The king of NFTs! His signature crowned James Harden, the NBA star

Many have defined themselves as “kings” of what could be called one of the most dynamic and expansive markets of recent times, but few have been elected as such by popular and legitimate platforms.

For starters, a few days ago, Tom Brady, one of the most famous and paid athletes of all time, was elected the new King of the NFL.

The American quarterback can boast a host of die-hard fans and an amazing heritage as says:

“Tom Brady is one of the highest paid athletes in the world, it is no coincidence that his estimated net worth is $192.7 million. When he played for the New England Patriots, he earned a salary of close to $17.6 million. He can also count on his income. Resulting millionaires about the various sponsorship agreements.

This was not enough for him and he has become Co-founder of one of the most popular platforms in the NFT world, Autograph.

here then Brady has even signed a contract with US sports channel ESPN and is expected to get great things from the two companies committed to promoting the sport in an increasingly innovative way, also accompanied by Disney+.

Here’s the news on Coindesk:

“ESPN and Autograph, the non-fungible (NFT) company founded by Tom Brady, announced on Wednesday a multi-year agreement to instrument the sports network’s first NFT group.”

right Now, Such an athlete, engaged in the business of NFT, could not miss the rising stars who force themselves into the marketplace through digital works that depict distinct moments, history and personalities.

James Harden recently launched a collection made with so-called non-fungible tokens, drawing on the experience and platform of the famous Tom Brady, proud to be proclaimed the new king of NFT!

The news is recent, only a few days ago, but it’s starting to spread like wildfire, especially for NBA fans and curious investors who believe in the basketball player and Autograph.

In the EssentiallySports online newspaper we learn about landing:

All-star goalkeeper James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers is ready with a new idea that is making headlines online. He surprisingly launched his NFT collection titled The Beard Way. Also, this time, a collaboration with the popular Tom Brady Autograph NFT Marketplace.

Investors and fans of the athlete quickly stepped forward and the starting price of $1,000 was already pumped with anticipation and excitement to over $5,000!

The first auction drop begins and now we will find out more about the NBA champion eager to be the new king in the field as well as in the world of digital tokens.

Who is the new king of non-fungible symbols, James Harden?

All basketball fans should know by now the American player, one of the NBA champions in recent years.

Harden is a Philadelphia 76ers basketball player born in 1989, nicknamed “The Beard” due to his thick and long beard that is now an icon.

Compared to other American basketball giants, this champion has many records, including existence record One of nine players able to score 60 points in less than 40 minutes of playing!

This year, one of the most important transactions in the NBA ended, as we read in Sky Sports:

James Harden’s adventure in the Nets (along with Paul Millsap) ends a little over a year later, as he traded the 76ers to Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and two options in the first round of the draft — a great trophy for Brooklyn and a big boost for Philadelphia back in support of Joel. Embiid with the All-Star Team on the field.

In 2022, James Harden boasts one of the highest salaries among athletes globally, $44.3 million!

Not bad, right? Now we can understand why Tom Brady and Autograph wanted to crown him king of the NFTs, and collaborated to get him into the market.

What does Autograph have to do with the NFT platform?

The company is slowly becoming a cornerstone of the digital art and sports industry.

When we talk about Autograph, we have to think of a platform where athletes can monetize their personalities and career thanks to NFTs and fans are given access to exclusive digital content related to their favorite stars.

Basically Autograph is an intermediary agency for athletes and famous people trying to find their way into the incredibly crowded and sometimes complex world of NFTs.

This is the backbone that itself suggests to users:

“Autograph, founded by Los Angeles-based Tom Brady, is an NFT platform that brings together the most iconic brands and legendary names in sports, entertainment and culture to create unique digital collections and experiences.”

However, if we want to buy one of the NFTs made available by the US quarterback, we have to use additional markets that Autograph relies on, such as Opensea and DraftKings.

And I assure you, they are worth a visit because of what Brady and others have called the King of NFTs.

What do we know about his new collection “The Way of the Beard” from NFT?

The project apparently drove fans around the world crazy and speculators were eagerly looking at the NFTs for the champion.

The collection was first available on April 16, 2022 in an auction that saw payments in fiat currency.

He. She It included an autographed canvas print, a signed James Harden T-shirt, signed James Harden, and a cool autographed basketball from the Beard Road author.

Here it is described by The Business Journal:

Harden’s NFT collection is titled “The Way of the Beard” and according to Autograph, “will celebrate Harden’s success as a professional player and his journey to the 2022 playoffs.”

The first part of the finished drop was clearly cut off, and as mentioned earlier, it saw a massive increase in demand: from $1,000 to $5699!

In short, the king proves he can.

Where to buy the first drop of NFT king?

Enthusiasm for the release of some digital work often amazes, no less has the NBA basketball player.

James Harden, new to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, like all digital assets, definitely needed guidance and could only have been lucky to have Tom Brady and Autograph behind him.Enter the token market in a simple yet effective way.

The first drop from last week related to the group described “The Beard Method”, took the name “Untouchable” and still Available I am writing At DraftKings Market a thousand copies At $100.

The Philadelphia 76ers’ star rise doesn’t seem to stop any time soon, and it’s possible that he’s found a way to achieve higher goals and get there faster.

Nothing, Tom Brady has welcomed his new sports star, James Harden, as the king of the NFT world on Twitter and at launch on Autograph. The group was a huge success and the athlete also benefited from it.

In the game that followed the relegation, Philadelphia 76ers beat Toronto 131-111.

What do athletes gain from NFTs?

Some users or readers may ask this question and it is not that strange.

certainly, Certainly, advertising one’s profession and personality through new ways increases one’s income, develops and disseminates one’s image, and creates new channels to monetize one’s number, but there is more than that.

And fans’ ability to acquire, not just watch, digital assets like NFTs, licensed from their favorite sporting moments or most-followed stars, allows them to nurture their passion and feel part of something they believe in.

As pointed out by Clutch Points, King wants her to be in both worlds, physical and digital:

“Harden hopes to be king on the court and in the NFT world. Saturday was a good day for the beard.”

Commemorate a single event, have the memory of an epic sporting moment, Instead of being part of something we’re passionate about or someone we respect and follow as fanscan only be valid reasons behind the widespread phenomenon of the digital token for athletes.

In fact, in addition to her earnings, the channels through which her personalities are recognized, followed and appreciated are growing, making her fans gain a unique experience in facing their athletes and celebrities.

Wouldn’t you like to have a digital certificate that guarantees you the right to own something related to your absolute deity?

Top Shot: Marketplace where you can buy NBA NFTs!

If you want to buy one of the NBA related NFTs then you have to actually turn to a new market entirely dedicated to basketball fans.

In fact, when it comes to American basketball, we know that things are always done at their best and even this time we were able to notice an exception, as we read on the NBA Top Shot:

“NBA Top Shot is where basketball fans come to celebrate, relive and collect the best plays they’ve ever seen. It’s the best community in a circle and you’re invited to join in the fun.”

The birth of this new platform (as far as it goes) will be attributed to the NBA, Dapper Labs, and the NBA Players Association.

Today, thanks to this, it is possible to collect the highlights of the NBA and WNBA with the digital asset on offer, called Moment™ NFT. Each one holds one of the most epic moments in basketball that can never be missed or forgotten.

Our James Harden is obviously there as well, albeit not with the group shown here.

Indeed, For Untouchable, it will be necessary to contact Autograph partners as they are exclusive NFTs promoted by the platform, but anyone who wants to become familiar can certainly refer to the offerings of this new market born by and for NBA fans.

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