Breakthrough in the Italian Crypto Scene: Cryptosmart Launches Staking

I was born cryptosmartthe first platform financial technology All-Italian, founded in Umbria in the middle of the pandemic crisis by five aspiring entrepreneurs with solid management experience behind them. Cryptosmart’s goal is to please Everyone needsFrom entrepreneurs to ordinary people. Cryptosmart is an easy, independent and low cost platform. The founders stated, in an interview, “As entrepreneurs living in Italy, we realized that there is a lack of access to cryptocurrencies and digital assets in the country, especially for ordinary people — they explained — financing, to be truly democratic, it should be easy to understand and inexpensive. These are the pillars of Cryptosmart.” Let’s see in detail The services provided by the platform.


True to its literal meaning, lo mask It is the pledge of your cryptocurrencies to support the blockchain network while contributing to its security and efficiency. How does staking work? By engaging their cryptocurrency, participants help enhance the blockchain’s ability to process and verify transactions, thus enabling them to… smoothlyAny become resistant to malicious attacks.

In return, participants receive Awards For staking, which is why it has become a popular source of passive income and a means of generating cash flow among serious crypto investors.

Cryptosmart uses the form proof of stake. What is that? It is a kind of consensus mechanism used to validate cryptocurrency transactions. With this system, participants can share their cryptocurrency in order to be able to validate new transactions, update the blockchain and Get a reward From 4% to 14% on an annual basis depending on the type of cryptocurrency accumulated

How does staking work?

After committing their cryptocurrency, participants in risk mode instantly become auditors of the network from which they randomly choose to confirm blocks of transactions. However, it is known that the more cryptocurrencies you stick to, the more The more possibilities You should be chosen as the next block checker.

Every time a block is added to the blockchain, new cryptocurrencies are minted and distributed as staking rewards to that block’s validator. In most cases, the reward for staking received is original cryptocurrency from the blockchain.

Exchange Service: You can intuitively access the website and register, with the possibility to open your account for free.

A few simple steps to buy and sell encryption And digital assets, through bank transfer, remembering that unlike with most exchanges in the market, which have a checking account for deposit in tax havens, with Cryptosmart they are all located on the national territory.

Cryptosmart respects the highest security standards, ensuring complete peace of mind. All Cryptosmart servers have multiple replicas and are protected with passwords and two-factor authentication, while SSL encryption protects while browsing and data is fully encrypted when inactive.

CSMarket خدمة Service

With this service cryptocurrencies can be used in the real economy. it’s possible Buy a gift card One of the best Italian brands for large-scale distribution from electronics to clothing, without any intermediation by paying with bitcoin.

CSpay service

Businesses can send and receive peer-to-peer payments in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, quickly and without intermediaries. This is a service for companies wishing Increase their turnover It allows its customers to pay using cryptocurrencies already prevalent in developed countries.

CSpay allows businesses to simply receive payment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Convert cryptocurrency instantly You receive it in Euros, thus collecting in Euros what the customer has paid with their cryptocurrency, eliminating exchange risks related to cryptocurrency volatility.

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