Ordinary high school written tests competition April 8. Reference frameworks for evaluation

Written exams for the regular high school competition for grades 1 and 2 until April 13. A new calendar will follow with categories of lost competition. Tests for competition categories A054, A038, A033, A036, B017, A039, A043 and A014 will take place on April 8. Below are the evaluation frameworks.

B017 . plate

In particular, the forty separate questions for competition category B017 – Laboratories of Mechanical Science and Technology – in secondary school are intended to ensure mastery of knowledge and disciplinary skills related to the topics in the relative examination program referred to in Appendix A of Ministerial Decree No. 326 dated November 09, 2021.

The focus was mainly on issues related to laboratory methodology, according to the concrete perspective that characterizes the teaching approach of the practical technical teacher.

The questions mainly relate to the following disciplinary topics:
– Review the basic principles of statistics, kinematics, and dynamics.
Kinesiology and dynamics of machines.
– Principles of operation of the connecting rod and crank mechanism.
Principles of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics.
Classification of engines, working fluid machinery, and heat engine systems.
– Basic courses for thermal machines. Yields of heat engine systems.
Physical, chemical, mechanical and technological properties of materials.
Mechanical and technological tests of materials.
Classification of materials according to standardization criteria.
– Mechanical treatment to remove chips. cutting parameters.
Processing methods and times.
Manufacturing tolerances, surface roughness.
Design drawing. Computer Aided Drawing and Design (CAD) Systems
Cost analysis and economic comfort problems.
– Electrical and magnetic quantities and their measurement. Basic laws of electric and magnetic circuits.
Compressed air systems. Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic logic circuits. Systems automation by PLC.

Frame A014

The forty separate questions for competition category A014 are intended to ascertain knowledge and disciplinary skills related to the topics in the competition program and related to the following thematic areas:
• Theoretical, technical and methodological aspects regarding the design and processing of sculptural plastic products.
• Aspects related to the perceptual and linguistic processes of the plastic arts.
• Aspects related to the history of applied arts, with special reference to the plastic and sculptural disciplines.
• Aspects related to the technological properties of plastic and sculptural artefacts.
• Aspects related to knowledge of materials and equipment used in the sculptural and synthetic plastic disciplines.

Frame A033

The 40 questions for Competition Category A033 are distributed evenly mainly among topics related to aeronautics, aviation meteorology and air traffic.
The questions focus on purely theoretical aspects and aspects related to key professional figures in the sector.

Frame A036

The forty separate questions of competition category A036 relate mainly to some of the foundational cores of the system (product packaging, information management, warehouse and optimization, order preparation, inventories, intermodal transport, transport of dangerous goods and trade order) and allow you to verify the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the teaching of the material.

Frame A038

The proposed disciplinary questions cover all the overall areas of the ministerial program and in particular: aerodynamics (5 questions), applied aerodynamics (5 questions), aviation construction (8 questions), flight mechanics (9 questions), aircraft design (3 questions), Aircraft engines (5 questions), Onboard aircraft systems (5 questions).

The number of questions for each major domain was correlated with the educational suitability of the same in teaching the major.

Frame A039

The candidate must, in accordance with the Ministerial Program, demonstrate that he possesses the skills and knowledge related to the following disciplinary topics:
ship theory
mechanics applied to shipbuilding;
mechanical technology;
Marine Payment Systems.
Onboard auxiliary systems.

The forty objective questions were determined by highlighting the special aspects of the competition category such as shipbuilding, ship theory, propulsion systems and on-board services to which about 75% of the objective questions were devoted. The remainder of the questions are devoted to knowledge of the mechanics, techniques, and mechanical systems that form the basis of the teaching disciplines specified for the competition category in Shipbuilding Science and Technology.

Frame A043

The test indicates operational situations in the field of technological management related to sea transit planning and subsequent management of a ship, with the solution of questions related to the management of weights on board the ship and the observance of international standards related to safety, environmental and marine protection.

The proposed forty questions relate to the topics of navigation, meteorology and safety of navigation.

The competencies to be evaluated in both theoretical and practical aspects refer to the competencies found in the new comprehensive tables approved by the competent national administrations in the field of maritime training. (General GU Series No. 176 dated 07/29/2017).

Comprehensive schedules of Technological Institute courses provide for the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies compatible with the STCW Code, particularly for technical disciplines, and contain an explicit reference regarding compliance with regulations referred to in STWC 78/code. 95 and Directive 2008/106 EC for the purpose of obtaining naval professional titles.

Frame A054

The questions are distributed taking into account the chronological division in which the topic is usually expressed and proposed in most secondary schools so as to cover the entire period of time encountered in the development of the curriculum, i.e. from antiquity to contemporary times. Moreover, the questions relate to the multiplicity of geographical and regional regions, and thus relate not only to the works and artists associated with the Italian peninsula, but also affect the whole development of Western art, in accordance with the provisions contained in the National Indicators and Guidelines, in
Compatibility with the competition programme.

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