Art between AI, NFT, and Blockchain

Art between AI, NFT, and Blockchain

Bologna – Saturday 14 May 2022 At 11 am the fourth meeting of the cultural program proposed by Casa Museo Renzo Savini for 2022 will take place. The appointment, organized by the lawyer Lavinia Savinispecialized in intellectual property law and art, in cooperation with UIA (International Bar Association) will address issues NFT, Blockchain and AI are connected to the art world: highly topical topics that arouse increased interest in their subjects Application at wide range of fieldsNot only technical but also medical, engineering, legal, etc.

The event was born with the intention of highlighting the increasingly strong relationship between the art world and the art world NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Based on Blockchain, the heroes of the technological revolution that everyone is talking about today, but few know concretely. NFTs are the phenomenon of the moment, they representtitle deed and the Certificate of Authenticity out of an artifact, work, or product, because they make something unique which by its very nature was not even before to be unique: a file, a virtual object that can be infinitely easily replicated. NFTs can be sold, invested and tracked easily thanks to blockchain technology which guarantees, indefinitely,integrityThe His father and the Date Recorded content, be it a file or a document of any kind: contracts, works and literary texts, formats, artwork, models and graphics, videos and photos, creative and commercial projects.

To fully understand the needs and problems of the art world regarding the use of these new technologies, the following will participate in the meeting:

  • Lavinia Saviniattorney, partner at FBPLegal (Milan – Trieste – Bologna) and UIA representative at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in Geneva, who will explain the main issues related toNFTs effect in the art market It will explain Key legal issuesMostly related to discipline Copyrights.
  • Vincenzo RanaProfessor Politecnico di Milano and MIP, co-founder of KNOBS srl and BCode srl. Thanks to the cooperation with Bcode, in fact, the law firm FPB LEGAL has begun to offer a series of New Registration Services in Blockchain Edition and NFTIt was rejected in the art world and beyond.
  • Enrico SuppliersProfessor of Civil Law at the Department of Legal Sciences at the University of Bologna and author with Guido Calabresefrom the book “Self-driving cars. Artificial intelligence and the future of mobility(Il Mulino, 2021). The professor will talk about Artificial intelligence He will pay particular attention to the legal aspects related to the use of this technology.
  • Multidisciplinary Artist and Medium Luca PozziAnd Who will talk about some of his own It works in cross-reality It was born from the fusion of art, particle physics, multi-message cosmology and quantum computing. A graduate in drawing from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts with a major in computer graphics and systems, he collaborates with scientific communities of vision including toroidal quantum gravity (PI), the Muon compressed solenoid (CERN) and the Fermi Large Area Telescope (INFN). , NASA).

Managed by a lawyer Bruno MicolanoMember of the Presidency Council of the International Federation of Lawyers.

Please note that the cultural program of Renzo Savini House Museum Proposed for the 2022 season Next meeting: Thursday, May 5, 2022 at 18.30 book show”The Art of Design. How do you speak for yourself through clothes?“, from Antonio Mancinelli And Susanna Osoniin partnership with Daniela Campogrande from Campogrande concept.

Biography of Lavinia Savini

Lavinia Savini, a lawyer and expert in intellectual property law and the art market, works between Bologna Milan and Paris and is a partner in the firm Legal FBB (Milan, Bologna, Trieste). Among the various positions he held, he is an actor UIA (Union Internationale des Avocats) at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Geneva, member International Board of the Bar Association Bologna, fromInstitute of Art and Druette Paris and Fondation pour le droit de art Geneva. On this topic, he has many publications, conferences and lectures at the national and international level (among others: su sun 24 hours; Art magazine, Almandy. “Copyright protection for fashion creationsLexisNexis 2020;Interior design protection system“- In Design and Digital Innovation, Italian Scientific Editions 2021;”Copyright protection for fashion innovationsIn copyright, SIAE, 2021; Teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, Chamber of Arbitration in Venice, NAPA, IED – European Institute of Design; Webinar on Il Sole 24 ore »Investing in the opportunities and risks of digital art2022).

Renzo Savini’s House Museum

Commissioned in 1964 to the architect Raul BiancaniThe Renzo Savini House Museum It is configured as one of the most interesting examples incontemporary architecture, developed on three levels, with a consistent consistent play between materials and windows. There is a file inside Rich set of business compiled, over time, by assembler Renzo Savini, with a coherent and methodical desire to create a file Unicom Between works and architectural elements of different eras. A precious blend of art and craftsmanship and natural discoveries.

a A place full of suggestionsWhere Savini lived with his family until his death. Renzo Savini (September 19, 1931-July 13, 2018) was a classically trained humanist. big collectoranticipating times for his sensitivity and masterfully knew how to find and combine things, creating a mixture of materials and contrasts between different eras.

Inside the house there is a small house Kunstkammer (literally “art room”), where artifacts of multiple and polymorphic origins, artifacts and curiosities of all kinds are collected: pieces by Castiglioni, Gavina and Scarpa; Baroque dynasty figurines and dolls from the 18th century; Bas-reliefs of the Renaissance installed in the wall; Manuscripts and ancient books. Tiarini drawings and paintings by Signorini.

In the building, in the basement, he stayed for years dante benea world-renowned architect, also known for designing Michelangelo Antonioni and Monica Vitti the dome, futuristic villa on Costa Paradiso in Sardinia. Today, Renzo Savini’s daughters run the House Museum.

useful information

Meeting on “Art between Artificial Intelligence, NFT and Blockchain”

when: Saturday 14 May 2022 at 11 am

where is she: Renzo Savini House Museum, Via Leticia 11, Bologna

Admission is by reservation, subject to availability.

To participate it is necessary Book at the email address


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