Self-renewable consumption up to 10 km Energy Decree Amendment

The amendment aims to further simplify the development of national renewable energy sources in self-consumption mode. Senator Giotto: “Good intervention, now expedite PNRR reforms

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( – On March 9 DL Energy (Decree-Law March 1, 2022, No. 17) has begun the process of converting it into law by joining the Chamber’s Environment and Production Activities Committees. And in the sea of ​​modifications presented, some changes are directly related toSelf-consumption of renewable energy. Starting with a new scale that allows direct communication between the system and the end user up to 10 kilometres.

This was announced by Senator for M5S Gianni Girotto Who comments with satisfaction on the green light for amendment by the Environment Committee. “I am very satisfied with the Chamber’s approval today of an amendment to the energy law that favors direct self-consumption up to 10 km “, writes Girotto. “Already presented at Sostegni Ter to the Senate, this is an important adjustment not only in favor of distributed generation, but also simple and rapid interventions that companies and industries can implement to reduce energy costs through clean energy.” As reported by Girotto, theInterventions regarding licensing procedures for stations up to 10 MW and other simplification amendments signed by M5S regarding Floating plants, energy return and accumulation.

“I think though – Adds Senator – JHe must expedite the reforms needed to achieve the goals set out in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). […] In the Committee’s opinion I am honored to chair the case for the implementation of the PNRR, it is also required that there are no restrictions on the use of PV on farmland and that the resources allocated to it are accumulating with the Renewable Energy Catalytic Auction Mechanism linked to plant productivity. On the energy community, on the other hand, we are asked to assess the possibility of extending the benefits to municipalities up to 10,000 inhabitants, and to ensure that the discussion table prepared with the regions has a central management with the participation of specialist structures, such as the GSE or the CDP.”

Changes in self-renewable consumption

Article 10-Third. – (Measures for developing renewable energy sources and containing energy prices) – 1. In Paragraph 1 of Article 30 of the Legislative Decree of November 8, 2021, n. 199, the following changes are made:

   to) Literally to)No. 2) as follows:

“2) with one or more production plants from renewable sources located in buildings or locations other than those in which the consumer works, knowing that these buildings or locations must be available to the consumer himself. Then:

2.1) The factory can be directly connected with the end customer with a direct connection of no more than 10 kilometers, and users other than users of the production unit and consumption unit cannot be connected. The direct connection line between the production plant and the consumption unit, if it is underground, is authorized by the same licensing procedure of the production plant. A consumer self-factory may be owned by a third party or managed by a third party under the terms indicated in No. 1;

2.2) The autonomous consumer can use the existing distribution network to share the energy produced by the plants of renewable sources and its consumption at the intake points owned by the same self-consumer “;

   B) the message c) as follows:

c) If it works in the manner indicated in the message to)No. 2.2), access to incentive tools referred to in Article 8 and compensation referred to in Article 32, paragraph 3, letter to); If it works in the manner indicated in the message to)Figures 1) and 2.1), the incentive tools referenced in Articles 6, 7, and 8 can be accessed”.

2. After the first paragraph of Chapter 30 of the Legislative Decree of November 8, 2021, n. 199, as amended by paragraph 1 of this Article, add the following:

1 duplicate. General fees related to the electricity system, including those referred to in Article 3 paragraph 11 of Legislative Decree No. 79, on the configurations indicated in No. 2.1) of the letter to) From paragraph 1 of this article to the same extent applied to the configurations referred to in No. 2.2) of the same letter. When updating and adapting the Regulation on Simple Production and Consumption Systems, in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 16 of Legislative Decree No. 210, ARERA specifies the ways in which the provisions of the first sentence of this paragraph apply to self-consumed energy in new building configurations referred to in paragraph 1, letter to)No. 2.1), of this article “”.

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