Crypto Today: Top 3 Cryptocurrency News Today 03/31/22

Bitcoin is unchanged from yesterday, the price is still above $47,000 even if we notice lower volatility, high volatility and lower volume. The major cryptocurrency appears to be preparing for its next move, which promises to be explosive.

there Bitcoin dominance It drops to 41.5% of the entire crypto market, making room for other digital assets that also track movement. But be sure not to miss the “Bitcoin 2022” conference in Miami that will take place from April 6-9, where news that could lead to the launch of the largest digital asset will be announced.

Some rumors are about the adoption of the tech giant Apple, others are suggesting the issuance of Bitcoin bonds by El Salvador, but at the moment it is just crap and nothing more. However, if there is indeed some significant news about the major cryptocurrency, market conditions will favor a significant price jump.

The Higher altcoins They are gaining ground and showing increases even in the double-digit percentage. This would assure that investors are willing to expose themselves to higher risks and anticipate potential market spikes. After the Metapolis project was announced, Zilliqa (ZIL) is gaining nearly 30% for the third day in a row. Let’s see the main news of the day.

Europe: vote on anti-money laundering law on cryptocurrency

The European Parliament is preparing to vote on anti-money laundering law on cryptocurrencies today. Two committees will be tasked with examining two amendments related to the transfer of funds between approved service providers in the so-called ‘Not Hosted’ or ‘Not Held’ Walletsi.e. blockchain wallets managed directly by owners, which cannot be identified.

The controversy over the identification of cabinet holders of this kind seems to have disappeared from the agenda of the US government, which has expressed itself negatively to avoid stifling technological innovation, to appear on the table of European lawmakers.

The issue is complicated because in the bill published by The Block, the intent appears to be to require exchanges and other services to report the identity of the actual owners of the wallets to which outgoing transactions are sent. Authorized services may refuse withdrawals to comply with this rule, as the inherently decentralized technology makes it difficult to establish the true identity of the owner.

Zilliqa flies after Metapolis announcement, ‘metaverse-as-a-service’ infrastructure

Zilliqa announced on Reddit the birth of Metapolis, the first product of its kind. It is a “metaverse-as-a-service” (MaaS) infrastructure, i.e. a metaverse generator Ready to use, payable as a service and able to define a new dimension in creating virtual worlds, which can be in contact with each other.

After the news broke, the price of the cryptocurrency Zilliqa (ZIL) jumped more than 30% today and according to CoinMarketCap’s ranking of the most capped cryptocurrencies, its growth last week reached 285%.

Thanks to Metapolis, Sandra Helou, director of metaverse and NFT at Zilliqa, said that “we can not only revive creativity within the metaverse, but also open, borderless access to creators around the world, who will be able to connect to the digital world.”

It will not be easy for a Ronin bridge hacker to profit from the $620 million stolen

After the theft on the Ronin Bridge that took place yesterday, one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world, news came from major exchanges and decentralized financing protocols, which prevented the sale of $620 million in stolen digital assets.

According to William Quigley, co-founder of Stablecoin Tether, the hackers tried to sell about 6,500 Ethereum out of the stolen 17,6000, and moved it to three different platforms. All wallets containing stolen goods are closely monitored and added to the blacklists of major exchange services.

It will not be easy for hackers to collect the fraudulently obtained amount, also because the entire crypto community has been mobilized by involving some important on-chain analytics firms like Chainalysis.

While specific permissions are required to obtain data about fiat laundering attempts, anyone can view them Transactions made on public block chains. This may help dispel the false myth about the criminal use of cryptocurrencies.

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