WRM Group joins Axpo Italia to invest in energy production from renewable sources and energy efficiency with a focus on large-scale distribution

WRM . groupthe Luxembourg Group founded by the financier Rafael Mansion, And Expo Italia Spathe fourth operator of the free energy market and energy trader of the Swiss group Expo, I started a joint venture with the goal of coordinating research and development efforts in New investments in the field of renewable energies.

In detail, as announced yesterday by the two companies (here is the press release), the joint venture between WRM and Axpo will focus on Energy production from renewable sources And Energy Efficiency Interventions Particular focus will be on response The needs of large retailers.

Axpo Italia, with headquarters in Genoa and its commercial and representative offices in Milan and Rome, is the first EGL Italy, born in 2000 in conjunction with the liberalization of the electricity market. Then EGL Italia became Axpo Italia in 2012 after the merger of the Swiss group EGL (Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft Laufenburg) together with the Swiss parent company Axpo, which led to the emergence of a group that produces and sells energy in more than thirty countries in Europe and the United States with about 5,000 employees. Axpo Italia, in particular, is equipped with Own production capacity It consists of about 1800 megawatts of installed capacity in Three combined cycle power plants, representing 85% of Calenia Energia in Sparanise (Caserta), 100% of Rizziconi Energia in Rizziconi (Reggio Calabria) and 49% of SEF in Ferrara; About 66 MW related to the wind farm CER (Consortium for Renewable Energy) In the province of Avellino, it is managed by Axpo Italia through its subsidiary WinBis srl; and 1,580 megawatts of production capacity from renewable sources managed through long-term supply contracts. For example, at the beginning of March, Axpo Italia announced the signing of two long-term agreements PPA (Power Puchase Agreement (PPA) 10-year tenure with Canadian Solar Inc. To purchase the energy produced by two PV plants under construction with a total capacity of 84 MW (see press release here). The two plants that Canadian Solar will build before the start of 2023, with a nominal capacity of 33 MW and 51 MW respectively, are located in Viterbo, Lazio and Trapani in Sicily. Axpo Italia will purchase the clean energy produced by the two projects from the moment they reach the commercialization stage, estimated in January 2024. Once commissioned, the annual clean energy production is estimated to be around 156 gigawatt-hours, equivalent to annual consumption. Electricity for 61,000 households or to replace 48,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

For WRM, Fostering investments in renewable energy is an additional tool for strengthening the assets already in the portfolio, at a time when this type of asset represents a further disconnect from reliance on traditional energy sources, contributing instead to the exacerbation of operational critical matters for companies.

WRM, which invests in Europe in non-performing loans, private parking, private equity and real estate, in the renewable energy sector in February 2019 from Mediocredetto Italiano (Intesa San Paulo Group) wallet from Non-performing loans secured by photovoltaic systems With a total capacity of 90 megawatts, with a total value of 187 million eurosLuce’s wallet was baptized (see another article by BeBeez) Then the remaining receivables were sold with a nominal value of approximately 83 million euros a year ago Spicy Greena securitization vehicle consisting of infinity to Vei Green II سبا Spa It is earmarked for non-performing energy credits. The remaining receivables have a face value of about 83 million euros (see another article from BeBeez). In detail, Spicy Green’s WRM sold the entire loan portfolio through its securitization tool SPV light. The portfolio was secured by photovoltaic assets with a total capacity of more than 45 MW out of a total of 43 plants.

However, on the topic of large-scale distribution, we recall that Wrm was involved in the acquisition of Auchan Italy from Konad In 2019 I conducted through the car BDC Italy. WRM, in fact, through POP18 SARLvehicle controlled by Time and life knowthe Luxembourg holding company of the WRM Group, owns 49% of the capital of BDC Italia, and 51% is owned by Konad (See another article by BeBeez). Then the name of Auchan Italia was changed Margherita Despotzione Spa.

Recently, WRM sold a pork product the king to Rigamonte Salomeviciogroup company JBS (See another article by BeBeez), but has not completely exited the sector in question because it will continue to invest in the sector through its parent company Kipre, which holds ownership of a number of assets. WRM Group acquired Kipre in October 2020 from Dokshevich familydownstream ofAgrees to the restructuring agreement by Trieste Court (See another article by BeBeez).

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