NFT | What are they and how are they applied in video games

at recent days We have heard more and more about metaphysics, NFT, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain. On Tom’s Hardware, in particular, we talked about it in a more in-depth way because it now appears that the largest video game production role has shifted to more than just a curious look toward these new forms of income.

It’s certainly not easy to delve into what appears to be, in all respects, the new standard for future titles, at least according to the CEO of Ubisoft, which is why we want to try to throw some clarity. , try to Explain exactly what we are talking aboutgiving you all the tools you need to be able to orientate yourself better.

NFT and metaverses, what are we talking about?

Metaverse is not an entirely new word. The term, in fact, became popular in 1992, when the writer Neil Stephenson He used it in his book Snow Crash. In other words, it is a kind of virtual reality that is shared online, where one is represented in three dimensions by their avatar.

However, there is a big difference between literary fiction and reality. in the first place There are many metaverses: some who have already established themselves over the years, thanks to a series of axioms capable of tickling the user, others, on the other hand, still struggle to find their identity, trying to get it in formulas already seen, and already famous in other metaverses, fail to appear as they wish.

What happens within the different metaphors, however, is pretty much the same: in the most classic version, you buy a land, or a virtual plot, where you let your digital ego live, and then enrich that space with different experiences. Nature, mini games or Real activities reproduced on a 1:1 scale compared to real life (Just think of the 37-year-old who is famous these days for making a small fortune through a virtual workshop inside the metaverse.)


sandfor the most famous quote of the period lets you do exactly what was explained above but there are also other facts, such as Earth 2, which simply sells parts of the virtual globe, and attracts users in a completely different format. However, by looking back, everyone will remember second lifewho attempted to unify the virtual and the real, in the form, perhaps, Too immature for the techniques of that time But it generates and continues to generate significant forms of income through third-party clients and servers.

However, non-fungible tokens (which can be purchased using different cryptocurrencies depending on the market and generation system on which they are based) are also inextricably linked to metaverses, based on the blockchain, Or some type of accounting ledger capable of keeping track of digital business assets.

NFTs can be unique (or in very limited quantities) and used for various purposes, from tracking the intellectual property of a work of art to winning exclusive rights to a particular asset. To give you a very simple example, you could buy the rights to an artwork and display it, for example, in a digital copy within your land. the same way with NFT It is possible to create a non-fungible token for a piece of furniturewhich other users can purchase to decorate their virtual homes.


Sun NFTto make you better understand the diversity of implementations, It can even be issued by the football team. In Italy, for example, manages fan tokens for different teams Like Inter, Juventus and Milan. Those who purchase NFTs can use them in the Socios metaverse, and actively participate in some of the teams’ board of directors options. Juventus, for example, has seen a change to the hymn used to celebrate goals scored at home: In 2019, song 2 was chosen by Blur instead of Chelsea Dagger and voting was open only to fan code holders.

NFT in the gaming world

With minimal clarity on the metaverses and the NFT, it’s time to understand how the video game world is moving around this expanding phenomenon. Sandbox, Earth 2, or Second Life are the clearest examples of how to create the metaverse and use non-fungible tokens, but The strategy of the big video game companies is slightly different.

Ubisoft was the first to reveal itself to the public By launching Quartz, a platform that allows trading of NFTs for use in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. The audience and critics’ response to the ad was not the best, but it, like any new feature, is an initial implementation thanks to a larger overview. A start towards something greater.

at the moment Ubisoft’s NFTs are called by numberswhich is based on a blockchain that differs from Ethereum and uses Tezos instead of the currency on Open Sea.

All these big words, which to many may seem like black magic, can be summed up quite simply as follows: The numbers are associated with simple skins, numbered and available to a very few select people Who have got between 100 and 600 hours of gameplay, which in addition to being the owner of the user who will get it or buy it, can be transferred within different metaverses of the same developer.

This means that in the field of games, Players can pay to acquire ownership of a digital item Which, unlike the current aesthetics found in thousands of games, doesn’t die at the end of the product lifecycle but can go on to other creations of the same software house or other developers who decided to exploit the same metaverse.

PS5 digital

If we add to this that the ownership of the digital object can be resold to third parties while still earning a minimum percentage for the content creator, it is needless to say that The range of applications of NFT in the field of video games becomes significantly wider. Think for a moment about the theoretical application of NFT to digital games, whereby those who buy the game can resell the license at a lower price while still making a profit for the product, allowing for a completely closed market to date “the only digital” sector.

The purest vision of the metaverse is, for now, in the hands of Roblox. While still based on a more classic system of transactions, based on real money, the game allows users to get a taste of the metaverse and NFT. Anyone can develop their own business, which also leads to profits commensurate with the money other users spend on their purchase.. On the other hand, the Sandbox, which was born as a true metaverse, relies on gameplay to earn form, which allows players to earn simply by playing.

Roblox Cover Free Items Costumes

NFT and play to win: how it works

beyond metaverbs, The concept of playing for profit works in a much simpler way, which is why it has become so subjective, making NFT the basis of many video games released recently. He was the first to become very popular CryptoKitties, a simple game based on the Tamagotchi modelwhere the player is asked to treat a virtual cat which is also an NFT.

Each puppy is unique and owned by only one personwhich are validated by the blockchain and whose sponsorship in the game can increase or decrease its market value.


On the other hand, Sorari embraces the spirit of fantasy football It transforms it with players and partner teams by having users build their own team based on NFTs. Players are divided into rare levels, such as Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique, with a small number available for purchase.

Participants can earn real money by winning weekly rankings or by reselling digital athletes in the dedicated marketplace. Using the blockchain makes it easy to keep track of every cardfrom creating it to buying it and using it… Imagine for a moment the same system applied in the most famous FUT.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention legacy. Created by Peter Molyneux, author of Fable, a business simulator whose territory, sold as NFT, is already a huge hit, Exceeded 50 million dollars in seizure. If all goes well, Molyneux’s ultimate goal will be to build a true digital business paradise, with related goods and work contracts. It all depends of course on the play-for-profit model.



where Sorare, CryptoKitties, Sandbox, and Roblox are prime examples of how to successfully enter NFTs Within the video game production, other experiments did not show the same results, some were even unable to start due to the completely negative response from the audience.

GSC Game World, the authors of STALKER 2, have confidently announced their metaverse But they had to back out after a few days due to a community completely opposed to the idea and a direct threat to developers to sabotage their game. Ubisoft, although it has just taken the first step with Quartz for its future strategy based on NFTs, it has very low turnover and sales also thanks to the lukewarm welcome given by the public and critics.

There will certainly be many more projects born over the next few months, and most of them are likely to fail given that The idea of ​​investing in the playing model to earn must be carefully calibratedHowever, the signals the developers have released in the past few weeks are pretty strong and we’re sure we’ll see more and more of the term NFT in video game production in the future. Now we just have to understand whether We are facing the future of microtransactions and digital tradingor if the myriad bubble is ready to burst, and thus is limited to a very specific segment of users.

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