Milan launches its first NFT: official press release

The Milan He is always interested in new technologies and ready to launch his first technology NFT. The company has released an official statement explaining which option will be linked to a charitable initiative: The Rossoneri will donate all proceeds to the Corporation Milan.

below is press release official Taken from the site Milan:

AC Milan, in cooperation with Fansea, is pleased to launch the first NFT project, through which the club will sell 3D NFT Limited Edition South Sudan Rossoneri Special T-Shirt. Proceeds from the sale will go to the Milan Foundation and its charitable initiatives around the world, including those dedicated to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

3D NFT, created by Fansea using modern and environmentally sustainable technology, It will cost 45 euros It will be available at 75817 samples A number that corresponds to the capacity of the San Siro stadium. Fans will be able to purchase one or more NFT copies of April 14 On this site: The Private Digital Legacy will then be available on the Fansea app, which launches on April 29.

The NFT Limited Edition is a special Milan jersey from South Sudan that made headlines last December. The jersey, which dates from the 2016/17 season, was discovered during a trip by Danish war photographer Jan Grarup, who has been busy documenting the devastating effects of severe floods that have swept South Sudan for years. The club that decided to display it inside the museum Mondo Milan from Casa Milan, Rossoneri’s headquarters in Milan, in a new section dedicated to the educational and social initiatives of the Milan Foundation. The club and the Milan Foundation also donated to UNICEF, which is actively working in the country for it Ensure every child has the right to childhood.

Thanks to partner Rossoneri BitMEXwho contributed to the project by donating to the Milan Foundation by purchasing quite a few private NFTs, i first 10,000 likes Who will order NFT will get Extra benefit This will allow them to get discounts on trading on the platform.

This is AC Milan’s first ever NFT project, confirming creative nature of the club and its desire to promote positive change through the strength of its brand. AC Milan has always been committed to building bridges and promoting the true positive values ​​of the sport, which are part of the Rossoneri’s DNA and in line with the RespAct Club Manifesto.

Kasper Stylesvig, Head of Revenue at AC MilanI have declared: “This is a special moment for our club, which in the name of solidarity begins a journey into a new territory. It is in the nature of AC Milan to explore innovative ways to interact with its fan base of more than 500 million fans around the world, while spreading the most positive values ​​in the sport. We are therefore proud that we We managed to combine these two aspects of our club into one project.”

Alexander Schleicher, CEO and founder of FanseaThen he added: “We are part of this project of solidarity with one of the most famous clubs in the world, with whom we share a passion for sport. We also want to take responsibility for helping the underprivileged and children. With this first non-profit NFT, AC Milan is taking a leading role and will undoubtedly have the support of BitMEX And Fansea in the future, too.”

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