Enel: Montalto, from a former nuclear power plant to an energy museum – infrastructure and cities

(ANSA) – MONTALTO DE CASTRO, APRIL 22 – The power plant of Enel’s Montalto de Castro is reborn as a true energy innovation zone and in the area that was intended for the nuclear power plant, which never entered service, the first example of the world of cultural inversion . The project will create an innovative cultural center dedicated to the energy transition, which will tell the past and look to the future, in the two “coffins” that were to house the atomic plant.
The “new life” of the multinational power plant “Alessandro Volta”, which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary, was illustrated in an integrated power center by Enel Italia director Nicola Lanzetta and architect Patricia Vale, present among others. Montalto de Castro Mayor Sergio Caccchi.
The 5,000-square-meter Teccc – Energy Transition Culture and Knowledge Center will house the Energy Transition Museum open to the public and will contain functional spaces dedicated to training activities. For this purpose, there is about 15,000 square meters of exhibition space within two existing buildings (dedicated to art installations on the theme of energy, and information exhibition rooms on the topic of energy transition) and an event room connected to a panoramic balcony. “The project also includes an elevated visiting path – explained Viel, co-founder of Acpv Architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel – that surrounds the area and will immerse the visitor in a landscape that reflects the complexity of the site, with the aim of enhancing and making accessible artifacts of extraordinary and unique historical and architectural value. of its kind in the world.”
“Being able to tell the past and future of energy is especially important at a historical moment like this, where the energy transition is fundamentally changing the entire sector, from production to transportation to consumption, and pushing towards a more sustainable model,” Lansetta explained. The Montalto di Castro also has a symbolic value and enriches the site improvement programme, which will be our largest integrated and multifunctional energy center in Italy.”

“The activity of the municipal administration is more effective if cultural development is at the heart of its political work,” the mayor explained. “The project that Enel presents today and which we are, but I would also say, future departments, that we support, goes in exactly that direction. A museum and knowledge center that has never been built before.” The project to build an integrated energy and culture center in the area of ​​the Montalto di Castro nuclear power plant “is excellent news – commented Massimo Osana, Director General of the Museums of the Ministry of Culture – finally, restoring dignity to a plot of land with great landscapes and historical value: we are in the sphere of influence of one of the major cities In Etruria, the city of Fulci, which, with its endless cemetery, is located between the municipalities of Canino and Montalto di Castro.This is excellent news also because it confirms once again that entrepreneurship and the creation of cultural value are not contradictory concepts that, far from it, can coexist in the task The common goal of bringing benefits to reference communities.” So Osana hoped that “the new Energy Transition Museum would soon be welcomed into our national museum system”. The Undersecretary for Agricultural Policy, Francesco Battistone, noted that this industrial and cultural project “is a pioneering project for Italy”, which is “a driving force for tourism, from an agricultural, employment and social point of view, and meets the needs of the territory 360 degrees”. In addition, on World Earth Day today, he noted that “it will not destroy the Earth but will protect it, so these projects should be exaggerated.” Enel explains that the Montalto de Castro power plant “is at the center of an important development starting with the needs of the electricity system and the opportunities resulting from the energy transition, a plan that will see the creation of a new energy pillar that integrates the initiatives in the energy sector, developed by Enel, and new business solutions developed by the parties Third. The initiative is part of a broader commitment of the Enel Group to a new development of its plant sites, in accordance with a strategy that prioritizes the strengthening of existing structures and integration with new renewable production plants and storage systems, along with new business projects in various fields.” The already abandoned oil units are being demolished on the site. Enel has begun the necessary licensing process to be able to build a new PV system on an area of ​​about 20 hectares, with a capacity of about 10 MW. Other areas under development (6 hectares) will be allocated to house energy storage systems of about 245 MW, providing an additional contribution to the use of renewable energy and the stability of the electricity system: in this case also, licensing procedures are already underway. In line with the indicators of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (Pniec) and in favor of Italy’s exit from coal, renewable and more efficient turbogas plants will remain active within Alessandro Volta.

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