TRON founder announces USDD: a new decentralized stablecoin

News from quotes of the last few hours The founder of TRON announces the US dollarAny new decentralized stablecoin could soon seep into the crypto sector. To break the news, currently on everyone’s lips, Your Excellency Justin Sunknown to the most experienced people for their active participation in the creation of TRON.

For beginners in the industry, let’s remember how Tron is a huge project, was born in 2017 and aims to promote the so-called decentralization of the Internet through the help of blockchain technology, which is currently used in more and more diverse sectors. All this while also providing support on dApps (i.e. decentralized apps) and much more.

The TRON . networkIts network is one of the most advanced in the sector and can count on having an active and dynamic user community. In April 2022, it registered nearly 87 million users, with a deal size of nearly 3 billion. With this new cryptocurrency stablecoin project, it will aim to increase relevance.

Before delving into this matter, let us recall how the cryptocurrency of the ecosystem of the same name, which goes by the name TRX, is listed on many platforms and selected professional brokers, with the standard eToro: Regulated broker with a lot of Jobs for registered dealers.

TRON founder announces USDD: Here’s all the news

The TRON founder announced USDD It’s definitely one of the most viral news in the market, but what exactly is it? According to the founder, TRON DAO, a decentralized organization, will have the opportunity to actively collaborate with other industry professionals to launch this innovative stablecoin.

A stablecoin is nothing more than an asset linked to the value of the current currency, in a one-to-one relationship. To make its development sustainable, Justin Sun had suggested a real reserve for TRON DAO, to be used specifically for this massive project. Being a decentralized project, it will not depend on any technology and any proprietary service.

A series of internal metrics and algorithms will allow US dollar value Decentralize to always maintain an exchange rate with the US dollar equal to 1. In other words, the US dollar will constantly have the same value as the US dollar. A project thus aiming to significantly expand the use cases in the cryptocurrency world.

TRON is already proud to appoint The largest stable ecological network in the world, with over 55 billion financial assets, including on-chain stablecoins. However, the TRON DAO project, as well as the Justin Sun project, is broader and farther in reach.

His idea, which has been pursued for over 4 years now, is to actively promote alternative solutions and the latest generation in the finance sector. All this is trying to promote decentralized solutionsopen to all and considered more “democratic” than the traditional normative, centralized systems.

Final notes

Today’s news that is directly related to an ever-evolving ecosystem that has emerged over the past two years has shown a lot Important developments and upgrades. An ecosystem with its own internal token called TRX, which in addition to serving as the main asset in the project, is also a standalone cryptocurrency in the market.

It has its own value and direction, which can always be seen inside The best online brokers. Displays practical, constantly desired, real-time graphs that allow you to evaluate short-term price changes, or simply the so-called historical data.

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In this second case, it is possible to trade without becoming the actual owner of the asset, and therefore without the need for a wallet, being able to open bearish trades as well, with short sale. We also recall a series of unique features and functions, namely:

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