Metaverse, how to login and above all how does it work?

We hear more and more about metaverses. Come here Cryptocurrency projects to me Famous brandsIn fact, all players will seem magically drawn into this new digital world with undefined lines and meanings.

So let’s try to shed some light and see the projects, how you can enter the metaverse as well and what are the mechanisms that regulate it.

What is metaverse?

Even if the content is at least futuristic, the same cannot be said of the term. As often happens in the technological field, in fact, the word “metaverse” is borrowed from science fiction literature.

The first metaverses were formulated in the early 1990s by Neil Stephensonwho used it in his own country Snow Crash Novel; In the author’s imagination it was Mixed dimension where virtual reality is 3D Integrates with the physical world. Those who prefer the big screen can see it through the eyes of the great master of cinema Steven Spielberg, who is in the movie One ready player It tells us about virtual facts that are interconnected through camera movements.

in the business world, NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) recently talked about a virtual space called the “world of the universe”; whatever Mark Zuckerberg The first entrepreneur who wants to fully believe in the potential of this market. In fact, in October last year, he renamed his company Half platform company (NASDAQ:FB), only to punish the company’s future direction.

In fact, Meta has been working on several products for the metaverse in recent months. together with Rayban He designed smart glasses, which allow you to take pictures and talk through loudspeakers; coming Horizon Worlds platform (which can become a market) and at the same time make others talk Meta Cambria AR / VR Viewer.

during the MetaQuest Games 2022 Executive Producer of Meta, Ruth BramHe then reiterated that “the metaverse will represent the next generation of the Internet and the next evolution of social technology”; But the news will be expected. “Both hardware and software require a lot of work, so It can take five to ten years to revive Absolutely,” Bram stated.

How does the metaverse work?

Virtual identities, i.e. avatars, are not new. second life For two decades now, it has allowed its users to build a digital identity in a parallel reality.

To understand the differences we called next Luca de DomeniquesCEO of Dive! , which explains:Second Life is Decentraland like Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. In the beginning, you have to rely on a centralized structure, where you do not have the data and decisions are in the best interests of the shareholders; The second model, on the contrary, is decentralized, governed by society, and above all financially focused on cryptocurrencies.”

De Dominicis also continues: “There are many other non-secondary aspects that distinguish these two ecosystems, first and foremost the ownership of digital assets; in fact, through non-fungible tokens this is passed into the hands of users. Let’s say that Web 3.0 opens up in a form The year has a much larger plurality of actors, whether developers, investors or simple users. The range of experiences offered is expanding at the same pace.”

Everyone who enters the metaverse can now experience it through it VR viewers and suitable Sensor Gloves. However, we expect an explosion in these technologies in the next few years. This will allow users to experience more immersive experiences than ever before, as the line between the “real” world, i.e. the physical world, and the increasingly complex virtual world will be reduced.

How do I enter the metaverse?

Anyone can enter the Metaverse as long as they have an internet connection and sufficient browsing speed. A simple login and creation of your avatar allows you to participate in virtual worlds by exploring environments and interacting with users online.

A recent example is this McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD), To celebrate the Lunar New Year “with style and innovation,” the fast-food restaurant has teamed up with Opening Ceremony founder Humberto Leon, to create a collection focused on the Year of the Tiger.

Users can log in from computers through my place or AltspaceVR, create an avatar starting from a photo taken by a computer camera; Instead, they could use virtual reality models, which definitely made the experience more engaging.

althoug A VR headset is not mandatory per se To enter the Metaverse, each world can independently decide its own entry rules. Taking two well-known examples, to enter the meta metaverse, in addition to having a Facebook account, it will be necessary to use Oculus VR Quest 2 . Headset; decentralization Instead, it requires you to have a file Pocket wallet And the entire ecosystem is based on the cryptocurrency MANA.

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Opportunities and risks of investing in Metaverse

Since launching Second Life in 2003, the metaverse segment has gone through geological ages; This is both in terms of technology and in terms of market size, which The growth rate seems to be increasing day by day. Roblox (NYSE: RBLX) actually achieved a market capitalization of $39 billion in its initial public offering; Just a few months ago, a virtual plot of land in Sandbox sold for the equivalent of $450,000 in ETH. Mark Zuckerberg has already talked about royalties plans in his metaverse, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has instead announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion; Meanwhile, major brands are scrambling to protect their brands even in the virtual world.

We are definitely facing a promising market that is still difficult to quantify. Opportunities are no longer just for businesses, but extend to retailers, who can decide to purchase land or virtual assets (such as NFTs) to create alternative forms of investment.

At the same time, the possibility of being able to explore wonderful, ordinarily inaccessible, worlds may lead people to isolate themselves and develop more and more social relationships that do not translate into the physical world. Individuals risk finding themselves on their own, but they are also more vulnerable to cryptocurrency scams and thefts.

For those who want to venture into this new pioneering world, we recommend, as always, to study and get information; As we will do with any investment in the physical world and more so in unregulated markets.

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