The technical corner for the thirty-third day of the Italian Serie A | football style

The technical corner continues the duel between Milan Harakeri Napoli and Juventus

The championship fight just got more exciting, with four rounds left. In the points handkerchief there are Milan, Inter and Napoli. The standings reads: Milan 71, Inter 69, Napoli 67. Anything can happen the opposite of everything, with the hope that the referee’s team does no harm in the last four games remaining. The Yellow Jackets (previously black…) made a huge impact in the race to the top, once again proving a complete inadequacy, whether they were assigned to the field or to Var. The difference between the Italian rulers and the rest of Europe’s rulers is stark. Even in a relationship with players, it is calmer in other leagues. Characters like Agnolin, Casarin, Gonella, Rosetti and Braschi are missing. Just to name some of the best referees in Italian football history.

Last Friday, the defending champions opened a dance: Brozovic, Martinez and Sanchez knocked down the strong-willed Spezia. Captain Maggiore’s goal was not enough to restore La Spezia (0-2), a well-known Inter fan. It is not clear why the Genoa midfielder was not taken into account for the Italian national team, given the quantitative and qualitative qualities on display. Inzaghi chases Milan and hopes to achieve a victory over Bologna on 27/04/2022 at the “Dallara” stadium. Therefore, the Nerazzurri is “actually” first in the ranking, having tried to be small table….

Technical angle, Milan respond to their cousins

Milan immediately responded to the call of his cousins: 2-0 to asymmetric Genoa, now a foot and a half in the cadetria. Sorry about the lovely Grifone fans, but the pardon for Ballardini is the basis for the highly anticipated relegation. The technical expert was separated with the team above the threshold of the last three places. Reliance on foreign technicians such as Shevchenko and Plesin created a very dangerous situation. Pioli smiles at Leao and Messias Jr., but not all that glitters is gold: the team is in a sporting bend and rumors of a change of ownership are “dispersed”. Some players also seem to have abandoned Technical Rebek above all.

The great Roma held a draw at home against Napoli thanks to a goal “Pharaonic” By El Shaarawy in 91 minutes. A penalty kick from Insigne wasn’t enough to bring home a full booty. In the second half, the Azzurri succumbed physically (and mentally) to Roma who attacked in waves, spurred by the entry of Mkhitaryan: the Armenian is one of the strongest players in the league, and Roma do well to keep him tight. With this tie, Spalletti effectively ceded the Italian flag: it is unrealistic to think of back-to-back stops by Milanes.

It took two red cards (Sumoro and Midel) to allow Juventus to take over Bologna with a header from Vlahovic (at 95’….). Bolognese had advanced thanks to a goal from that great champion Arnautovic. With all due respect to Bologna’s glorious history, what would a player like this do in Rossoblo? Allegri is heaving a sigh of relief, but the team will need to improve in terms of gameplay and interpreters (next summer market is essential).

Lazio and Fiorentina in pursuit of Europe, Atalanta vertical collapse

One figure includes Fiorentina Venezia: 22 purple shots, three lakes. The Italians’ men lacked realism, other than Torreira’s winning stamp. A flat brain diagram for the Venetians: they have left their anchors and are sailing towards the second division. Commisso is pursuing the dream of qualifying for the European League, in a year farewell Valhović will be a great result. The usual Immobile saves Sarri from home defeat against Torino with a goal in the 92nd minute. The striker deserved more stages and a few more titles, in the meantime he is fighting for the top scorer title, competing with Vlahovic. The physical and mental breakdown of Atalanta, who surrendered Leipzig (the dream of the European League semi-final faded), gave way to Verona: Ceccarini and a special goal from Kompminers give the victory to Tudor. The only positive note: the first goal in Serie A by 18-year-old Scalvini. Chieri’s multi-role player between defense and midfield (1.94 cm tall) Chieri has a bright future and an eye on the big names. Gasperini seriously risks abandoning the European train.

A shot at Cagliari’s main redemption, Salernitana’s stunning awakening, Giampaolo and Sampdoria are under controversy. Udinese fly, Empoli in crisis

Sardinian signs Deiola for a goal that could deserve salvation for his hometown team. This man is another, like Maggiore of Spezia, a neglected comet from a national point of view. Mazzarri brings the ship to port, albeit with difficulty and could restart his career. Sassuolo without Berardi loses at least 80% of his potential. Cagliari leaves the Venetian trio, Salernitana and Genoa at -6. Next Sunday the challenge inok coral: Genoa Cagliari….according to the DNA of your trainer. Salernitana does not give up and takes out respectively Sampdoria (Saturday in Genoa) and Udinese (last night in the recovery match): Nicola and the players have nothing to lose, they can do this feat. The disastrous return of Giampaolo 0.2: many defeats, a small game and a lot of disappointment. The internal defeat by the grenade overshadowed the camel: a challenge to the coach and the players. The sunset at Quagliarella lowered the team’s level. Udinese Poker vs deserted Empoli: The Tuscans played a horrific second round, and Andrezzoli could be put at the door. Fellow Cioffi led the Bianconeri to the Thousand Redemption, thanks above all to Deulofeu’s goals. The Spaniard is looking to further stages and rightly so.

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