Science and Philosophy Day on the starting line: Tomorrow the priest arrives

The “Feast of Science and Philosophy” is ready to resume the journey. Tomorrow, Thursday, April 21, at 4 pm, in the Red Room of Palazzo Trinci, the highly anticipated ribbon cutting of the eleventh edition will take place, and by the way, the Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Mesa, will arrive in the city. , who, having conveyed his greetings to the event, will speak with physicist Roberto Battiston, president of the festival, at a conference entitled “The State and Perspectives of Italian Research”. To anticipate the debate, the opening speech will be the director of the Experimental Science Laboratory, Pierluigi Mingarelli. Present in the room were the President of the Umbrian Region, Donatella Tessi, the President of the Province of Perugia, Stefania Proetti, the Mayor of Foligno, Stefano Zuccarini, and the remarkable Dean of the University of Perugia, Maurizio Oliviero.

Titled “Let’s Continue the Journey. Science, New Evolution, Free Thinking,” the 11th edition of the event will feature 151 speakers from nearly 160 conferences running through Sunday, April 24. About thirty schools dedicated to schools, which will start already on the morning of Thursday, April 21, at 10:30, with the Scientific Director of the Pasteur Institute-Italy, Angela Santoni. The meeting will take place in the Red Hall of the Palazzo Trinci, and its theme will be “The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the present and future of the relationship between science and society”.

However, in the afternoon, after cutting the tape for the eleventh edition, the first of the four days of the “Festival of Science and Philosophy” will begin with the attendance of important figures from the Italian cultural scene. Starting with geologist Mario Tozzi, who will be held at 5.30pm, in the San Domenico Auditorium, a conference titled “Tip his toes,” focusing on the impacts of climate, pandemics, energy and the impact of these three aspects on the planet. At 6.30 pm, in Sala Rossa at Palazzo Trinci, on the other hand, Ana Flavia de Emilio Einaudi, Director of Research at Irccs San Raffaele Hospital, will speak as part of the meeting “Knowledge as a weapon to defeat disease: the role of universities and hospitals in research.” Same time, but in that wonderful location that is the Cosmic Magnet Chamber, inside the former Church of Santissima Annunziata, we will talk about ‘basic knowledge’. Vassallo, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Genoa, was given an interview for the occasion by journalist Anna Longo, deputy editor-in-chief of Culture 1 Radio and Radio-Journal Radio Rai. These, then, are some of the dates for the first day of the festival, which will end with the meeting, scheduled for 9 p.m., with the scientific director of San Raffaele Hospital. From the Theater of the San Domenico Auditorium, Professor Gianvito Martino will accompany the audience on a journey into science entitled “Stories of Thinking Cells”.

But the Festival of Science and Philosophy will once again become science experiments and technology exhibits this year thanks to Experimenta. On Thursday, April 21, in particular, the “Dna Barcode” school lab held by Cinzia Grazioli and Livia Pirovano of CusMiBio is scheduled. Among the novelties of 2022, then, is the “Let’s Enter Our Cell” project, hosted in the outer courtyard of Palazzo Trinci to get acquainted with the cell and its components up close, thanks to augmented reality and immersive technologies.

Promoted and organized by the Laboratory of Experimental Sciences ODV, in collaboration with the Municipality of Foligno, the Region of Umbria and Oicos ​​Reflections, the “Festival of Science and Philosophy” includes important scientific partners: the National Research Center and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, the National Institute of Astrophysics, the Italian Space Agency, the Institute The Italian Institute of Technology, the National Institute for Metrology Research, the Gran Sasso Institute of Sciences, the University of Camerino, the University of Genoa, the University of Perugia, the University of Foreigners Perugia and the Regional School Office of Umbria.

Reservations for conferences are mandatory and can be made through the website, where it will be possible to consult the entire programme. To participate in the meetings, it will also be necessary to be equipped with an Ffp2 mask and an enhanced green pass.

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