NFT in video games, yes or no? Activision launches the survey!

Improvements in the world of video games are always a lot, and they often have to do with advanced software and technologies that keep pace with the times.

Blockchain and NFT are just the last frontiers that the most famous gaming houses must evaluate in order to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by these innovative digital assets and systems.

In recent days, the news on Eurogamer has caused quite a stir that Activision, the famous company in the gaming sector, has launched a survey of the future of video games:

In a YouGov survey of gamers over the weekend, Activision Blizzard – which is in the process of being acquired by Microsoft – asked gamers how much they ‘interested’ in a number of ’emerging/future trends in gaming’.

This question may raise some doubts, given that the operations of an important company are difficult to determine by the opinion of users on the network, but we still know to what extent this can affect the success of the company.

Among other things, Activision Blizzard was bought for a record amount of nearly $70 billion by the giant Microsoft, a fan of NFTs.which was awarded as one of the largest companies in the video game sector.

On the fan page, here is the news that came out a few months ago:

“Microsoft will acquire Activision Blizzard, one of the largest video game manufacturers, for $68.7 billion. It is the largest technology acquisition capable of giving Redmond a significant advantage in the industry.”

At the dawn of such news, the idea of ​​a survey by Activision based on the potential for NFTs to be used in the following video games no longer came as a surprise.because everyone knows that Microsoft is a big supporter of this trend.

Just to understand, Billionaire Bill Gates continues to fund startups and non-fungible token platforms, as we read on the Cryptonomist:

According to the announcement on the blog of Palm NFT, a provider of services and support for the NFT market, the Bill Gates-founded company will lead a $27 million Series B funding round, through its M12 venture fund. “

It is clear that video games and consoles, along with all gamers, can only benefit from non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology, if only for the many opportunities that can be created.

One among many? play to earn.

It is an opportunity to earn by playing and actively participate in the gaming experience and get rewarded for it through NFT or real money.

We have many other options of course, but for now let’s get to the heart of the Activision Blizzard process and try to understand the outcome and what to expect!

NFT Poll: What did Activision Blizzard bring to the fans?

In a recent survey, the company said it is not yet ready to fully utilize its blockchain technology and its video game tokens.

But Activision’s latest survey aims to examine what could be the next steps in the future.

Some of the areas in the survey included cross platform gameplay, new AI generation, virtual/artificial reality titles, and cloud gaming. This didn’t inspire particular discussions, unlike other content that many avid gamers still don’t like: metaverse games, play-to-earn games, and NFTs.

However, the head of Blizzard made a simple remark that we read on Games Radar:

Ybarra outlined Blizzard’s plans on Twitter in response to survey reports the company sent in part to gauge public interest in “emerging and future trends,” including cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

In fact, they are not yet ready to create non-fungible tokens. Not yet at least.

Why does Activision want a web view of NFTs?

There are many reasons why online users’ opinion can help a company improve profitability and presence in the market.

If Activision Blizzard decides to question fans and users about NFTs and play-to-earn games, it’s because it seems increasingly clear that they will soon become a must-have in video games.

This does not mean, however, that they necessarily want to exploit this new technologysince companies like this often promote surveys specifically in order to better navigate the turbulent and always uncertain waters of the market.

And for now, it goes without saying that the inclusion of NFTs in games is risky and we must deal with the negative opinion prevalent among users, which was also emphasized in Game Legends:

“Several game companies have already started selling digital items such as NFT, including Konami and Atari, although this new technology has attracted criticism from many users. In addition to gamers, the developers themselves do not seem to be interested in it. The new technology .”

At this point, I think it’s only natural that a major company would want to sift through the network’s real interest in their possible new products before flipping.

What is NFT in gaming?

When we talk about an important home for video games, we have to think about the experience of ardent gamers.

If this is always fun and engaging, the player will be more than willing to try out the new video games on offer, based on the same guiding principle of the company they trust.

Yet we know that The gaming sector always has its ups and downsCriticisms often seem sincere, even excessive.

Bringing NFTs into a video game in hopes of improving the player experience may be a double-edged sword that not even Activision Blizzard can afford and the team knows it, which is why the survey.

An NFT within a video game is, in fact, nothing more than a certificate of ownership of a digital asset that is usually made in a limited number and can be exploited in the game world. It can be a personal or character collectible skill.

However, unfortunately, many “traditionalists” may not view it favorably, due to the apparent uselessness that many network users experience.

What results did the Activision Blizzard NFT survey achieve?

If we analyze the answers shared by gamers and fans of the popular video game company, we might be surprised.

Based on what has been leaked, even on some very popular sites in the gaming sector, in fact, users say that they are mostly disappointed with the possibility of Activision offering NFT. Also because it seems like the big game companies necessarily want to embrace the sector even if gamers don’t seem excited about it!

At Eurogamer we read about the opposition that could alienate even the most die-hard video game fans:

“In short, NFTs represent a path that many companies are taking due to the presence of a market. There are many companies that are investing in NFT and blockchain but seem to be more interested in attracting crypto enthusiasts than players.”

Pursuing cryptocurrency and related industry can cost Activision and other competitors dearlybut for now it’s just a test ahead.

And also because the first failures have already caused some “colleagues” in the sector to back off.

Other big names are still suspicious of using NFT in games

Activision, despite the criticism, has been very cautious.

Developing a survey that could give an idea of ​​players’ interest in NFTs and other derivatives of the blockchain was a wise move, as many oppose their use.

Some noteworthy companies such as Sega, Epic Games or Hazelight Studios are far from the idea of ​​introducing non-fong codes or cryptocurrencies into their video games.

They don’t feel like they want to compromise the player experience just for speculative reasons, or to chase a market they’re worried about being interrupted.

We even read on the widely dissenting statements by Hazelight Studios:

Speaking from the perspective of a smaller independent developer, Hazelight Studios founder Joseph Faris told The Washington Post that he’d rather “shoot him in the knee” than force NFT to win award-winning titles like It Takes Two.

Let’s not forget the experience of Ubisoft, who introduced NFTs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, where I had to delete the first video from Youtube for the many dislikes received!

So it’s hard to launch into such a critical market, but above all surprising if we think about the interest that is maturing in the network for cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, and NFT.

NFTs will improve the user experience: So the big game companies insist!

Of course, if the views are only negative, then Microsoft’s new acquisition survey of non-fungible tokens will be of no use.

elseActually, In gaming, they support NFTs, strongly believing they are the future of gaming!

One example is Square Enix’s president, Yusuke Matsuda, who, despite fan criticism, has declared that he is convinced and determined to go down this path.

Beteshda too With the long series of “The Elder Scrolls” and the novelty of Skyrim in NFT, or Sony With its own metaverse that could soon become a reality, but not only.

We take a look at some of the significant revenue that has already been generated thanks to NFT in video games on the PlayStation Universe:

“For example, we’ve already seen Vancouver’s Dapper Labs, who created the NBA Top Shot title, raise over $250 million with more than 1 million players, while Parallel Studios has managed to raise $50 million in funding.”

What can we expect? Only surveys and other criticisms, and possibly changing course for users if it is well encouraged by Activision Blizzard and other giants in the video game and console sector.

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