“I will explain how time can be gained thanks to NFT”

Thanks to an Italian project, it is now possible to buy time in it metaverse. what does that mean? Thanks to technology blockchain you can buyNFT (non-replaceable symbol) from A Select the date, such as the day a child was born or a historical event of global significance such as the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon or the launch of bitcoin. With one of the promoters of the initiative, Dario Bonannoauthor in Tiscali News From the video series, absolute encryptionwe evaluate the project and in general the world NFT.

How was the idea for TimeVerse born?
“From reflecting on the fact that there has always been a great deal of interest in history. I refer not only to major national or international events but also to the most important moments in people’s private lives. With TimeVerse we offer the possibility to purchase a specific date that is kept on the blockchain in the form of a non-discriminatory token. replaceable.”

Obviously, TimeVerse does not give you the privacy of time. Others may launch a similar project to yours.
“This is true but we are the first ever to do this and we are not limited to creating a graph of a history and converting it to NFT. Purchasing the token allows you to take advantage of a series of services in the real world and in the Metaverse.”

Let’s start with real world services. what is he talking about?
“Anyone who purchases a TimeVerse NFT will receive a daily briefing of information on their digital devices about what happened historically on that date. There is strong interest in this type of news as an experiment Onthisday.com which has 6 million users”.

And on the Metaverse?
“In this case, there are two types of services. The first is to organize virtual events in which only NFT owners participate. The second is to launch a play to earn a game, also reserved for TimeVerse token buyers.”

What is play to win game?
“A game where the exact opposite happens, rather than pay-to-play, i.e. you pay for the time you spend on the platform. It’s still a new type of game but it has great potential, as evidenced by the success of Axie Infinty.”

How much does TimeVerse NFT cost?
“The price of a position depends on how relevant it is. A common date is around 150 euros, and an important historical date can cost more than 1,200 euros. Prices can then fluctuate freely in the market.”

List some TimeVerse NFTs on OpenSea

What drives people to buy non-redeemable tokens?
“Spectrum now. NFTs are being bought with the hope that their price will go up in the future.”

Is there a bubble risk in your opinion?
“Of course yes. I think 90% of the current NFTs will have no value in the future.”

Which NFTs do you risk?
“Those that represent not only the unique characteristic of the image, but also the key to accessing different types of services: community, game, information etc. Before purchasing an NFT, it is necessary to understand if there is a project behind it and that means assessing whether there is A team puts its face on it, a development plan, and maybe some partners.”

What do you think about the fact that 90% of NFTs are destined to become worthless?
“I think it is a physiological phenomenon. For example, the same thing happened with the stocks of the new economy. Most startups failed, and only those that managed to create value for users survived. The same will happen with NFTs and in general with the crypto world. There is no doubt about That there is a bubble destined to burst but it is also true that blockchain will allow the creation of services of real value in the market. As I said before, it is important to understand which projects can be sustainable over time.”

There is a lot of talk about cryptocurrency and NFT in the media. However, the latest data tells us that the phenomenon is still far from being prevalent. In Italy, only 4% of adults made purchases against an international average of 8%. What is missing so that a phenomenon can become a mass in reality?
“There is no regulation. But even in this case it is a physiological thing. E-commerce, for example, has also gone through a similar phase. Early sellers did not understand how taxes were paid. Over time regulation came. I think the same thing will happen in the crypto world. And it will be This is relevant not only because some legal aspects that remain unclear, such as the copyrights of individual NFTs, will be clarified, but also because there are greater safeguards on the security front for digital assets owned.”

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