Bitcoin and the EU’s Secret Document | Politicians like it…PoS

Discussions behind closed doors between Brussels And the German government, which also included other topics that you’re talking about problem of the century, or the effect of energy Bitcoin mining.

The energy effect, which is often an excuse to attack the world’s first free and unreliable monetary network, is clearly a major headache for those who have made politics their profession. And he would like to see it fall off one way or another.

The absurd clique in Brussels

The documents we are talking about have been posted before Netzpolitik And telling discussions, at least in our opinion, are at a screaming level. With Bitcoin Which, however, continues to ignore him, once again demonstrating her strength. The strength we can invest in eToroGo here to request a free demo account for online trading A broker for those who want to speculate and invest, offering the best analysis and operational tools.

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What do European politicians say about Bitcoin? Make emails public

Ethereum will move to POS? It seems to be an excellent excuse for European politicians. We present the document – Which you can find at this link Which he describes as the passage of the archenemy Bitcoin It can be used to do pressure.

If Ethereum will be able to change [verso PoS, NDR]We can legitimately ask the same for Bitcoin. We need to protect other sustainable cryptocurrencies. I don’t see a need to protect the Bitcoin community.

This is in an unsigned document – or rather with the subjects in question hidden – which was nonetheless produced at a European meeting with the financial supervisors and regulators in Swedena country, as is well known, has always had a particularly aggressive attitude towards it Mining.

There should be a ban on trading crypto-assets based on PoW Bitcoin?

With the answer then obscured, as evidenced by the document we linked. A situation that gets more comical because it’s obviously going to be recent documents and they want to do what they’re doing Greenpeace propose For a few weeks now.

A kind of transnational collectivism, a mixture of politics and NGOs that ultimately aims to transform Bitcoin And therefore Make it harmless. Bad News? Not at all, because it was still discussions and because any kind of initiative of this kind would not work.

Yes, Bitcoin is stronger than the clique too

idea green area Which also appears to belong to some poppy plants Brussels It is very foolish not because it is not technically possible, but because Bitcoin Fortunately it is based on a society that understands the issue more than politicians and is not at all willing to change course.

Bitcoin is and always will be PoW.: Those who have a different opinion can do a fork And see how it goes. Our expectation is that they will end up almost the same as the others they were born with prevent wars. What choices does the broad community support? Bitcoin They are carried out to different standards than those of the majority of projects.

This always means protecting independence, resilience, and resistance from attacks by organized enemies in one form or another. a Mentality which one is correct The actual value from Bitcointhat value TRUE Which many of us are asking for.

Well, the next time they ask you “what is the intrinsic value of bitcoin?” You already know what answer to give. The ability to withstand any kind of attack. What then is the ability to be yourself and change only when it is appropriate to do so to ensure more privacy and more decentralization.

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