OpenScience “unifies” high schools and middle schools in Sicily

The openness of Sicilian sciences

Discovering the world around us and describing it objectively is one of the foundational goals of science.

Biology, physics, and mathematics provide the tools for a correct and comprehensive understanding of the phenomena that surround us. It is therefore essential that our children approach science without fear and with passion.

To achieve this goal, Liceo Scientifico “Luigi Siciliani” has organized a multi-year event in which the champions are precisely the students of middle school in the region and pupils of the first classes of secondary school.

The science event was held on Google Meet on Wednesday, January 19, 2021Open Science – A science told by children (6th ed.).

The afternoon is dedicated to comparison, exchange and sharing of experiences Sicilian High School Led by Director Filomena Rita FollinoIn cooperation with the preparatory schools: Gallopi Boarding School, Pascoli Aldisio Comprehensive Institute and Batare Rodari Comprehensive School who accepted the invitation to participate in the initiative.

The event was organized by Dr. Anna AlfieriWith the support of a. Nicolas Cherianowho took care of the technological management of the event.

During the event, very young middle school students alternate with high school first year students by presenting their small conferences on science topics such as vaccines, global warming, women in STEM fields, nutrition and many more, which men manage to approach with nature and simplicity.

Preparatory activities for Sicilian Liceo students were carried out within the summer plan funds, which were also intended to create moments of socialization among the younger students, after a long period of distance learning kept them away from school.

One evening, the flag was “brilliantly” told by the younger students and their teachers and principals were attentive listeners.

“The initiative is one of the mentoring activities that Liceo Siciliani organizes in this period for junior high school students,” says School Principal Filomena Rita Folino – who interacts and shares experiences and experiences with high school students, thanks to Openscience. A new way to do mentoring, a new way to practice and disseminate science To create a new and effective synergy between high school and middle school in the name of continuity and have a priority goal of making our children grow culturally,“working together”.

Participate in the event Director IC Patari-Rodari Anna Rutella who praised in the editorials the initiative as a moment of real and authentic comparison and meeting between the two levels of the school, and the principal of IC Pascoli_Aldisio Raul Elia Who congratulated all the students who participated in the event. the professor Amalia Scales From the learning center of the “Galluppi” boarding school brought the principals Stefania Cinzia Skozafava.

mini conferences

PDC Galluppi “Tell me how you eat and I’ll tell you how you are”;Lecturer: Professor Amalia Scales

LS “Siciliani Equations of the Heart”;Teacher: Prof. Anna Alfieri and Nicola Cheriano

PDC Galluppi “Adrenaline in the Cup… More Beans, More Pulses”;Lecturer: Professor Carmela Yorio

SM Patari – Rodari “Deception of the senses and misunderstanding”;Lecturer: Professor Cinzia Neri

LS Siciliani “Takes a Little Brain”;Teacher: Professor. Anna Alfieri and Nicola Cheriano

S.M. Pascoli “I am a passion”;Teacher: Prof. Maria Giusepa Agostino, Julie Bocasavia; Giovanna Calabreta, Maria Cimino, Paula Placida, Rossella Stranieri

LS Siciliani “Vaccines”;Teacher: Professor. Anna Alfieri and Nicola Cheriano

PDC Gallluppi “Nutrition in History”;Lecturer: Professor Nataschia Migliari

SM Patari-Rodari “Global Warming: The Sad Fate of Missiles – What If Antarctic Ice Melted?” ; Teacher: Professor Sa Pere Donata

LS Siciliani “Renewable Energy”; Teacher: Prof. Anna Alfieri and Nicola Cheriano

L.S. Siciliani “Science is a woman”; Teacher: Prof. Anna Alfieri and Nicola Cheriano

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