Crypto licensing and payment gateways authorized by EU regulators

It seems that there is hardly a month when we do not hear at least some exciting news about the crypto exchange QMALL in Ukraine. For example, the company recently announced plans to launch its metaverse by the end of 2022, and if that’s not big enough, there will also be a QMALL crypto exchange within this metaverse.

However, the news that EU regulators have granted QMALL a license to cryptocurrency and a payment gateway is the most exciting one yet. In short, gaining the admiration of the European Union has opened an open door for QMALL to the wider world, and for a relatively young company, this is an impressive feat.

QMALL was founded in 2021 by Ukrainian crypto visionaries Mykola Udianskyi and Bohdan Prylepa. The company’s track record has already been impressive, managing to become the first Ukrainian government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange and gaining a solid reputation for security, ease of use, and low fees among the crypto community.

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Led by two of the most influential players in the industry, it comes as no surprise that the company has big plans and dreams of becoming the world’s cryptocurrency trading platform. With the Eurozone trading license and payment gateway, QMALL’s dreams are closer to becoming a reality.

Lithuania: Gateway to the Eurozone

Capitalizing on plans to become not just another cryptocurrency exchange but the world’s number one exchange means QMALL needs to find a gateway to the world. The company found this port in the small Baltic country of Lithuania. By registering as UAB QMALL in Lithuania, the company is officially recognized as a European entity and must comply with the rules and regulations of the European Union.

QMALL is officially registered as a “Virtual Currency Exchange Operator” and “Deposit Virtual Currency Wallet Operator” by the “Financial Crime Investigation Service” of the “Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania”.

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As a result of this registration, the company is legally obligated to comply with strict EU laws on transparency and data security and to report any suspected money laundering activity. Now that you are legally bound by these regulations, this will undoubtedly increase public confidence in QMALL as a brand that people can trust.

New Trading Strategies for QMALLERS

One of the immediate benefits of registering with QMALL is the ability of its users to trade EUR pairs. Once its European payment gateway is connected, merchants will be able to implement a variety of new strategies to improve their earning potential. Moreover, since most of the crypto world will soon have the ability to use the QMALL token, there is no doubt that thousands of new users will be drawn to the service. As a result, it can be said that users of the service can expect a significant increase in the value of the tokens in the short term.

Opportunities are everywhere in Sophia Antipolis

Another boost for QMALL is the company’s collaboration with Sophia Antipolis. If you haven’t heard of Sophia Antipolis before, it’s a place in southeastern France that many refer to as France’s Silicon Valley. Sophia Antipolis is home to more than 2,500 companies on an area of ​​2,400 hectares. It hosts many successful startups along with many large global brands such as IBM, Samsung and Cisco Systems. The opportunity to meet and even collaborate with some of the best technology companies in the world is now within QMALL’s reach.

To infinity and beyond: Europe’s largest launchpad!

QMALL is already making an impact on Sophia Antipolis by announcing the creation of the largest launchpad in Europe. For those who don’t know, Launchpad is a platform for launching cryptocurrency projects. People who invest in digital assets for a project in its early stages usually get the highest returns. It is not uncommon to see life-altering returns a hundredfold or more.

The QMALL team plans to launch weekly or bi-weekly new projects that start almost immediately. As there are more projects available, many people will have the opportunity to participate in the project in the early stages. Moreover, this mega project will help many startups get the financing they need and will provide more Ukrainian companies to access the European market.

High potential for QMALL

Now with access to the global cryptocurrency market, there seems to be no end to QMALL’s meteoric rise. The value of the token will continue to rise, and the founders’ dream of becoming the number one exchange seems to come true sooner than you think. As a result of this news, we are likely to see thousands of other traders drawn to over 100 users using QMALL services.

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