Bayern crowned champions, and the battle for salvation begins

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TheOn the thirty-first day of Bundesliga Sees infinite tournament victory for Bayern Monaco (This is the The tenth consecutive title). The Bavariansmultiplication inAllianz Arena eternal rivals Borussia DortmundCelebrate the national title Title No. 4 days in advance 32 from their history. Janabry He puts his team in front with a superb shot that hits the seven and soon after comes the usual defences Lewandowski. The yellow and black trying to reopen accounts with network Could youbut great help from Sabitzer You find Musiala who closes the match 3-1.

The Bayer Leverkusen trim poker to Forthnow sure of landing in 2- German league. Incredibly they green-white To take the lead with the network Williams. The joy of the hosts does not last long: first comes a tie Check (After consulting Mouse), then thinks about it Azmon To bring aspirin. In the second half, goals from Paulinho And the super goal from outside the penalty area Palacios To achieve the end result1-4. An important victory for a team Gerardo Siwanwhich temporarily holds third place in the standings.

The result of a surprise between Leipzig that it Union Berlin Which is dedicated as a real advertisement for this Bundesliga. maybe performance red balls Psychologically affected by the next semi-final in European League, also consider moderate turnover. For their part, Al Ittihad played a really good game: even if they were behind thanks to a goal Paulsen, In recovery reflects the situation. In the last few minutes of the match, he scored first Michelle In a corner kick then Burns Gives the three points to a team Urs Fischera real driver for a team that surprised everyone.

Amazing equalizer and rich in goals Freiburgand the Borussia Monchengladbach. result, this 3-3which is a mockery of the team Christian Streiche, especially for the development of the whole match and the amount of opportunities created. The GladbachIn the first half he scored two goals: First comes the penalty kick Resume meThen embolus The Bianconeri has a double advantage. In the second half, the hosts turned the whole score: a penalty kick griffoanother goal Gunther (Among the best defenders in this league) Finally to collapse brings the Freiburgafter you. In the minutes of healing comes the irony stendel.

crushing performance from Wolfsburg against the Mainz. The Wolvesthanks to the early expulsion of towerThey closed the match already in the first half, without any discussion about the final score. He was the absolute star of the match crossa great hat-trick author, but he also stands out winds prop. The end result of 5-0 Allow Wolfsburg To move away from the red zone again.

The third consecutive victory for Colony This time at the expense ofArmenia Bielefeldin a complete battle for redemption. p brings me red and white With a beautiful conclusion from the outside: Soon, the special unfortunate goal comes Hoppers to restore parity. Before the first half whistle comes the usual goal decentwho will also help in the second half Thillman. The end result of 3-1 Emphasis on a great moment of form for boys Stephen Baumgart.

A fundamental victory forHertha Berlinagainst it Stuttgart In a match where red and white certainly deserved not to lose, but so is football. The landowners immediately advanced with a goal silk: Since then, to some extent, the team Felix Magath He closes behind him and gives a lot to opponents. The StuttgartMany chances to equalize, but he always finds the goalkeeper very attentive: a goal will close the accounts in the last minutes of the match. Belvodel (Old acquaintance of Serie A). This is amazing 2-0 Biancoblu gives hope to stay in Bundesliga.

Another basic game in terms of salvation is the game between Bochum And Augsburg, with guests who have managed to conquer a field of direct competitor is never easy to deal with. The goals scored in the first half: Han and punishment Gregorich Give the three points to red and white In a highly tense match, she was expertly held by a flawless referee.

Here are all the results for the 31st day of Bundesliga:

Bayern Munich 3-1 Borussia Dortmund

Fürth – Bayer Leverkusen 1-4

Leipzig 1-2 Union Berlin

Freiburg 3-3 Borussia Mönchengladbach

Cologne – Armenia Bielefeld 3-1

Wolfsburg – Mainz 5-0

Hertha BSC – Stuttgart 2-0

Bochum – Augsburg 0-2

Eintracht Frankfurt 2-2 Hoffenheim

The Improves today: Max Kroes (Wolfsburg)

The current standings in the German League:

Bayern 75 points Dortmund 63 points Leverkusen 55 points Leipzig 54 points Freiburg 52 points Union Berlin 50 points Cologne 49 points Hoffenheim 46 points Frankfurt 40 points Mainz 39 points Mönchengladbach 38 points Wolfsburg 37 points Bochum 36 points – Augsburg 35 points – Hertha BSC 32 points – Stuttgart 28 points – Bielefeld 26 points – Fürth 17 points

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