Taurus is full of energy, Mars is in the Tren of Cancer

Your horoscope for Monday, April 25th will have an excellent start to the week in fish, strong from moon Which will pass in conjunction in the morning, and the excellent energies will be in them ox. Difficulty coming for Bakr, Especially in the case of love The scorpion He will find calm and harmony with his partner. Let’s see in detail the predictions forhoroscope map Monday 25th April.

Horoscope predictions Monday, April 25, 2022 sign by sign

Aries: The whole period is peaceful for you. You will fully enjoy your family and partner and will often find good reason to be happy together.

If you are single, a certain person will be able to tap into your passions. In the workplace, this sky will not be favorable yet, but with the right commitment, you will be able to be productive enough. vote – 8 ️⃣

ox: You will be full of energy according to your horoscope for Monday, April 25th. The excellent Mars in Pisces will allow you to prove all your values, especially at work, and show all your interest and commitment to what you do. As for feelings, take all the time you want to give your soulmate extra affection. If you are single, you will be able to be in good company on this day. vote – 8 ️⃣

twins: Astral image is still unfavorable to you according to the predictions of the horoscope.

The Moon and Venus will be in quadrature with the sign of Pisces, and harmony with a partner will not always be so easy. Your lonely hearts should think about the interest of others as well as your own. In the professional sphere, the project has come to an end, and now you have to think of something new.

vote – 6 ️⃣

cancer: Excellent professional sector at the beginning of the week. Ideas and energies will not lack, and you will be able to make significant progress. As for your love life, Venus and Moon of the sign of Pisces will allow you to fall in love with your soulmate and feel loved, establishing a deep bond.

If you’re single, you’ll be deeply attracted to someone, and you can’t help but move forward. vote – 9️⃣

Lion: The moon will not be opposite today, however there will still be many things to fix in your life. In general, it will be possible to try to establish a relationship with a partner, even if it is better not to do without a lot of liberties. In the professional field, you will do your job without problems, but do not expect exceptional results. vote – 6 ️⃣

Bakr: The emotional sphere is in crisis according to the horoscope. You will need to clarify a lot of things in your relationship, and it will not be easy with this sky. It would also be to talk more from the heart with the people you love.

Mercury in trine in the workplace will help you not to make too many mistakes in your projects. vote – 6 ️⃣

Balance: Not very impressive astral image for you according to the horoscope predictions for Monday, April 25th. However, this does not mean that everything will go well. From an emotional point of view, in fact, it will be possible for you to feel a connection with your soul mate as long as one does not transcend the other. For work, the energies will not be much, but you will still be able to do a good job with your projects. vote – 7 ️⃣

The scorpion: You will find calm and harmony in your love life now that the moon is back on your side. Together with Venus, you will have many reasons to feel loved and happy with your soul mate.

In lonely hearts there will be no shortage of emotions and feelings. On the professional front, not all of the ideas you have may be true, but good ideas will definitely lead you to success. vote – 8 ️⃣

Sagittarius: There may be some tension in your relationship again. The Moon will be compatible with Venus, and the emotions you will feel may push you to do something wrong. If you are single, it is better to spend more time in social relationships during this period. On the professional front, you’ll need some good ideas to achieve better results. vote – 6 ️⃣

Capricorn: A totally compelling day in terms of feelings. The good position of the Moon and Venus will put you in ideal conditions to enjoy your relationship to the fullest.

As far as work, good ideas will not be lacking thanks to Mercury, and with Jupiter and Mars you will be able to successfully implement them. vote – 9️⃣

Aquarium: Astral forecasts, in general, are separate with respect to feelings. Sure, this heaven won’t have much to offer you, but it won’t conflict with you, so you can try to do something more for your love life. In the workplace, stay away from too risky ideas, because with Mercury in the Quadrature it will not be easy to implement them. vote – 7 ️⃣

fish: An excellent start to the week for you, especially from a love point of view. The Moon and Venus will be part of your sky, and you will be able to change your love life, whether you are single or not. In the workplace, the ideas you have will not be so bad, so work hard to be able to achieve great success at home. vote – 9️⃣

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