Privileges starting from 1500 euros for everyone!

Marking Earth Day, the government’s commitment Encouraging renewable energies becomes stronger. The ability to rely on Bonuses, perks and discounts for installing PV systems or small wind groups It’s a privilege that few can still afford, due to the high costs and slow bureaucracy.

With the latest measures – including Energy Decree The importance of exploitation was emphasized Renewable energy , Also to save on electricity bills. In this sense, the government has made it easier for the bureaucracy associated with installing solar panels or exploiting other renewable energy sources.

What then Exploiting subsidies and rewards for renewable energy to save money Up to 1500 euros per year on billing?

In this guide, we see all the measures the government has implemented to provide facilities while harnessing green energy to encourage sustainability.

Renewable Energy Bonuses: What Are They and How Do They Work?

What are renewable energies and What are the bonuses and perks to take advantage of in saving on bills? After being aware of the problems of global warming, pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, citizens are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits deriving from the exploitation of renewable energies. In a period of strong price increases, this type of investment can pay off.

As the name implies, Renewable energies are all sources of energy that cannot be exhausted Because it is included naturally in our temporal context and internally in physical processes.

Let’s think, for example To sunlight, wind, water, waves, geothermal heat, or biomass. By exploiting all of these sources, we can produce energy and reduce our bills costs (especially in a particularly sensitive period due to higher prices).

So far, the government is focusing on the introduction of a large number of franchises e Renewable Energy Reward Which may lead citizens to exploit these resources to a greater extent, and eventually include them in our daily lives.

Renewable Energy Bonus: New Savings Opportunities

Before going into all rewarding renewable energies, In the concessions and deductions that can be requested so far for the exploitation of wind or solar energy, it is appropriate to understand the next steps that the government intends to take towards the development of these green energy sources, but they are still very marginalized in Italy.

Thanks to the money coming from PNRR, the government intends to Accelerate decarbonization of the economy and promote environmental transformationThis is the guidance that the Under Secretary of State for Environmental Transformation, Ilaria Fontana, gave in Parliament.

As indicated by ministerial sources, the new Decree Ver 2 (In preparation at the Ministry of Environmental Transformation in agreement with the Ministry of Agricultural Policies):

Incentives will govern the construction of geothermal, biomass, biogas, thermodynamic solar and offshore wind power plants.

Contrary to the Fer 1 decree that regulates “Solar photovoltaics, onshore wind, hydraulic-powered plants and residual gases from purification processes”The new measure will aim to encourage the exploitation of renewable energies whose costs are still very high and unfavorable to the taxpayers concerned.

so The benefits will appear not only in terms of environmental protection, but also in terms of energy: Italian families’ bills will fall, as families will become consumers (that is, producers and consumers of their own energy).

Renewable energy bonus: solar panels, 1,500 euros per year per family!

The first support for renewable energies is related to PV bonusThis is the procedure that allows families Install solar panels on the roof of your home to save up to 1,500 euros per year on the bill. How it works?

Thanks to the energy decree approved by the government, the procedure for accessing the PV bonus has been simplified: it is no longer necessary to obtain a license, except for homes located in historical centers.

The facility can be used to install solar panels in two ways:

  • with the Renewal Bonus;
  • with the Super Bonus 110%.

thanks for the Renewal BonusThe cost of installing solar panels cannot exceed 96 thousand euros: relative 50% discount% It is redeemable in equal annual installments for 10 years.

By taking advantage, instead of Superbonus 110%, it is possible to install solar panels (with relative energy storage systems) and get a higher discount than the previous one, but it is necessary Besides these works there are also other energy efficiency interventions. The discount can be redeemed in annual installments of the same amount for the next 5 years.

Renewable Energy Bonus: How Small Wind Turbines Work

Another interesting facility for all taxpayers who intend to exploit renewable energies for energy production is Small wind kit. what is he talking about? There are two possible solutions to choose from

Thanks Small turbines with a power of 100 kW It is possible to produce energy using ventilation. The cost of this first solution is about two thousand euros, in addition to the installation and labor costs themselves.

Alternatively, you can install a file Wind turbines with a power of between 1 and 6 kW. The cost, in this case, is quite low (about 200 euros), but the power output will also be limited.

Renewable Energy Bonus: Ecobonus, 50% to 65% off

Then we come to the perks we now know all too well: the Renewable Energy Bonus package also includeshome Ecobonus, With Deductions of 50% or 65%.

Include interventions allowed to get the discount Installation of high-efficiency heat pumps, micro-generators or solar thermal collectors. All these functions are facilitated by 65%.

As an alternative to the tax deduction on the tax return, it is possible to choose the deduction on the invoice directly applicable by the company taking on the business, or for allocating the credit.

Renewable Energy Bonus: Superbonus by 110%

Finally, too Super Bonus 110% It is a renewable energy bonus facility that aims to increase the energy efficiency of buildings. Indeed, one of the basic requirements of the Superbonus is related to the advancement of at least two of the two energy classes in relation to the first.

to Photovoltaic panels installation The advantage of the Superbonus, however, is It is also necessary to support other businesses that are driving forces: For example, thermal insulation or replacement of HVAC systems. Once you have implemented at least one of the driving interventions, you will also have access to the cut business, which includes the installation of solar panels with related storage systems.

The same solutions as for the previous subsidy are also applied to the premium bonus: discount in advertising, discount on invoice, or credit transfer.

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