Science Festival, Grand Finale with Nobel Prize Paris, Cacciari and de Massi

Once again, a mathematician Giorgio Dende Which tomorrow morning, at 10, will tell the audience about the cosmic magnet “How to recover with mind games”. An hour later, at 11 o’clock, it’s the turn of Petro Battistonresearcher in economics at the University of Parma, and scientific journalist Claudia Di Giorgio That, together, at Politeama Clarici they will discuss Covid-19 and collective disinformation. The Ukrainian physicist will deal with thermoelectricity at 11.30 in the video room of the San Domenico auditorium Andrey VarlamovResearcher at Spin-Cnr. At the same time but in Palazzo Trinci, Fernando Veroneyprofessor at the Gran Sasso Institute of Science and director of the Einstein Telescope project, will speak on “Uncertainty: Interpreting the Present, Predicting the Future,” while the biophysicist will speak Alberto Diasbro, in the adjoining classroom, a lecture entitled “Come Spring loaded. Absorb the knowledge, unleash the science.” Among the meetings to be held in the afternoon, there will be a meeting with Emilio Sasson Corsiat 5 p.m., in the video room of the San Domenico Auditorium on the “Factory of Ideas” and that of Infn’s Emeritus Research Director, Lucia Futano, again at 5 p.m. but in the Chapel of the Cross, titled “Who Will Put Neutrinos in the Line?”. At the same time, the Diocesan Capitular Museum will host “The Environmental Question between the Physical Environment and the Digital Universe,” a three-part conference with Silvano TagligambeProfessor Emeritus of Philosophy of Science at the University of Cagliari, Monsignor Vincenzo PagliaPresident of the Pontifical Academy of Life, H Philip LarryDean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Pontifical Lateran University. interview by Silvia Rosa Brussineditor-in-chief of “Leonardo, Science and Environmental News” for Rai 3, on the other hand, in San Domenico Hall, president and founder of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Silvio Garatiniand physical Roberto Battiston They will talk about “the future of our health”.

Experiment – Experiment

As mentioned, tomorrow will also be the last day to indulge in activities “Experimenta” With 3D printing laboratories organized by 3dBit at Palazzo Brunetti Candiotti, with a visit to the digital periodic table located inside the Experimental Science Laboratory, with “Earth: a show of the Planet” events at Santa Auditorium Caterina organized by Ingv, Cnr and Irea, with tours Guidelines to Rasiglia, Belfiore and Pale. While at Palazzo Trinci, it will still be possible to enter the “maxi-cell” set up on the outside patio, which will remain open until Sunday 1 May.


Meanwhile, the project was shown this morning at the headquarters on Isabella Street Geomiedited by Experimental science lab together with CnratIngv and for Civil protection. In detail, it is a platform designed to educate children and teenagers and discover natural phenomena in a fun way. Specifically in the presence of the students, the properties of Geomia were demonstrated by the Director of the Experimental Science Laboratory at Foligno, Pierluigi Mingarelliaround her Mira Gracie Who cares about graphics and who Massimiliano’s swarm of digital scenarios who worked in the technical side. to speak at the meeting Fausto JosettiDirector of the Office of Scientific and Technical Activities for Risk Prediction and Prevention at the Civil Protection Department, Fabio Trincardidirector of the Earth System Environmental Science and Technology Division at Cnr, e Carlo Doglionihead m.


Fausto JosettiAnd Director of the Office of Technical Scientific Activities for Anticipating and Preventing Risks at the Civil Protection Department “The realization of this project is remarkable in a difficult period like the present one, which has the advantage of bringing people closer to Earth sciences. Two things that amazed me most: the first is the scientific approach used, that is, through a natural and non-disaster perspective. Understanding how nature works is essential To understand natural phenomena and this is fundamental to a reality like that of civil protection. However, the flip side is being able to do all this by adjusting the connection based on the age of the users.”

Fabio Trincardi, Director of the Earth System Environmental Science and Technology Division at Cnr – “Knowing natural phenomena is essential to understanding how to act, also because human action plays an influential role, but we often do not know everything that our actions entail. Climate change has a destabilizing effect, just think of the effects that the increase in recorded temperatures in the Arctic has, in Physically distant places. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of our planet and therefore a global vision.”

Carlo Doglioni, President of Ingv – “I really like the name Geomia, because to me it means ‘Earth is mine.’ Although people’s knowledge of Earth is very limited, they know better about the Moon or Mars. But traveling through Earth is an important journey and our job is to convey this passion and interest to young people. Study The land is good for society and being a researcher is a privilege because it is a job that excites every day and it is important to do a job you love.”


Promoted and Organized ODV . Experimental Science Laboratory. , In cooperation with Foligno municipalityThe Umbria region And Oicos ​​. Reflections“Festival of Science and Philosophy” is proud of the importance Scientific partners: National Research Center, National Institute of Nuclear Physics, National Institute of Astrophysics, Italian Space Agency, Italian Institute of Technology, National Institute for Metrology Research, Gran Sasso Institute of Sciences, University of Camerino, University of Genoa, University of Perugia, University of Foreigners of Perugia and Regional School Office of Umbria.

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