Solana Pay: Assault on Visa and Mastercard

Solana Ready to attack the world of traditional digital payments? with the advent of Solana push In February, this appears to be the course of the protocol that, although with some technical problems, is still nurtured by large material investors.

To talk about the merits Palihapitiya molesone of the main investors in the project, who outlined a road map to enable Solana push to go and attack what is, at least in Western economies, De facto duopoly.

Solana Pay on the assault on digital payments

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Crypto World on Visa and Mastercard Attack: Increases May Be the Turning Point

The situation he described Palihapitiya It should be known to all who closely follow the Realm of Gods Paymentsone of those that has always been in the eyes of the sector DeFi. Much Visa What is the price Master Card Credit Card They have recently increased their fees on a global scale, thus lending their side to alternative systems, some of which belong to the world encryption.

I think MasterCard and Visa are doing the dumbest thing possible by being a duopoly, which is raising prices, especially during a period of high inflation. It is a move that lacks tact and knowledge of the special moment we are going through. This week I had the opportunity to look at the inner workings of Solana Pay and I can say it’s really exciting. A revolution is coming that aims to dismantle these payment methods [VISA e Mastercard, NDR]

This is a comment Palihapitiya moleswhich definitely contains a file realized benefit in the promotion Solana push Therefore, it must be taken with a grain of salt, but at the same time it reveals to us what ambition is road map that the project is trying to follow. Ambitious also because there will be other projects competing for this space – which at least respect Solana Some competitive advantages.

Will the payments world be able to withstand the onslaught of the crypto world?

It is a world that tempts many, given the huge profits it can make. VISA and Mastercard are already moving into the crypto space, even if this has not yet been translated, for users (who are then merchants) with lower commissions.

In fact, the fact of raising commissions on a global scale certainly provides an important space for attack by Solana And many other protocols that try to occupy this space, through internal and non-internal projects. The truth is that this is a sector with enormous barriers to entry, as the networking impacts are enormous.

It is trying to move in this sector Also Strike, who recently struck important deals At least in the United States and rely on lightning network from Bitcoin. it will be Much to doBut now that the war has begun (and that in the long run cryptocurrencies can win) it now appears that there is very little doubt.

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