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San Benedetto – “Tomorrow another important train passes with Notaresco and we can’t miss it.” Mr Santi Alphonse He is clear about what goal Samp has in mind against Abruzzo. The five-match mini-tournament begins with eleven players for Massimo Epifani, which concludes the Serie A championship. Three races on the Riviera and two away matches, all of which could be tapped into if Angioli and his teammates want to make it to the playoffs.

Compared to last Wednesday, the opponents have changed as well as the difficulties from a technical tactical point of view. “We must – explains Alphonse – only think of ourselves. Of course, Notaresco is a very different opponent from Vastogirardi but our goal is only one and that is to continue the positive trend after the power outage in Castelnuovo. We must continue following the result obtained last Wednesday We play again at home with fans who will be in greater numbers than in the match against Vastogiardi. The approach to the game will be fundamental. Only in this way will we be able to work well.”

As for the eleventh Rossoble who will face Notarsko, as usual, Alfonsi is not unbalanced. He explains that Notaresco has different technical characteristics than Vastogirardi. As usual, tomorrow morning we will take our considerations and then choose the team to play. The important thing is that the boys are fine and have regained the right confidence in what they do. But on one point only – concludes Alphonse – we must be sure that we can do no wrong.”

Rossoblo’s technical staff will have to lay off Di Dominicantonio because of the flu. Visi and Alfonsi will also have to evaluate other rosuciples who are not in the best condition due to some ailments. First of all, Lorenzoni stopped digging due to a calf disease. Possible confirmation from Becca on the defense of his exclusion.

For the rest, as usual, everything will revolve around which bottom will take the field. With Alboni and Pica in defense and Lizzie serving as a pendulum between midfield and attack, the only place available is in the middle. Unless the trio confirms Lulli, Buono and Frulla, Visi and Alfonsi choose the young Sprecacè among the publications. But this is also a limited solution because in this face-to-face perspective, Knoflach’s expertise between posts is essential. Here, then, Amoroso can play in the midfield.

Here Notaresco. “A tough match awaits us – says the assistant coach from Abruzzo Danielle Romandini To the official website of Abruzese Club – both in terms of stadium matters because we will face a team with excellent quality elements but also in terms of atmosphere. I live in San Benedetto del Tronto and I can say for sure that there will be a full house in the stands and a lot of enthusiasm given the success of last Wednesday. It’s a straight match, they will try to win to beat us but we want to get to the playoffs and we will defend the position in the standings with strong teeth.

We’ll have to play at our best without getting caught up in the atmosphere, and be good at guiding the challenge on the right track. Our greatest strength is the desire for salvation, and the last two defeats have burned us so much. For me, it would be a great emotion, as previously, I actually came back to the Riviera delle Palm when I was in Fano and Ravenna but this time there will also be the audience that always plays an important role.”

Long-time resident Marcattili is absent while Massarotti returns to his disposal after serving his disqualification.

Previous. There are five, in all, the former of the two teams. Four on the bank of Notaresco. These are Francesco Marktelli who made all the confrontations with Sampenditis at youth level, Vittorio Esposito who wore the Rossoble shirt in the 2017/2018 season (30 games and 3 goals in the third division), goalkeeper Chiba also from Rosobelli’s nursery and assistant coach Daniele Romandini. Midfielder Mattia Frolla who played in Notaresco for two years: in 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 with a total of 54 games and 9 goals in total is present in the Marche region.



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