Bitcoin: Pay attention to the week! | Adoption flies between sports and big groups

A week of fear and delirium in the financial markets, a week that also affected the sector Cryptocurrency Based on Bitcoin. However, the signals coming from our preferred segment, both within and outside the markets, are very interesting.

So interesting that, in our opinion, they can reverse feelings, which has gradually become negative over the past few days. A good time, probably, is to look at your portfolio and decide which direction to go.

Let’s Talk About Adoption, Which Is Fast (and Over Markets)

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Great news since the adoption of Bitcoin: King’s Week

It’s been an important week for Bitcoin, or rather to adopt it. Just yesterday we brought you news Bitcoin ATM from MediaWorld is born in Austriaas we have seen Commerzbank applies for a license Crypto to trade with BTC dollars (and later with other types of encryption).

It’s been a week for those who follow us Official Twitter account. Edoardo D’AddazioHammer in the ring h BitBoy For Bitcoin fans – win the first round of KO . technologywhile his first step was with

BitBoy main sponsor Edoardo D’Addazion continues to be nationally covered.

With unprecedented media coverage of such an event – as well as unprecedented media coverage of Bitcoin at Italia. handleAnd Sky TG 24And AdnkronosAnd opinion: The most important newspapers in our country have already covered the event, confirming the sponsorship and attendance of our website Bitcoin. Something that, in our little (but not much) partners, we proudly claim.

On the sports front, we have the announcement, which arrived a few hours ago, about giant tigersOne of the most important teams in Mexican football history who will start accepting him Bitcoin as a payment method. A weekend of sports and bitcoin isn’t bad.

The most important news of the week from the world of altcoins

It has been a very interesting week for a scientist Bitcoinas well as from In front of me subordinate Alt currency Very important news arrived about custom and adoption.

The production of the film will be one of the legends of cinema history Ethereumwhich would be a substitution for a book Camila Russo Infinite Machine. Not a bad shot, which will bring the history of the ecosystem led Vitalik Buterin.

Great news for European investors, or at least for those who don’t want to buy cryptocurrencies directly from exchanges. Bitpanda Actually announced the establishment Four Tennis which repeats the price trend (physically, and therefore with outright buying) from one dollarAnd ETH dollarAnd DOT . dollar And ADA dollars. Something that is also reported in Europe – In this case in the German Stock Exchange – interest in the entire sector is growing.

Excellent marks also for the sector metaversewho saw the arrival Fidelity Investments inside decentralization. This is an important thing, indicating how difficult it is now to talk about meteorites and bubbles ready to explode. And in the coming weeks, there will be equally important news for the sector, both from Decentraland and from sand.

Although the markets were in a slight pullback, the news coming out of the real world is very positive. The real world is generally less interactive and less hysterical, and also less connected to what happens in between feed itAnd Nasdaq and conventional financing.

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