Bitcoins are safe at other casinos

Obviously, the most popular online casinos have another level of transparency

First we want to tell you that all online casinos can be categorized according to the gaming licenses they own. Online casinos in Italy must be subject to the AAMS system.

This means that they must have a normal playing license issued by the ADM, ie the Customs and Monopoly Agency, the body that regulates virtual betting in Italy. However, we specify that this type of casino does not provide for the existence, adoption and use of Bitcoin, an element that is permitted and available in casinos with foreign licenses.

one alternative

NETELLER in our country is the only useful alternative. It is an online platform that acts as an e-wallet and e-wallet that acts as an intermediary in converting bitcoins to euros.

In this way, the anonymity is lost, so it seems obvious that users are turning to unsecured casinos that allow them to use virtual currencies for complete anonymity.

When online casino is safe

One of the main security elements to consider is third party checks, these checks are used to check declared RTPs, i.e. return percentages and RNGs, i.e. random number generators.

The most popular online casinos obviously have another level of transparency and will collaboratively show this data useful for verification at the bottom of the page online. Another safety indicator is the presence of customer service on the online casino website, especially if this is done instantly through a chat service.

Then, by exploiting the internal security system, the online casino can offer its customers the possibility to resort to using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This option is an added advantage in the casino security rating because depositing or withdrawing through this payment system is definitely a very secure method in terms of protecting user data, by resorting to the use of blockchain technology on which the most popular cryptocurrencies can be traded today. Currently. In fact, using Bitcoin allows you to maintain a good level of anonymity.

Watch out for licenses

Don’t forget to check the license. In order for an online casino to be considered safe, it must have a license, even if it is foreign, otherwise you risk placing your deposit on untrustworthy sites. On the Internet there are many safe and legal non-AAM casinos that have been tested and verified by Italian sites and players.

Pros and Cons of Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin

Basically, at least according to our experience and opinion, there are three advantages that can be gained from using Bitcoins at online casinos, which are anonymity, security, and efficiency.


The first, of course, is anonymity. Almost all online casinos do not require their customers to enter their sensitive data. Most virtual arcades allow you to sign up via an email address, protecting the privacy of those who sign up.


Bitcoin adoption is a positive element in terms of payment thanks to the technology on which cryptocurrencies are based. The gains made through the use of bitcoins are not to be underestimated. In fact, there is no obligation in this case to pay any transaction costs. The costs are often paid directly from the online casino using it in Bitcoin, in exchange for a portion of the winnings. Finally, since Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are not essential to any national government or any financial institution, the rewards in question can never be banned or forfeited.

the speed

Online casinos, in general, due to the anti-fraud security systems they are forced to use, can take a long time to credit their customers with their winnings transactions. On the contrary, the transactions made with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very fast, and in fact the amount of winnings becomes available almost instantly in the built-in e-wallet.


As we have already said, all that glitters is not gold, and even online casinos that offer their customers the use of Bitcoin or other currencies, have drawbacks, namely: fluctuation in value and non-refundable.


Cryptocurrencies follow the laws of the market, which is why their value is constantly changing and you have to monitor them to make a profit.

non refundable

Pay maximum attention when connecting your e-wallet address because if it is wrong, it will not be possible to retrieve the transferred cryptocurrency.

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