Oil, the future of travel in three letters

April 22


by Julia de Camilo
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The Collins Dictionary Elected her as Word of the Year 2021. She deniedwhich is an abbreviation for No replaceable code Which in less than 48 months has created a market of More than 10 billion dollars. But what are these “non-reproducible” tokens/tokens? In fact, they represent the title deed and Certificate of Authenticity Imprinted on a series of blocks. A single, non-exchangeable asset is completely different from cryptocurrencies, which, on the other hand, can be replicated infinitely many times.

After the boom in the art sector, Nft appears in tourism Give more impetus to the development smart contract And digital currencies, which accompany us to the doors metaverse and (often) proposing transversal partnerships between different sectors, just like what happens with classic sectors cobranding operations.

to meEarly Nft Market Report 2021 from NonFungible.comwhich analyzed data from facts like Ethereum, Ronin, Flow, and even Phillips, last year. 27,414,477 Nft . Sold (+1,836%); In 2019, volumes stabilized at 1,613,516. Huge Leap, of course, also the Leap of the Gods merchantwhich amounted to 1,197,796 in 2021 compared to 25,036 in 2019 and 31,774 in 2020.

In such a market, the report talks about earnings That last year touched the threshold $5,407,158,315With more than 10,000 active smart contracts.

Sold by NCL. Summarizing everything in the travel industry, the numbers find effective confirmation in the success of the first initiatives launched, often Invitation to charity And within the scope Marketing and Analytics Activities.

One of the most recent examples comes from Norwegian Cruise Linewhich saw its first set of icons for the outbound cruise sector Sold out within only twenty minutes of launch In the market.

The cruise company’s Nft Group was created by Manuel de RitaKnown as PETA, the Italian artist who creatively designed the hull of the Norwegian ship Prima and her sister, the Norwegian ship Viva. Proceeds from this first auction were donated to flag of america.

Harry Somer“Art plays an important role in the guest experience across our fleet and we’re thrilled to add this NFT adventure to our background as creators,” said Norwegian Cruise Line’s president and CEO.

The first steps of the UAE. future destination too UAE, which revealed new projects to build a brand experience in the metaverse, along with non-fungible tokens to collect and use. Always in the name of innovation, the UAE carrier will put its stand in positionExpo 2020 Dubai Innovation Centergathering talent from all over the world.

Ahmed bin Saeed Al MaktoumEmirates Airline and Group Chairman and CEO commented: “Dubai and the UAE are paving the way in the digital economy. We have always embraced advanced technologies to improve business processes, improve our offer to clients and enrich our employees’ skills and experience. We are excited about the opportunities available in The digital space of the future“.

From Albitor to Hollywood. Meanwhile, if there is a world that is moving forward in terms of NFT, it is the world of hospitality, which in cases like the world of the Italian pioneer Albitur Creates custom icons designed specifically for hotels. Turin group, in fact, with its chain Voihotels put up for auction on the first night except Ca ‘di Dio He is working on an ambitious plan for this purpose, to be followed by the project R . group In cooperation with the startup takyon.

Abroad, on the other hand, in America Dream Hollywood Hotelwhich to attract new clients, has expanded its business by hosting one of the first physical NFT art galleries in its spaces, with a gallery showcasing the works of well-known artists digitally Chad KnightAnd TelvisionAnd Carson Daily And Brendan North.

And you will reach destinations, with Slovenia Who submitted the project to Bit in Milan feel oilwhich uses a custom website and file Card Which allows you to purchase a certified, unique and non-repeatable souvenir that guarantees access to a series of exclusive services, digital content and attractions offered by the Slovenian Tourist Show.

jossa otaDirector of the Slovenian Tourist Board in Italy said: “We believe that through technological innovation we can make our destination more interesting, certainly focusing on new promotion possibilities that open up with the world of NFT and potential applications of promotional activities in Metaverse. Slovenia continues to present itself with an innovative project that embraces The technological change we are witnessing.”

Finally, the NFTs are at the heart of the development of the new Italian tourism digital hub that the Ministry of Tourism and ENIT are working on. The first versions ofItalia.it The future is expected in June.

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