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Wednesday 20 Aprilat 17:45 a.m Polyneso (Brazil, CN), the workshop will be held”Earth and Technology‘, promotedFuture Supply Chain AssociationIn cooperation withUniversity of Gastronomic sciences in Polyneso Polytechnic incubator in Turin I3P In the context of project GrandUP! Technique.

During the meeting we will listen to stories and examples to learn about New ideas and technologies who change The world of agri-food chains.

Themes and goals

The Italian food and agricultural market is inhabited by countless Small farms and small and medium businesses. While this represents on the one hand Incredible fortune In terms of experiences, traditions and products, on the other hand, its competitiveness in the medium term is undermined by its small size that often does not allow Optimal access to technology solutions Which increasingly determine the competitive advantages in the market.

The aim of this workshop is to encourage strengthening The value of Italian agricultural food traditions Helping companies in the sector discover EA Master the best new technologies To increase their chances of success in tomorrow’s market. The meeting will provide an overview of the most interesting digital and technological solutions for the traditional farming market, showing how some of these solutions can actually Improving the work of companies in the sectorand will provide a moment of confrontation between the various actors involved: farmers and active institutions in the region and Innovative startups.

How to participate

The meeting is free, and it targets individuals, companies and organizations who are interested Meet new business To deepen the perspectives and scenarios that technology can offer to the agri-food sector.

To participate in the event to be held in the presence ofPollenzo Agency Hotel (via Fossano 21, 12042 Bra hamlet of Pollenzo, Province of Cuneo) Registration required on EventbriteBy clicking on the “Subscribe” button. In compliance with safety regulations, the seating available in the room is limited to a maximum of 100 seats.

a program

Institutional greetings and introduction

  • Francesco Capello, President of Filiera Futura and Vice President of the CRC . Foundation
  • Silvio Barbero, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Polynesia
  • Giuseppe Schellato, President of I3P
  • Adriano Marconetto, serial entrepreneur and business owner
  • Peter W. Krueger, Chairman of Agrifood-tech Italia and Managing Partner of AgFood Ventures

Presentation of four startups and solutions for more efficient farming

  • Ifga Helps the farmer improve nutritional management and defensive irrigation of crops thanks to OPI, the most accurate farming system. Data is collected from the field using agricultural wireless sensors and processed through artificial intelligence to select predictive models based on farmers’ goals.
  • Elysian It is a decision support system that prevents diseases in olive orchards, orchards and vineyards, allowing pre-discovery of pathogens and reducing the number of treatments.
  • Babako Market Delivery of fruits and vegetables with small skin defects, in beautiful shapes and smaller sizes than usual, which are not accepted by traditional channels such as supermarkets, and for this reason are often designated as waste.
  • Hortobot is an innovative company in the “Precision Farming 4.0” sector that designs intelligent, autonomous machines capable of supporting the systematic reform of the agricultural sector and especially the horticultural sector. The project was born from workbenches Digital Innovation Gateway 421 (DIG421), a non-profit and participatory organization born with the aim of creating an innovation ecosystem, activating knowledge exchange, and launching joint projects, through collaboration between different subjects working at the same table.



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