“Enomed” and “Glypho Remover” fly Sobrero to the United States and Turkey

The closing ceremony of the “Youth and Science 2022” competition was held in Milan on April 9, 10 and 11, where the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations (FAST), among the best initiatives eligible for the national final, selected the lucky one. Participants in the 33rd edition of EUCYS (European Competition for Best Scientists), the most important event dedicated to science aimed at students aged 14-20 and promoted by community institutions and Member States of the Union.

The Sobrero Institute adventure actually began nearly two years ago, thanks to a hypothesis that was then changed several times thanks to the important contribution of the experimental tests carried out in collaboration with Dr. Alessandra Cataldo who was able to test at the Cancer Institute in Milan, the various extracts from breast cancer cells It continued when Lisa Guarnero (International High School), Luca Vegazzolo (Quaternary High School) and Letizia Muti (Secondary School of Applied Sciences), coordinated by Professor Anna Chiara Arici (Professor of Biology) and by chemistry laboratory technician Patricia Cassio, bravely evolved, beginning From observing the antioxidant properties of Nebbiolo lignans, a highly innovative and environmentally sustainable approach to anticancer therapy. The project entitled “EnoMed The Antioxidant Power of Grapes: A Perspective green For antitumor therapy”, in the name of interdisciplinary, thanks to the collaboration of the National Cancer Institute of Milan of IRCCS, UPO (Nuvara branch), the Enosis Research Center applied to wine development and the Department of Electronics of the Sobrero Institute itself, in particular Professor Fulvio Preti, who He developed a device (using an Arduino) to maintain a constant temperature during extractions.

But not only. For the first time this year, our institute also conducted a real working group in collaboration with the Guglielmo Marconi Institute in Tortona (AL) and the Enrico Fermi Institute in Mantua (“Glypho Remover, a study related to the removal of glyphosate by the chemical-biological method”), which was also awarded in the Milan final Last weekend.The project, developed by Loris Piccolo (a three-year student in chemistry and materials at Sobrero), Alessandra Melia and Francesco Foroni, aims to remove herbicide residues present in water using materials available in nature, thus preserving the environment and food quality, Prof. Dear Elisabetta Gaeta, beloved professor of chemistry for many generations of Sobrero, coordinated the team’s work.

After months of hard work, our young “researchers” sent their projects to FAST, which made the first selection on a national basis. They learned after a few weeks that they had qualified for the final selection, having attended interesting conferences in the chemical and physical fields, visited the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology and had the opportunity to meet important representatives of scientists and scientists. Technological foundations.

But above all, after careful judging by the jury, which evaluated the presentation in Italian and English (illustrated by posters, flyers, videos and infographics presented in a real platform, all signed by Sobrero), the “EnoMed” project was awarded ” 2022 Society for Science Community Innovation Award”, a $500 award given by the Society for Science (USA) for the project that has the greatest innovative component and impact on the community to which it belongs and accreditation of Regeneron ISEF, the international science and engineering fair to be held in Atlanta ( Georgia, USA) in May.

On the other hand, “Glypho Remover” has received accreditation from BUCA IMSEF and International Music, Science and Engineering Fair in Buca Izmir (Turkey) and Certificate of Excellence from USAID (USAID). ).

Finally, Mutee’ thanks to the young and wonderful Professor Carlotta Raimondi for her patient contribution.

“We are proud of the work our students have done – Professor Arecchi and Patrizia Cascio commented at the end of the science marathon on April 9-11 – thanks to experiences like this they can understand the value of research, the true interaction of knowledge, cooperation and humility: the real world is not the one with the best intuition, Rather, he is one who has the courage to question his best intuition for knowledge.”

All that remains is to wish the students and teachers a good trip!

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