Algorand looks after herself in Times Square | Use Earth Day to attack…

It happened: Algorand He already covered Times Squares in ads, on the one hand to advertise his own site Environmentally friendly technology And future maneuvers to have zero effect, on the other hand, in a very non-disguised way, to attack Bitcoin.

The person who is one of the The main themes From the world blockchainwhich is a topic that will seem a little off for more experienced people An old But this still occupies the front pages of newspapers. That’s why we decided to take care of it too, to be clear too.

The video ad in Times Square just aired

Considering the expenses required to go to fill the exhibition boards from Times Squarein the first place is a sign of financial and advertising integrity Algorand. We can decide to invest in this token using eToro’s secure platformGo here for a free demo account that allows us to invest with the best tools – The broker who has a lot in the list $ ALGOHow much instead BTC dollars.

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Algorand stings bitcoin on green flag on Earth Day

May Earth Day, the annual designation of environmental issues on a global scale, has become an occasion to attack Bitcoin Perhaps it was more than obvious. It’s less clear what this attack could have done, albeit indirectly Algoranda protocol no longer of a newer generation that has, however, embarked on a path, through carbon offset procurement, to effectively becoming zero impact.

All through one huge campaign in that Times Squarewhose video was shared from the official Algorand account.

All accompanied by a message already seen a few days ago, which speaks precisely about the new message Initiative from the group.

The Algorand is a carbon-negative block chain [ovvero con impatto addirittura negativo sulle emissioni, NDR]. Sustainably created from the start. Today we are doubling. By creating a little more. This Earth Day Saves Energy, Disconnect. Reconnect with our planet. Building a greener future tomorrow with Algorand.

Although it is clear that the name Bitcoin Do not appear even once, it is not difficult to see a file same With the controversy surrounding Bitcoin mining For several years now. The controversy is in our opinion without art or part, as we also discussed at length during our live shows.

But there is one more thing we must, at least in our opinion, go into and analyze this story that matters so much Algorand How much instead Bitcoin.

Who do the altcoins line up with?

extremists Bitcoin They are accused of having toxic attitudes and consider any other type of project a scam. Of course, these are strong positions, but when these events occur they seem to have another origin. It is not the first time that a protocol has been outside of goals and ideas Bitcoin In fact he was attacked, albeit indirectly this time.

Let’s think of a campaign Greenpeace for the PoSwhich come from the same environments, those in ripplewhich over the years has spent large sums of money just to attack BTC dollars It presents itself as an alternative.

albeit in a more accurate way Algorand He’s trying to do the same, and he keeps listing the possibility of substitution Bitcoinwhich is a story in our opinion that could have had some kind of meaning at first, but it clearly doesn’t make any sense today, if not at a marketing level.

a task Bitcoin It’s different within the industry and it’s good to go on its way, with huge room, however, for protocols like Algorand To find and appreciate their jobs Market.

which, even judging by the cost of such campaigns, Algorand It appears to have the potential to do so, at least on the economic front. This is why we believe the future of the protocol will not be played out in this specific campaign. Fast, this is our expectation, greatly beat appearance green cryptocurrency It can start to backfire.

even because of Bitcoin Show that he can hold up in an important way for this kind of AttacksAnd finding supporters even in places we didn’t expect.

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