2022 invitation to study in Italy for students

INPS published a competition notice.INPSet Summer 2022to score More than 12,000 financial contributions To undertake a residence study in Italy.

facilitation of Maximum value of 1000 EUR For each applicant, it is intended for elementary, middle and high school students.

Applications can be submitted via April 22 2022. Here is the ad How to participate.

INPS Invitation to Students for Residences 2022 in Italy

With the announcement of INPSieme Summer 2022, students of the school can enjoy study stays in Italy Primary and middle schooland based on second grade If he is 100% disabled or civil disabled.

The benefit targets children or orphans and is equivalent to them Public administration employees and retireesjoined the Unified Administration of Credit and Social Services, Retired Users of the General Staff Department and registered with IPOST Fund Management.

Available contributions are 1,2020 in total and include sums of 600 euros or from 1000 eurosto Full or partial coverage of study expenses. The period of stay in Italian accommodation facilities, indicated by the INPS, must take place in months June, July and August 2022.


The beneficiaries Among the expected contributions to the INPS competition are as follows:

  • Students who in the 2021/2022 school year are enrolling in the second, third, fourth and fifth grades of an elementary school (elementary) or any class of middle school (middle school);
  • Disabled students (according to Article 3, paragraphs 1 and 3, of Law 104/92) or 100% of civilian disabled students who attend any class of secondary schools (high school) in the 2021/2022 school year.

Benefit It is not compatible With the announcement of INPS Summer Day 2022 centers. Furthermore, all children participating in the stays must comply with the anti-Covid regulations in force at the time of departure.

Rights holders and applicants

Threads rights holders To access the INPSieme 2022 Summer Competition:

  • employees and retirees of the public administration registered with the Unified Administration of Credit and Social Services;
  • pensioners who are employees of the administration of public servants, including those with indirect pensions or survivors’ pensions;
  • Employees and retirees registered with IPOST Fund Management.

The applicantsor those who can apply to participate in the competition, are the following subjects:

  • The right holder as the parent of the beneficiary;
  • the other parent (even if he is not married to the right holder) or the spouse of the bearer, in cases where the latter (the surviving parent) dies or falls from parental responsibility (the requesting parent);
  • The child’s guardian or orphan has the right.

The type of study that can be funded

An economic contribution recognized by INPS allows coverage totally or partially Summer residence costs in Italy. can be accommodation They were selected from among those indicated by the Institute In the special “List of proposals for accommodation in Italy”. This list will be announced by the INPS on the occasion of the publication of the order of those who have been accepted to benefit from the intervention.

Study holidays will be held at accommodation facilities the National It can happen in the months of June, July and August with return By 4 September 2022.

Objectives of stays

Student accommodations that may be facilitated in accordance with the INPSieme Summer Declaration 2022 should aim at acquiring the skills and competencies in the following sectors:

  • sports;
  • art;
  • Tongue;
  • Science and Technology;
  • Environment;
  • Mixed (focusing on two of the above topics).

The knowledge gained will be Certificate subject by the accommodation organizer.

What is included in student accommodation

Study leave is included in the list and facilitated with the contributions of INPS included:

  • Accommodation costs in tourist accommodation facilities;
  • food for the duration of the stay;
  • insurance coverage;
  • Expenses related to the performance of educational activities, excursions, excursions and other activities included in the accommodation program.

Subscription amount

The 12,020 contributions It is provided by INPS on the basis of the school attended by the beneficiary, the department to which the right holder belongs and the length of stay, for the details of which we invite you to refer to the notice attached at the end of the article.

The maximum amounts are as follows:

  • 600 EUR For the contribution indicating stay in Italy for 8 days / 7 nights;
  • 1000 Euro For contribution indicating stay in Italy for 15 days / 14 nights.

What to do before placing an order

In order to apply, you must be entered into the database from INPS. If not, it will be necessary to submit a specific application using the AS150 form available by connecting to the institute’s website and entering the initials “AS150” into the search engine.

It will then be necessary to fill out the form and submit it to the regional INPS office responsible for the area, through the channels listed in the notice.

At the time of application, the applicant may submit one alternate declaration (DSU) to identifyISEE or ISEE normal for minors With parents who are not married and do not live together.

How to apply

Scholarship application must be submitted By 12:00 on April 22, 2022 exclusively with remote modeby following this procedure:

  • connect to the INPS website;
  • Type, in the search engine, the words: “Estate INPSieme” and consult the application section of the page;
  • Select the Service Access button and enter the tax code and SPID, CIE or CNS credentials for authentication;
  • Fill out the application form by entering the required data.

If there are more students interested in the benefits in the same house, it will be necessary to apply specific question for each beneficiary.

For more information and details, you can read the full announcement attached below.

INPSIEME Summer 2022 Notice

Those interested in the INPS Scholarships Competition for Students for Summer Stays in Italy are invited to download and read the notice carefully (Pdf 311 Kb).

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