New Technical Amadeo for Futura Folli

After 5 years – that is, since the project’s birth – as the first red-and-white coach, Matteo Luccini is moving from the bench to the office: his role will be as Sports Director, a key figure in Pete Futura also with a view of a deeper structure within Postuka. The bond between Lucchini and the Forte family is twenty years old: in 2002, in fact, Matteo arrived in Busto for his first experience with youth activism at Futura Volley, reaching results of regional and national significance in all the Under categories. Guided as a first technical reference. After the 2016/17 season, in which he “tasted” the leadership of the first team in B2 in the Copa del Rey Bodio Lumenago, Lucchini takes part in the new project of Futura Volley Giovani that dominates the category: passage to the third The national series has been reached with only two defeats this season and decorated Winning the Italian Cup in Lucca. In 2018/19 the “masterpiece” of the second division was completed: the coaches won the promotion to A2, thanks to 25 wins from 26 matches in an iron group, and a week later they took the Italian Cup for the championship. category, all the way to ‘Double Double’ which puts Futura in the national interest. Debuting in A2, with a roster full of athletes in their first experience in the calibers but certainly not lacking in personality, it starts slowly and then explodes into the second half of the regular season: red and white complete the comeback that appears unexpectedly red and white towards the pool promotion, before That Covid steals the show by banning sports activity. The following two seasons are less satisfactory from a results standpoint, but cement Futura’s presence in the high-level panorama, right up to his promotional debut in the 2021/22 final.
Therefore, Luchini consolidates the bond with the club and does not leave, but multiplies: his role – so far not officially covered in the organizational chart – will allow him to take responsibility for the formation of the first team, in addition to being a technical. A reference for the entire movement.. Young people connected to the world of Futura.

At home, the piece about the head coach was immediately placed: So we officially welcome Dares Amadeo, who will lead the team from the bench in the 2022/23 season!
The new white and red coach, born in 1985, is originally from Montebelluna and his volleyball profile is a true world class person, with experiences that enriched his skills and knowledge despite his young age. Active in volleyball since 2002, with experience in various men’s and women’s clubs in the Veneto, in 2008 he was called up to be part of the team associated with the men’s under-18 team from Sisley Treviso, reaching the position of honor in the Italian championship of the championship. Twice class in 2011, after an experience in Japan as an assistant coach for the NEC Red Rockets, he reached the first seat as head coach in the B1 Women’s Division I to lead Red Volley Villalta in the third series. In the next four years, he traveled across two continents doing assistant coaching roles in the Cameroon men’s national team (with participation in the 2014 World Cup in Poland) and in the Australian men’s national under-23 team, with related experiences on different teams in Melbourne.
In 2015/2016 Daris returned to Italy, taking care of stats at Volley Soverato in the Serie A2 season which saw the Calabrians reach the playoff semi-finals and Coppa Italia final; The following season, he coached TB-Flogbóltur in the Faroe Islands and assistant coach of the Hungarian women’s national team, before a new season at Soverato as assistant coach. 2018 ends with CS Sfaxien’s experience in Tunisia’s first league, so 2018/19 is one of the final return to the beautiful country with a three-year adventure in cadres at Séjel Marsala: Senior Assistant, promoted to head coach at the end of the 2019/20 season and the following year He scores an excellent tournament which sees the Islanders take fourth place in the Western Group and thus reach qualification for the Promotion Complex and the Coppa Italia. Having traveled hemisphere, 2021/22 marks his return to Veneto with his arrival at Ipag Sorelle Ramonda Montecchio: In competitive Group B, he again made it to the playoffs by crossing Futura in the first round, which is placed with great difficulty in the second game From the series, he bravely reopened games from mid-game onwards.

Darice Amadeo’s words-

First of all, I was very happy that Busto paid attention to me: in recent years I have tried to build a certain kind of game and the club has recognized the work done, the ambitions of the team are important and for me they are fantastic. Stimulus. I think exactly the idea of ​​the company is to play a season at the top and I can’t wait to embrace this project: as always we will play every day to win and it will be an area to show our value, so I am ready to spar over this new adventure “.

What is the main advantage, in your work methodology, that you would like to provide to Busto?

“For me, the idea of ​​the team is very important: the responsibility in the work of each athlete and each member of the team should be maximum, without concealment and with full conviction of what the set goals are. This will be the first message that I will propose to the list that I will coach: this is not a cliché, to win it is necessary that the group become a real team starting with the work done during the week. We will all have to help each other at all times “.

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