In the Bahamas, taxes will be paid in the form of digital assets

Slowly the whole world is adopting Cryptocurrency As resources they are included in everyday life. So it is no mystery that the increasing number of users who have a personal crypto wallet or have decided to invest in tokens through some exchange.

Precisely for this reason, Bahamas Decided to accept payments in digital assets. So the administration granted permission so that citizens could decide to pay a fee taxes using digital assets.

Looks like it doesn’t look like a full opening in Cryptocurrency. In fact, the white paper, which outlines the strategy pursued by the Bahamian government, initially states the possibility of using sand dollar. It is the digital currency issued by the Bahamian Central Bank in 2020.

However, it is good to remember that FTXA well-known exchange that met Goldman Sachs in recent days moved its headquarters to the Bahamas. The company’s CEO, Sam Bankman-Fred, said the decision was the result of “Progressive and forward-looking cryptocurrency design“.

For this and the choice itself, the Bahamas They could soon become someone important coding center. The news is working well for positive investor sentiment. For this, according to many analysts, it may be worth investing in it Cryptocurrency. An interesting solution is Bitmex which combines functionality, efficiency and security in a single cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency: The Bahamas Has a Very Clear Future Plan

Government of the Bahamas on the subject Cryptocurrency everything is clear. The recently published white paper, in addition to announcing the decision to accept the payment of taxes in Sand dollars, outlines two aspects. First, the country’s attitude towards cipher sector And the second, I future plans from adoption. Here is a large portion of the white paper:

Over the course of 2022, we will establish the Digital Asset Policy Committee and the Digital Advisory Commission, develop capabilities and expand the resources of the Bahamas Securities Commission, expand digital asset expertise and education opportunities, update the Digital Assets and Registered Exchanges Act, and begin allowing the Bahamas to access digital assets with island dollars Bahamas and allow paying taxes using digital assets.
This broad digital asset policy framework will enable the Bahamas to create a vital opportunity to address some of our economic challenges and provide employment and prosperity for the residents of the Bahamas.

In addition, the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Philip Davis, has said that he wants to turn the archipelago into a central point Cryptocurrency. In the future, citizens will be able to make the most of everything that has been developed in recent years, in a busy schedule that anticipates its first peak in 2026. Here is what Prime Minister Davis had to say about it:

We have a vision to turn the Bahamas into a major digital resource hub in the Caribbean.

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