Crocci: video interview “I, my technician love Messina”

“With me on the Matilda Siracciano team for the competitive center-right” announced the opening of the Electoral Commission.

By Marco Oliveri (video interview with Carmelo Caspanilo and Editing by Matteo Arrigo)

Messina – Tonight, Maurizio Crocchi opened the Electoral Commission in Viale San Martino. The moment celebrates for the center-right coalition after the troubles of the period. “I am the candidate of the united centrist, regardless of the inconsistent choice of Salvini and Germana with Lega-Prima Italia. I have the support of the coalition and I am a technologist who likes Messina who wants to relaunch the city with PNRR financing,” stressed the mayoral candidate.

“With me in the team there will be the honorable Matilde Siracciano, with a role in the reorganization, and the competitive centre-right,” he added, while the leaders of the Messina Alliance and its notable supporters arrived at the headquarters: from Pepe Picciolo. (Pictured below with former Mayor Buzzanca during the inauguration) to Elvira Amata, Luigi Genovese (regional deputy and son of Francantonio Genovese), Nino Beninati (the League’s citizen coordinator but not following Salvini’s instructions), Carmelo Briguglio, Giuseppe Buzanca, Carmela Illa Bucallo, Roberto Corona, Francesco Corcio, Giuseppe Morano, Lucrezia Lorenzini, former President of the Bar of Messina Vincenzo Ciraolo and many others.

Also featured in the foreground is Seracosano herself, a member of Forza Italia. A festive day for the center-right coalition after the tensions and steps forward and backward in the negotiations. The United Alliance’s “yes” to the bridge over the strait, a theme still persists in the election campaign.

Maurizio Croce, the birth of the center-right was turbulent…

It was a close confrontation between multiple political forces. As with democratic forces, synthesis was needed. The process ended a few days ago and we reached the unified candidacy in my name. I am especially honored and pleased.”

But there was a position taken by the Lega-Prima Italia team that supports Basile as a candidate …

“A position taken by the venerable Jaramana who obtained the symbol of the League. An inconsistent choice was made by the National Secretary Salvini. He had hoped for a united center-right in the press releases, and then, instead, a united center-right existed but what created the rift was the League on Specifically. Salvini decided to follow the path of respectable Germanic rather than Unitarian.”

De Luca often talked about the Picciolo-Genovese hub in your class. What do you think?

I will not respond to Mr. de Luca’s criticism. It began in 2010, with an appointment that came directly from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with a center-right national government. The head of the region was the Lombards. I have worked in different parts of Italy with presidents from the center right and center left. Even in Sicily I worked this way, with chiefs from the center right and center left, and often received certificates of appreciation. I am an independent person. I am a technician, I love Messina.”

Why apply here now?

“Because I decided to use my experience to serve my city. The proficiency gained in public administrations.”

The first points that the mayor of Croce would like to address to Messina?

The priorities of the program are the reorganization of the administrative apparatus, to ensure its ability to develop the projects necessary for Messina, and the theme of the sea view. Our city was taken away from the areas that should be the strategic responsibility of the municipal administration. I am referring to the former Viera region, as well as to the Valcata region. This will open a confrontation and even a conflict with the port authority: I think that these areas should return to the area of ​​competence of the municipal administration.”

and PNRR?

“Another priority. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan represents the historic moment this city is going through. It represents the main reason why I decided to put my face and my expertise on this adventure. This piggy bank, called Pnrr, should be the instrument to intercept sums and make Messina a foreseeable city in the future.”

What role will Matilde Siracciano have in the team? Will he be the deputy mayor?

“No, there is no ticket. Siracciano (pictured above, editor) is a deputy who has done a lot for this city on a very hot topic, rehabilitation and barracks. And it is true that this parliamentarian from Forza Italia, who is part of the center-right coalition, has a role within the council. The municipality is specifically in rehabilitation.”

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