The ItaliaNft group “Disruptive” by Solomostry

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Developed in collaboration with Cellar Contemporary, an art gallery promoting contemporary visual art for young people, this initiative is a unique experience celebrating the debut into the NFT world of the Milanese artist known for his “monsters” and his innovative style but always distinguished by artistic purity, stylistics and connection. “Cyber ​​Pandora” is NFT’s explanation of the most famous jar of all time: the need to “break” to find answers, look beyond the concrete, and go further. Thus, the ruined vase comes to life thanks to technology, and floats to the surface in the NFT giving it a breath of eternity.

In addition to the “Cyber ​​Pandora”, available as a unique work through a custom auction, the Solomostry collection on ItaliaNft includes another 9 pieces in Buy Now mode (“Fantasmagorie”) and 100 production pieces (“Opticks”, also in Buy Now). All works are visible on ItaliaNft and can be purchased from April 20th.

“Fantasmagorie” comes from the concept of mutation, fears and diversity, a work that targets the contemporary through the eyes of the “creatures” that accompany our existence. The artist wants to make the observer feel that he is an observer, from above, from a new perspective.

On the other hand, in the “Opticks” collection, a new dimension is sought in relation to the artist’s expressive manner through a continuous chromatic contrast capable of giving a great visual impact. The concept of visual art blends with figurative photography and the depiction of the artist’s “monsters”, which have now entered the public imagination.

“I feel like I’ve hit ground zero again, I’m going to start something new and exciting, and I’m really ready to find out what’s going to happen,” Solomistry comments. “I always want to experience and discover new worlds and I try to present them to everyone through the eyes of my beasts.”

press office

With “Solomostry”, ItaliaNft continues its way to penetrate the world of high-level creations made in Italy. Taking a look at a new dimension: the one that combines business authenticity with Blockchain-based digital innovation. The irreplaceable icons displayed on the platform are not actually simple sets of digital miniatures but real exclusive works, unpublished creations surrounded by an “enhanced” user experience. The ItaliaNft laboratory selects the creations of the great artists and names of Italian history, preserving their uniqueness while increasing the opportunities for use, both in the digital and physical spheres.

Solomstry is Artist from 1988; He began his career in the world of graffiti, definitively assuming the pseudonym Solomostry since 2007. His concept comes from his studies: Graduated in Graphic Design and Art Direction, he works on an architecture that leads the audience to penetrate the depicted “monster” through a clear overall dynamic. The focal point of the works lies in the waking eyes of the depicted character; The cut of the work ensures dynamism and harmony, and accompanies the observer to the immediate, as well as specific vision, so that the monster who peers into it from within the work, as if to break the outline of the view. And give him the opportunity to immerse himself in the context with a higher and higher gaze.

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