Sequential analysis protects 90% of assets

Scams involving cryptocurrency are well known and regulation is necessary to overcome all the traps experienced by experienced and novice speculators.

The extent of some of them cannot be underestimated at all, given the weight of the “millionaire” they often carried, and it is not surprising that governments and institutions alone are unable to stop problems of this magnitude.

Participation concerns cryptocurrencies, protocols, and digital assets such as NFTBut blockchain systems are so many and so widespread now that it has become difficult to analyze all of this for individual governments.

The latest damage going back to Easter is described on, so it will be easier to understand the extent of these attacks against users:

“One of the most important news of the past period in the field of cryptocurrency is the Easter scam against Beanstalk, a protocol linked to a stablecoin on April 17, which was the victim of an exploit that caused millions of dollars in damage, and they reached for the theft of 182 million dollars from the same protocol.”

In defense of the blockchain network, there are companies that meticulously deal with the analysis of protocols so that fraud or malware attacks can be overcome and avoided against the systems used by network users and investors.

Some of the companies that are famous for analyzing and investigating the risks that cryptocurrencies bring with them They are, for example: Currency Scalesborn in 2017, is famous for the transparency of the data provided. EllipticalBitcoin network analysis specialist, and sequential analysisa leading company in the blockchain realization sector.

When we look at analytics, or often read about issues related to cryptocurrency, it is not difficult to notice the name of the latest listed company, because it is considered the best.

Analytics and data are among the most reliable if we talk about chain analysis and also about IlSole24, or they are usually used as a source for evaluating, for example, the trading volume of the crypto-related sector:

“According to a composite index developed by ChainAnalysis between the end of 2019 and mid-2021, the use of cryptocurrencies increased 25-fold (+2,500%), with a decisive explosion starting in January 2021.”

When it comes to investigating cryptocurrencies, market operations, and analyzing the validity and transparency of the blockchain, there is no better company than Chainanalysis.certainly.

Precisely for this reason, we will try to see what its characteristics are and how speculators and users, perhaps not always aware, protect us from the most innovative digital networks of recent years.

On the Chainanalysis official website, here’s what we read:

“Our data feeds the investigation, compliance and market intelligence programs that have been used to solve some of the world’s most high-profile criminal cases and increase consumer access to cryptocurrency in a secure manner.”

A fact that operates in countless countries with highly respected partners between public and private institutions we will soon discover.

The crypto world will soon look less risky, thanks to the knowledge of this important company.

Who is String Analysis?

The Chainalysis team conducts in-depth cryptocurrency analysis and investigations to provide customized reports and answers to the various cases presented to them daily.

Founded in 2014, with a permanent factory today in New York and 6 other offices in different states, was started by Jonathan Levine and Michael Gronager.

The company has grown rapidly And it established itself immediately, thanks to its funding and funding ranges that allowed it to expand rapidly.

As we read in Reuters about a year ago, sequential analysis took another quantum leap:

“Blockchain data platform Chainalysis said Thursday that it has raised $100 million in the latest funding round led by investment firm Koto, bringing its valuation to $4.2 billion.”

company clients? Financial institutions, cryptocurrency companies, government agencies, etc., with an organization operating in nearly 70 countries around the world!

The company can provide various services and ensure data reliability and transparencyas well as a range of services that can offer solutions to a variety of issues, including exchange hacks, ransomware attacks, and sophisticated money laundering techniques.

How does the company work with cryptocurrencies?

As cryptocurrencies are finding more tolerance and acceptance globally, especially in recent months, the blockchain data company is seeing itself as engaged like never before.

Many others see light and widespread use by both the public and private sectors, also due to regulations that more and more states are taking into consideration.

The question is simple: since then These digital currencies are so volatile, you need someone who is able to reduce the risk by offering some guarantee of reliability.

This is how Chainanalysis gets in: the company is committed to protecting consumers from cryptocurrency risks, analyzes the millions of transactions that take place at any time at scale, and automatically monitors all activity on the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

What Chainanalysis then does in the sector is to provide blockchain analytics software for reporting legal risks related to the sale or trading of cryptocurrencies, reports used by government agencies and financial institutions.

Here are Chainanalysis products that make cryptocurrencies more secure

In particular, there are two services provided by the American company to users looking for protection.

In this chaotic market, It is also possible to have the company’s tools available for those who are looking for excellent tools for investigation, analysis and protection against scams in the crypto market.

I’m talking about Kyt and Reactor, which are two sources for string analysis.

If we talk about Kyt, then know that the service allows you to protect yourself and identify scams, high-risk situations and anomalous addresses.

Here’s how they describe it on The Wealth Mosaic:

Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) is a cryptocurrency transaction monitoring software that detects high-risk activity patterns, from OFAC addresses and darknet markets, to scams and anomalies.

On the other hand, Reactor allows you to find connections between cryptocurrency transactions and our world, examining the main counterparties of the service and exposure to risks. It can also set a kind of timer for unfinished transactions or decode the ideal path for investigation.

What is the cost of defending against fraud in the cryptocurrency world?

The services and advice provided by this anti-fraud and anti-money laundering company for cryptocurrency are amazing, but they are not free.

In the face of amazing reliability and effectiveness, in fact, it comes at a cost, but not before you can try the demo for free.

By the way, let’s read about the proliferation of crypto-programs proposed by the company on

“The company’s compliance offerings, Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) and Chainalysis Kryptos, are now used by more than 180 organizations in 44 countries including Europol, Square, Office of Drugs and Crime, Barclays and many more.”

If we talk about KYT (Know Your Transaction), we have the possibility to purchase a certification path called CKC for $599. It includes: Reactor Essentials Plus remote webinar, one day of on-site training, lunch, exam administration and happy hour for all attendees.

While for the reactor (CRC training), the cost is $999 It includes: 2 days of on-site training, educational materials, lunches with catering, exam and the usual happy hour.

Not bad considering the amazing benefits!

Who are the partners that a cryptocurrency investigator can boast of?

If you think Chainanalysis is limited to some curious user, you are wrong.

Among the many companies operating in the cryptocurrency sector, I assure you that many of them are more than famous!

Just to list a few celebrities, Suffice it to say that the two most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Binance and Coinbase, are using their softwarewhich explains the real benefit of the program in question.

In fact, we read at Cointelegraph about the commitment of both:

“Coinbase and Binance use Chainalysis software to monitor crypto transactions and comply with AML regulations. Chainalysis helps Coinbase enforce Anti-Money Laundering (AML).”

But not only! We also have the more popular Circle or Paypal platform, but we can’t help but mention Barclays, a British bank in partnership with Chainanalysis since 2015.

You can find many names on the net, but it would be better to try the demo than just read from others.

Our cryptocurrency trading is safer with sequential analysis

When we operate in the digital asset market, whether it is casual transactions or occasional trading, we cannot risk ending up in the hands of fraudsters.

Inexperience often pays off, but rest assured that there are solutions to be safe, even in the cryptocurrency world where collateral is never enough!

In the X-Sight Marketplace, the leading financial crime and compliance ecosystem, we read about important data about the coverage of this cryptocurrency investigation firm:

“Chainalysis covers 90% of all crypto assets and regularly updates all solutions with newly identified nefarious actors and services.”

I got it right: No matter what kind of work you do in the crypto world, you will be protected in 90% of cases.

what are you waiting for? The trial flight doesn’t hurt and cryptocurrency trading may be absolutely safe.

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