Hollywood stars are obsessed with MoonPay!

The cryptocurrency market has nothing to envy others and the interest of great personalities in this sector is undeniable.

The digital art market has not had the same value as the more traditional market and sport has been lacking in some of the opportunities the sector has offered it, but the improvements and possibilities for these digital assets seem limitless.

NFTs were one of the fastest growing assets in 2021 and it is enough to read an article published by Euronews that we immediately realize the impact of this trend:

But in the past year and a half, this new sector combining technology and art has experienced a real boom: in the third quarter of 2021, sales of NFT reached 9.4 billion euros, and by the end of the year could exceed 15.6 billion euros. “

However, things don’t seem to have changed in 2022, in fact, The explosive growth continues and it is trying to attract some of the most influential figures in the world, especially in the art and entertainment sector.

For starters, there is a company that has managed to bring together the most disparate starsall agree to recognize that their role in society can only be emphasized through their commitment to a sector such as that of NFTs.

I’m talking about NFT startup MoonPayBorn in 2018, but officially launched on the market in 2019, he was keen from the start so that all citizens of the world could participate in the greatest revolution of recent years: the digital asset revolution.

Here’s what we read about the success presented live on MoonPay:

“In November 2021, just two and a half years later, we closed our Series A funding round at $555 million, bringing our valuation to $3.4 billion, the largest of Series A.

Investments, among others, don’t stop coming, and now characters like Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Bruce Willis and more are also taking part!

In short, If this audience of celebrities chose to invest in large numbers in the startup in question and the platform was only growing in terms of user volume and innovative projects, there would be a reason, don’t you think?

However, in the meantime, we must realize that after a golden year for NFTs like 2021, this year will be the definite year in which the industry will have to deliver everything, as the Huffington Post writes:

“If 2021 is the year of the dedication of these tokens capable of revolutionizing the concept of digital ownership, then 2022 promises to be the year of truth, the test platform capable of declaring victory or defeat in the market.”

And what better test than an industry leader nominated NFT startup, MoonPay? Best by Merchant and Celebrity!

So let’s try to understand what it is and the reason for its overwhelming success.

Starting NFT: This is the MoonPay website

The company we are going to discover has its head office in London, UK, and another office even in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

When we talk about this startup, we need to think of an easy, easy to use and instantly intuitive platform that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency or NFT like nothing else in the more popular markets.

In the famous Crunchbase we read the detailed description:

“MoonPay is a financial technology company that provides cryptocurrency payment solutions. Its range of products on and off the platform provides a seamless experience of converting between fiat and cryptocurrencies using all major payment methods including debit and credit cards, local bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay “.

Where is the MoonPay revolution? In the possibility of acquiring digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs in commonly used methods.

Initially born only for the first time, the startup is expanding more and more into the non-fungible token segment.

How does the MoonPay app work?

The startup is backed by some of the most innovative software ever, equipped with advanced artificial intelligence capable of assessing transaction risk with virtually zero error rates.

Thanks to the MoonPay application, it is possible to buy our cryptocurrency or NFT using a smartphone, with applications such as Google Play or Apple Paya system that also accepts all traditional electronic payment methods.

There is a debit/credit card fee of 4.5% and equal to 1% if we decide to pay by wire transfer.

Visa and Mastercard circuits are supported, and recently the popular Opensea platform made it possible to purchase NFTs using the same methods using MoonPay.

To this day, we read about the latest news:

As for the announcement, the partnership will allow OpenSea customers to purchase NFTs through MoonPay’s NFT Checkout using payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

However, the startup has long had characteristics that ensured it a respectable partner!

Investors enthusiastic about NFT and Ethereum choose MoonPay

For some fans of the world of cryptocurrency, it may seem that the approach of the stars of the show in such a modern company can become a kind of decoy, but here we are far from all that.

Investments in NFTs only do growth and just read about how investors like Chris Dixon or Mark Andreessen are supporting new funds, like the one called “Curated,” interested in these digital assets to understand market trends.

Let’s remember that we are small fish and following the strategies of big mutual funds and speculators makes a difference in the long run.

To make matters worseHere is what is mentioned in CryptoPotato regarding Partnership between Ethereum Network and MoonPay:

“According to a document seen by CryptoPotato, the collaboration between the two entities aims to reduce barriers to entry into the Ethereum ecosystem. It allows users to facilitate settlements from cryptocurrency to fiat currencies using credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay.”

As MEW (MyEtherWallet) CEO Kosala Hemachandra explained, his company always needs to improve the user experience.and expanding and innovating the network, a role that MoonPay can play in the best possible way.

Hollywood Millionaire Investments to Start NFT!

We know how much hype celebrities have in the world of art and entertainment, but in the global financial scene they are also gaining more importance thanks to NFTs.

In fact, it was revealed in a recent article about the weight a group of celebrities had in reaching the $555 million that drove MoonPay to a $3.4 billion valuation.

To be exact, what we read on Cointelegraph is this:

“Fintech revealed on Wednesday that $87 million of a combined $555 million came from more than 60 public figures and celebrities in the music, sports, media and entertainment industries.”

Investments by top names in the show make NFT startup MoonPay grow fasterThanks to what these artists, actors and singers have.

On the other hand, every day is a good opportunity to announce a new NFT group and news that fans will coveted, and it wouldn’t seem so strange.

Who are these big Hollywood stars, die-hard NFT fans?

Raising more than half a billion dollars came thanks not only to celebrities, but also to major investment companies.

If Tiger Global Management, Thrive Capital, and Blossom Capital (to name a few) contributed the most money, Hollywood celebrities would surely have put their faces in the face!

Among the characters who love to start NFT MoonPay We can’t help but mention characters like Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Gal Gadot, Matthew McConaughey, Paris Hilton, Steve Aoki, Ashton Kutcher, Drake, Jason Derulo And the list goes on and on.

These characters have more than one reason to support this trend and it’s no surprise how many of them were already champions of exclusive NFTs, even selling for thousands of dollars.

Perhaps surprisingly, the commitment to Moonpay is, at least, so huge and widespread among the show’s advocates, but we’ll see how it’s not so weird after all.

What prompted stars to invest in Cryptocurrency and NFT MoonPay?

First of all, we need to understand the scale that MoonPay sees in continuous growth and which is already proving its importance today.

Actually, I know that About 10 million users in 160 different countries have developed about $3 billion in transactions on MoonPay, also through old partners (such as Bitcoin.com) and new partners (such as the aforementioned Opensea)..

These are numbers that entrepreneurs cannot constantly ignore, and the same is true of multi-million dollar celebrities.

Most of all they are able to get to know the world of NFTs and find in companies like MoonPay a great soundboard, both for their personality and their finances.

Innovative platform In fact, it has been proposed as a kind of alternative in managing royalties Artists, who can easily diversify and compare different industries at their fingertips.

As Finanza.com explains then, among the startup lenders are some of the most committed buyers in the NFT sector who don’t want to miss a single opportunity:

“And the NFT industry itself has been the lure for MoonPay’s most popular investors. Several celebrities on the MoonPay investor list, including Bieber and Hilton, have jumped into the NFTs over the past year, with high-profile purchases worth millions in digital photos. dollars.”

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