Renewable energies and ecological transition in Vicenza Vipec

Renewable energy and ecological transition we are talking about in the province of Vicenza

There was talk of renewable energy and environmental transformation this morning in the Vicenza County Council Chamber. Organized by President Francesco Rocco and directed by Managing Director Walter Orsi, the conference was attended by a broad representation (more than 100 people connected online) of local officials, above all mayors, trade associations and trade unions.

The conference focused on the topic of renewable energy and environmental transformation, and was specifically devoted to renewable energy communities and self-consumers in environmental transformation. The role of local authorities”. A new way of visualizing electricity, which sees the region as the champion through specifically renewable energy communities, i.e. links between citizens, businesses, businesses and public administrations cooperating with one or more joint plants for production and self-consumption of energy from sources Renewable A true cultural revolution, a reversal of roles between producer and consumer, with clear advantages in economic and environmental terms.

“Recent increases in the cost of energy have led to the thought of a topic that must be addressed at all levels of government – President Rocco identifies – to reduce energy dependence and combine economic interests with environmental sustainability at the local level, it is necessary to operationalize cultural change, engaging citizens and local communities, with concrete support from Government. Local authority can and should be the driving force for the energy transition, but knowledge and training on this topic is required, and that’s what we set out to do as a district this morning by raising awareness among administrators, associations, businesses and communities on the extraordinary opportunity to establish energy communities in our lands” .

“It is the beginning of a path to lead local officials towards a green and sustainable revolution – stresses Chancellor Orsi – environmental transformation should not pass, but we should be champions in the choices that affect our lands, and fully grasp the opportunities that can be derived from renewable energy communities.”

Walter Orsi with Silvia Covolo in the province of Vicenza
Walter Orsi with Silvia Covolo in the province of Vicenza

Along the same lines, the Hon. Silvia Covolo, speakers with Maurizio Delvante (Rse Spa), Giulio Gravagi (Sciara srl ​​Energy Consulting), Gianluigi Piccinini (Ceress Srl).
“One of the topics dear to Italians and the government is the rising prices of energy commodities – explains Covolo – this conference has highlighted the important role that renewable energy and collective consumption societies can play. Energy societies can act as a supportive tool for associations and the third sector, and can be a driving force for the economic and social revitalization of entire regions. Municipalities can also become the champions of this green revolution through the territorial government.”

Communities of renewable energy (CER) and collective self-consumption (AC) are innovative tools capable of reducing energy consumption for your business and home. It represents a paradigm shift in energy production, with clear implications for the region and increasingly challenging goals in the areas of energy and the environment.

Orsi concludes: “It is essential that the local authority be the promoter of this revolution, direct organizing and governing energy communities, with the active participation of citizens, associations and businesses. But to do so, it is necessary to provide municipalities and local administrations with the means and tools to play an active role in the change.”

Source: Renewable Energies and Environmental Transition: The province is cooperating with the Region towards a green and sustainable future thanks to renewable energy communities. Vicenza Province

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