Renewable energy and environmental transformation: the Province of Vicenza collaborates towards a green and sustainable future

There was a talk on renewable energy and environmental transformation yesterday morning in the Vicenza County Council Chamber. orderly from president Francesco Rocco and take out Managing Director Walter Orsia large number of representatives (behind 100 people connected via the Internet) to local officials, and above all mayors, trade associations and trade union organizations.

The conference was specifically dedicated to Renewable Energy Communities and Autonomous Consumers in Environmental Transformation. The role of local authorities. A new way to visualize electricity, which sees the region as the hero through Renewable energy communities, i.e. associationsThe among the citizens, BusinessAnd commercial activitiespublic administrations that they merge For one or more common systems For the production and self-consumption of energy from renewable sources. lonely cultural revolution, Reversal of roles between producer and consumercWith a clear economic and environmental advantage.

Recent energy cost increases have led to reflections on a topic that must be addressed at all levels of government – President Rucco identifies – to mitigate there Reliance on energy and the combination of economic interests and environmental sustainability at the local level, it is necessary to activate a Cultural change, the involvement of citizens and local communitiestangible support from the government. The local authority can and should be Driving force of energy transferbut we need the knowledge and training about it, and that’s what we started as a boycott this morning raise awarenessnd administrators, associations, businesses and communities regarding the extraordinary opportunity represented by the creation of energy communities in our lands.”

“It is the beginning of a path to lead local officials toward one A green and sustainable revolution – Adviser Orsi confirms – there Environmental transformation should not pass, but we must be champions in the choices that affect our lands, and seize the opportunities that can derive from energy communities renewable. “

On the same line tooemployment. Silvia KovoloAmong the speakers are Maurizio Delfanti (Rse Spa), Giulio Gravaghi (Sciara srl ​​Energy Consulting) and Gianluigi Piccinini (Ceress Srl).
The cause dear to Italians and the government is the rise in the prices of energy commodities –
explain there Kovolo- shis conference she has Highlightsto L ‘An important role that societies can playRenewable energy cities and mass consumption. Energy communities can act as a supportive tool for associations e TheThe third sector can be a driving force for the economic and social revitalization of entire regions. And The Municipalities can also become champions of this green revolution through the territorial government.”

The Communities of renewable energy (CER) and collective self-consumption (AC) are innovative tools in Degree Reduce energy consumption for your business and home. It represents a paradigm shift in energy production, with clear implications for the region and increasingly challenging goals in the areas of energy and the environment.

It is necessary – as Orsi concludes – that the local authority is the promoter of this revolution, to organize Energy communities are directly governed and governed, with the active participation of citizens, associations and businesses. But in order to do so, it is necessary to provide municipalities and local administrations with the means and tools to play an active role in change.”

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