryptocurrency The original game console Michigan State University.

Why choose MetaSoccer over Polygon for NFT minting

to any concern Mining MetaSoccer NFTs This will happen on the Polygon network, so resources can also be exchanged on the well-known platform open sea Which supports tokens built on the Ethereum Blockchain and its side chain ribbed.

Polygon thanks to its protocol proof of stake On the other hand, it allows significant savings on gas fees, with zero commissions for exchanging NFTs in the shop by MetaSoccer.

As for the roadmap, metasoccer It is designed to be launched on the market with a 14-month development plan, although the team cautions that the entire project will take longer to develop all of its features.

MetaSoccer brings NFTs to the world of sports betting

bad NFT . Resources and the MetaSoccer It offers yet another monetization opportunity associated with sports betting.

This is because within this metaverse it will also be possible for users to bet on matches played inside. It is clear that the entire economy on which the game is based, including betting, will depend on Cryptocurrency MSU.

At the moment after the data you reported CoinMarketCap 1 MSU equals 0.12 euros.

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