Prince Albert of Monaco is an honorary citizen of Genoa, Bucci: “We are alike, we work together”

Genoa. quotes The red and white colors of the Monaco flag – Same flag as San Giorgio – but also renewal Sea front by Renzo Piano and “the tradition of opening and reviving our city, always looking towards new horizons”: Prince Albert II of Monaco is officially an honorary citizen of Genoa. The honor was handed over today by Mayor Marco Pucci during a ceremony at the Doge’s Palace for the Flag Festival.

“We are trying to work together because We own a lot of common things – commented Bucci On the sidelines of the party — and being able to say that they work together is a huge plus for our vision. “But what are the main points of contact?”Domestic public transportation, high-rise city management with little space, high technology‘, explains Bucci. who reserves the right not to comment on the question on Potential investments for the emiratewhich has already bought in Liguria the port of Ventimiglia and started a large real estate operation to build luxury apartments in Ventimiglia.

Among the many visits I have made here in Genoa This will be the most expensive and most etched in my mind, along with 2014when the University of Genoa awarded me an honorary degree,” Prince Albert said in the opening speech.

What amazed him must have been the morning tour to Euroflora, where he somehow retraced his parents’ footsteps Ranieri and Grace Kelly Who baptized the first edition in the gallery in 1966: To Commemorate the Moment, a picture was donated this morning to the ruler of the Grimaldi family with Genoa roseAnd which features white and red, which were created for this version of the event.

Before the ceremony, Prince Albert found out about it A plaque in the small council hall recalls the historical links between his family and the city of Genoa.

Prince Albert of Monaco has been appointed an honorary citizen of Genoa

He commented, “This year’s Flag Festival is, finally, a real celebration – Bucci -. Two years after the pandemic, we also return to the streets to celebrate our pride in being Genoese, sons of a great city. An opportunity, on Saint George’s Day, to remind everyone and ourselves that the Genoese community is united and ready to face the great challenges of the future. The Festa della Bandiera should be as follows: to affirm our sense of belonging and our love for Genoa, to affirm its uniqueness and the combination of tangible and intangible assets and values ​​that make it unique in Italy, Europe and the world. “

The head of the Liguria region said: “Today is a beautiful day we are here with our neighbour, Prince Alberto, with whom we are working in the western Liguria region for his growth. John berries – The flag of Genoa is something bigger than us, it means going back several centuries and remembering the history of many men, both the illustrious ones who left an imprint, and the lesser known ones who contributed anyway to make Genoa what it is. take this back “secular worship” The flag is a very positive thing that the municipality of Genoa has done to point out and proudly remember our history and reward the people who enrich it with new chapters to build a tangible future for tomorrow, learning lessons like those we unfortunately had to learn from Covid and painful of war. This city also taught them thanks to its many positive moments such as its commerce and the wealth of the Maritime Republic, and its negative moments such as the great plague. That is why meeting today in a room, which is a symbol of this city coming together to remember the Cross of Saint George, gives us so much pride and also so much perspective and I think is so important.”

This year, 7 ambassadors receive “Villa”: Genoa Maria Elena Botazi Nobel candidate, Andrea Fiumicelli CEO of Daedalos, former football player Sebastiano NellaGenoese actress Alice Arcurijournalist Georgia SeneJournalist and writer Antonio Bigotti and the dancer Jacobo Pelosi – whose mother Elisabetta Bianchi withdrew the villa –. Also on stage, Giuseppe Francescelli, Coordinator of the Ambassadors Network, 140 worldwide

during the party Genoa Rose – Floral novelty at Euroflora 2022, in the colors of the Saint George flag – to the chaplain of the Ukrainian community in Genoa Vitaly Tarasenko In appreciation of the proximity of Genoa to the country that is in a state of war today.

Then the musical intervention “Rosetta’s Beautiful Dream” in honor of Prince Albert with the quintet of the Carlo Felice Theater with sopranos and Professor Giacomo Montanari’s presentation of the connection between Genoa and Monaco. Fulvio Gazzola, Mayor of Dolceacqua in the Province of Imperia, presented the Italian Association of Grimaldi Historic Sites.

at the end of the party, The party moved to the courtyard of the Doge’s Palace With the creative skating exhibition by the teams Voltri, Pegli, Pontedecimo and Bolzaneto and with the flags of Lavagna on the plaza de Ferrari.

“San Giorgio Flag Day celebrates the pride and tradition of Genoa and all Genoese – said the Ligurian Secretary to Carroccio Eduardo Rixi A day so desperately desired by Mayor Marco Pucci and Lega, to evoke the history of a city whose banner was respected and feared in all the seas of the world. It remains today a symbol of perseverance, strength and resilience.”

Genoa and Monaco

The city of Genoa and the ancient Grimaldi family, currently represented by Prince Albert II of Monaco, were influenced by joint historical events. The Grimaldi family became one of the most important and powerful families of the feudal gentry in the Republic of Genoa thanks to the activities of trade and navigation – along with Doria, Spinola and Fieschis – and includes among its members many senators and magistrates, as well as six dogs who succeeded between 1671 and 1775.

The Principality of Monaco and Genoa have common linguistic and cultural roots, and are constantly renewed thanks to the important work of local cultural institutions including the Comitàu Nasiunale d’ë Tradiçiùe Munegasche. In 2018, the Municipality of Genoa joined the Grimaldini Historic Sites Association of Monaco with the aim of bringing together, strengthening and promoting the historical sites of the Grimaldi family on a historical, cultural and touristic level, expressing its desire to develop the sharing of important moments with the Principality of Monaco. Promotion and promotion goals that our city vigorously pursues.

Prince Albert II of Monaco was distinguished by his commitment to protecting the environment, so much so that in 2006 the foundation named after him was established through which he promotes the sustainable and equitable management of natural resources by supporting the implementation of innovative solutions and ethics primarily in the areas of climate change, biodiversity and water. A commitment to protect the ecosystem that unites the city system of Genoa committed to the Pelagos Sanctuary Partnership Charter, signed by France, Italy and the Principality of Monaco to protect marine mammals from threats arising from human activities.

Over the course of time, there were numerous signs of proximity to Genoa expressed by Prince Albert II of Monaco. The event that followed the tragic event of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge was especially felt when he ordered all Monaco flags to be lowered during the state funeral, even in diplomatic and consular offices abroad.

In 2010, Prince Albert II of Monaco was appointed an honorary member of the Ligurian Academy of Sciences and Letters, and in 2014 the University of Genoa awarded him an honorary degree in “Marine Sciences”. high technology

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