Meetup: “Art between Artificial Intelligence, NFT, and Blockchain”

location: Renzo Savini House Museum (Bologna).

The fourth meeting of the cultural program proposed by Casa Museo Renzo Savini for 2022 will take place on Saturday 14 May 2022 at 11 am. Organized by Lavinia Savini, specialist in intellectual property law and art, in collaboration with the UIA Union Internationale des Avocats, the issues of NFT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence related to the art world will be addressed with many guests: highly topical topics of growing interest in their application in a wide range of fields. Not only technical but also medical, engineering, legal etc.

The event was born with the aim of highlighting the increasingly strong connection between the art world and the world of NFT Non Fungible Tokens and Blockchain, the protagonists of the technological revolution that everyone is talking about today, but few actually know. NFTs are the phenomenon of the moment, they represent the title and certificate of authenticity of a good, work or product of art, because they make something unique that by its nature was not even before: a file or virtual object that can be easily repeated infinite times. NFTs can be easily transferred, invested and tracked thanks to blockchain technology that guarantees, indefinitely, the integrity, authorship and history of recorded content, be it a file or a document of any kind: contracts, literary works, texts, formats, works of art, models, graphics, video, photos, creative and commercial projects.

To fully understand the needs and problems of the art world regarding the use of these new technologies, the following will participate in the meeting:

Lavinia Savini, Attorney and Partner of FBLegal and UIA Representative at WIPO’s World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, who will outline key issues regarding the impact of NFTs on the art market and outline the most important legal issues, mostly related to the copyright discipline.
Vincenzo Rana, Professor at Politecnico di Milano and MIP, co-founder of Knobs and BCod. Thanks to the collaboration with Bcode, in fact, the law firm FPB has begun offering a series of new registration services to its clients in the Blockchain and NFT version, which have been rejected for the art world and beyond.
Enrico Almorin, Professor of Civil Law at the Department of Legal Sciences at the University of Bologna and author of Driverless Cars with Guido Calabresi. Artificial intelligence and the future of mobility” (Il Mulino, 2021). Enrico Al Mureden will talk about artificial intelligence and will pay special attention to the legal aspects related to the use of this technology.
Artist and interdisciplinary medium Luca Pozzi, who will talk about some of his work in intersecting realism born from a fusion of art, particle physics, multi-message cosmology and quantum computing. A graduate in drawing from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts with a major in computer graphics and systems, he collaborates with scientific communities of vision including toroidal quantum gravity (PI), the Muon compressed solenoid (CERN) and the Fermi Large Area Telescope (INFN). , NASA).
It is moderated by Bruno Micolano, Member of the Presidium of the International Federation of Lawyers.

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