NFTs so rare and at a great price? Only on INO launchers!

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) It is the trend of the moment and many are now dreaming of owning one and may start earning something by trading these resources.

But one of the initial difficulties, in the myriad of combinations available, is understanding how to recognize NFT That doesn’t cost much but has potential.

If always one of the options is to buy already established artists and groups like NFT Boring Monkey Yacht Club (BAYC), Just to give an example, it is also true that these are resources that now require thousands of dollars to win the cheapest one.

But the chance to get it NFT Rarely at a modest price offered by another buying strategy, that of INO Launchpads, ie NFT version for those who are IDO Launchpad for Cryptocurrency.

It is located around a Initial Offering From “currencies”, i.e. cryptocurrencies or NFTs, with the possibility of purchasing crypto resources with an initial offer at an affordable price through special platforms dealing with the exchange that are IDO or INO launchers.

Investing in crypto assets with a INO launch pad, When you buy NFTs at the first offer, it always starts from the logic that those who invest in a product at the initial launch stage face greater risk than those who invest in a consolidated, established venture.

premiere that, whether it’s related to Cryptocurrency or NFT token, It is always very advantageous because the initial price is low compared to the future market value.

So let’s explore the benefits that can be obtained by using these particular platforms to buy NFT . Resources We also see how it is used.

What are INO Launchpads and how to buy NFTs in Initial Offer

According to an already well-established practice of launching new cryptocurrencies, which is to set a limited number of pre-sale tokens using IDO launch platforms, the NFT market is also moving towards this strategy with the emergence of INO LaunchpadThis is Non-fungible token in the initial offering.

All launchers have approximately the same functionality with due differences from one platform to another, but it is based on the fact that the possibility of purchasing these resources in the initial offer is given not to everyone, but only for “Users” From the platform, that is, those who own a minimum and a fixed amount of the original cryptocurrency on which the launcher’s economy depends.

Simply, to log in To IDOs or INOs It is required to purchase at least a certain cryptocurrency that is connected to the same launchpad and is often shared, i.e. linked and earn a percentage of interest in the meantime.

The amount to be restricted and purchased in cryptocurrency varies greatly depending on the operating panel and also according to the market price of the cryptocurrency itself, with some allowing these benefits starting with an initial investment of a few tens of euros like Enjinstarter and others of several hundred euros. , Like TrustPad or BSC board.

IDO cryptocurrency launchers and INO launchpads for NFTs. Only1 vs. Enjinstarter

Most launchers while still offering a purchase option NFT resources in preview They mostly focus on IDOs, i.e. initial coin offerings for cryptocurrency.

In this panorama we have only 1 A project under construction, with the market “soon” and the original cryptocurrency called Like It is already on the market, and it is exclusively an INO launcher, that is, it is related to the ICO of the non-fungible token.

If it is true that this is a project being launched, it is also true that at this point the purchase is taking place Cryptocurrency Access to the platform is usually especially beneficial because the token still has a low price.

Among the weaknesses of this project, however noteworthy, there is also a widespread “lottery” system for IDO launch platform. This means that it is not enough to own and participate in the original cryptocurrency, but users who will be able to purchase NFTs for a certain group within INO . stage They will be withdrawn, as the higher the amount of cryptocurrency held, the higher the chances of winning the opportunity.

In this regard, we point out that in the field of IDO إطلاق launch pad A project is already active and is starting to enjoy a certain popularity Enjinstarter This does not work on the extraction system, but only buy at least 1250 tokens From the original cryptocurrency EJS, ie about 20 EURin order to participate in public IDOs hosted on the platform.

Limitations and Strengths of the INO Only1 Launchpad running on Solana Blockchain

The other thing that is still not entirely clear is whether this will be the launch pad multi-chain This means that at least in the future will be allowed to buy NFT Which works on different types of Blockchains because at the moment only Solana is supported.

One of the problems with crypto assets is the fact that different block chains do not communicate with each other freely. Any cryptocurrency or NFT based on it Ethereum Blockchain It does not work and does not integrate with applications that use a different blockchain such as Solana.

Now, if this is true among the blockchain Solana It is a relatively new project with incredible potential because it lowers commission and transaction costs much faster than Ethereum, and it is also true that most NFTs are now being produced with Ethereum or Binance.

Again, Solana requires it to have a special system to use the Only1 platform and many apps running on it Solana wallet Different from the classics Trust Wallet and Meta MaskIt is currently not supported by the Only1 launcher, with additional operations compared to the more popular exchanges running on Ethereum or Binance.

Currently for NFT production lThe most used networks remain Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon, while Solana is less present in the NFT scene.

In short, Solana is still much less used in creating NFTs and thus results in fewer choices for users.

In any case, this weakness can also turn into a strength over a longer period. Since in fact Only1 is the first launcher to work on SolanaBlockchain that is gaining more and more success due to its advantages and possibilities which is usually considered a rising star.

In this sense, all the strengths of Solana Blockchains are well summarized and explained in detail in a YouTube video by The Crypto Gateway:

What are the benefits of owning Launchpad’s native cryptocurrency for NFT or cryptocurrency?

When it comes to INO or IDO operation panel, The dual potential of these crypto tools must be remembered for investors.

Because if this is a way to buy NFT Resources or Cryptocurrencies At a more than advantageous price, buying the original cryptocurrency also gains another potential benefit beyond access to pre-sales.

This is because buying the original cryptocurrency allows you to invest in INO and ICO launchers, that is, in the platforms themselves, which are Origin Modern but in a state of clear growth and thus obtaining significant gains even from the possession of digital currency alone.

In this sense, IDO tokens and INO Launchpads are generally affordable and accessible to all types of investors.

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