Puglia focuses on health, green and technology

Five political goals, 10 priority axes and a total of more 5 billion and 500 million euros. These are the regional program proposal numbers Fesr-ESF 2021-2027: a document that presents a medium-term vision forEconomie Regional and address that Apulia. In short, these are the guiding principles: research, development and technological innovation; Puglia is greener and lower carbon; strengthening infrastructures, port facilities and harbors; employment, education and training; Civil renewal.

the document

A 598-page document approved by the government talks about the breakdown of 5.5 billion euros divided between 4.4 billion from the European Regional Development Fund for industrial policy interventions, transport, environmental and digital transformation and 1.1 billion euros for the European Social Fund Plus with which the European Union supports training and employment and strengthening economic and social cohesion in countries Members. The funds have an endowment that comes from three sources: the European share is the main share equal to 68% to which government and regional amounts must be added. “We are laying deep foundations for a strategic framework that guides public and private investments, above all by supporting the growth of a production system that struggles with green and digital transformation, thus promoting job creation for youth and women,” theBudget consultant in charge of planning, Rafael Piemontez.

The program as approved by the regional government will be sent to the national authorities and to the services of the European Commission for the negotiation phase which will again include the economic and social partners and which will lead to the final preparation of the programme. But already from the proposal, money destinations provide a clear picture.

Supporting axles

For example, the most important themes are those related to innovation, green and health. “Competitiveness and Innovation” mobilizes more than 1 billion 757 million eurosThe strategy is to support the competitiveness of production disciplines, product and process innovation, investments in research and development, and synergistic collaboration between large companies, SMEs and innovative start-ups. With the aim of creating an ecosystem capable of meeting the new challenges of digital transformation and energy.

the hub The “Green Economy” aims to invest about 1.261 billion euros. Here the region gives an introduction: in Puglia, the civil sector ranks first in energy consumption with a contribution of 36% (compared to the national average of 45%), followed by transport (31%) and industry (25%). Therefore, the objectives are related to: reducing consumption, increasing the share of renewable energies and reducing gas emissions through investments to enhance energy efficiency measures and priority investments in favor of small renewable energies for self-consumption. An example of the activities that need to be carried out to achieve the set goal are investment projects promoted by local public administrations in public buildings and structures, aimed at increasing the level of energy efficiency.

The third main axisWell-being and Health: the share is about 1.035 billion euros. For the first sector, interventions are planned to redevelop the public housing stock of municipalities and regional housing and housing agencies. The goal will also be to improve the quality of housing with special attention to safety, energy efficiency, technological adaptability, accessibility and ease of use by persons with disabilities or limited mobility. On the health front, the regional action aims to complement and renovate their respective hospital and health service infrastructures, ensuring higher standards of healthcare, treatment, health science research and innovation.

The type of interventions will allow to reduce the length of stay in the hospital, and to intensify patient care in local structures. Technological modernization will allow to launch a major renovation campaign of the hospital garden, which is now outdated, and also by providing equipment for the treatment of oncological lesions, robotics and rehabilitation. These are just a few measures and other priorities will be related to sustainable urban mobility, transportation, education, jobs, urban development and technical assistance. The regional program will be implemented in an integrated manner with other program tools in place at the national level, starting with the National Measurement Program along with the preparation of the Supplementary Operational Program of approximately $2 billion that will be prepared by the region in the coming months.

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